Major League Wrestling: Underground TV

Season 1 Episode 27

MLW Underground TV (10/6/03)

Aired Monday 11:00 AM Oct 06, 2003 on

Episode Recap

Raven kicks off the show with a promo on CM Punk. Raven states the reason he hasn't responded yet to Punk's antics, is that CM is toying with the master, a decaying, deranged, psychotic, and master of head games. Raven welcomes Punk to his Clockwork Orange House of Fun. Raven also finds Punk's "Straight Edge Rules" entertaining. Raven says those childish games remind him of the abuse his father gave him. "Quoth the Raven, Nevermore."

(1) Eddie Colon beat Jerry Lynn to advance to the second round of the Junior Heavyweight Title Tournament. Colon makes not only his MLW debut, but his debut in the United States as well. It is pointed out Colon has been wrestling for WWC in Puerto Rico since 2000, and has wrestled the likes of Abdullah the Butcher and Rey Mysterio. Lynn starts off the match by toying with Colon, and no matter how much Lynn tries to play the heel to the crowd, they cheer him anyway.

Colon dominates early on, with a few side headlocks, wristlocks, and a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Lynn gains control of the match after Colon mistakenly tries to follow up with a move off the ropes, to which Lynn steps aside and tosses Colon out of the ring. Lynn takes control outside the ring by ramming Colon's head into the apron. The action eventually resumes inside the ring as the two exchange chops to the chest, and Colon regains control as Lynn is whipped into the ring post and Colon executes a flying drop kick to the stunned Lynn.

Lynn regains control as Colon tried a move off the top turnbuckle, which Lynn counters sending Colon hanging upside down off the top rope. Lynn kicks Colon, and Lynn does a baseball slide feet first into Colon, freeing him from the ropes, and Lynn gets a two count on Colon for his efforts. Later in the match, Colon gets back into the match after Lynn mistakenly exchanges chops with Colon, which seemed to awaken the 20 year old. Colon executes a sunset flip and gets a two count on Lynn. Jerry Lynn gets a two count as well as he counters with a tilt-a whirl backbreaker.

As the match continues, the two are at about even strength until Colon applies an inverted DDT which puts both men down on the mat. Both men make it back on their feet, but its Colon who regains control with a back body drop, followed up by a neckbreaker, and gets another two count on Lynn. Colon tries another attempt at a pin, but again the referee only counts to two. Lynn applies a power bomb and again, gets a two count. Lynn executes a TKO, but Colon kicks out of the pin attempt.

Colon slingshots Lynn into the ring post, which knocks Lynn off is feet. Colon follows through with a moonsault and scores the pin to advance to the second round. (A mediocre match. I don't think Colon showed us everything in his arsenal yet. Just by looking at him, you can tell he has more to offer than we just saw. Maybe the second round match he has will prove it.)

The Extreme Horsemen are backstage and Steve Corino says history was made last week, and that the Legends think they have one on them. Corino also points out that they may have won the battle, but they're still standing, and still holding all the gold. Corino says no matter how may times the Legends win in the ring, the Horsemen will won the war. He says the Horsemen own MLW. CW Anderson states they all were held down for eight years, and that the MLW formed them, and they took it to the next level. He says they strive for success, and what better way to keep striving for success than to add Barry Windham to their stable.

Simon Diamond says Windham was a natural fit, because Windham knew all about War Games and the Horsemen. Diamond also points out that by adding PJ Walker, they have added someone who was a lot like them. PJ Walker says what they have is someone who is not only frustrated, but had been held down. He also says he is with the most elite group in wrestling world.

Raven is confronted by the referee in his upcoming match that CM Punk demands a urine test. Raven smirks and heads towards the men's restroom with the referee following. Raven closes the door. Raven comes out of the bathroom, with the sound of a toilet flushing, and throws the urine into the face of the referee.

Francine is shown in a hotel room, saying she is looking for a new man. Someone who is athletic, good looking, and has what it takes to take it to the next level. Francine says she has made men champions, and champions legends. She says she is holding an open audition, and will be waiting.

The Global Tag Team Champions have issued an open challenge to anyone at the upcoming event in Jacksonville, FL. The champions were about to cut a promo, but Anderson and Diamond seemed to have better things to do. As they open the door to exit, they find the Samoan Island Tribe blocking their exit. They asked the Samoans to move, but they won't budge, After some bantering back and forth, the Samoans said they would move aside just this once. By the way, the open challenge has been accepted, by the Samoans.

Highlights from last week's War Games are shown.

Bill Alfonso issued an open challenge to any of the Extreme Horsemen to come get some of Sabu.

Christopher Daniels is backstage with Jerry Lynn and Mikey Whipwreck, and says MLW fears them, as they put Lynn in some stupid "Young Lions" challenge, and tried to end Daniels' career with the spike match against Sabu. He goes on to hype the upcoming Junior Heavyweight Title Tournament. He says you are looking at one of the eventual champions. (Umm, didn't Lynn just lose? Major SNAFU on the part of MLW. Decent promo nonetheless)

Styles informs us that due to the Extreme Horsemen exploiting the no DQ rules MLW implied, all matches will carry a disqualification rule unless otherwise stated. A tape from Japan shows Kojima speaking Japanese, but ends his promo in English, simply stating, "I'm coming back!"

Sonjay Dutt hypes his upcoming second round match against Eddie Colon, saying two worlds are about to collide when the two meet.

(2) Raven defeated Nosawa. A lot of back and forth action kicks off the match, which sees Nosawa roll up Raven with a two count. Raven follows up with several running shoulder blocks, which sends Nosawa out of the ring. Nosawa regains control once back into the ring, punishing Raven with a few stomps to his crotch. Nosawa executes a shining wizard and gets another two count for his efforts. Nosawa tries to wear down Raven with an applied chinlock, and attempts to put Raven under with a sleeper hold, but Raven regains composure and gets back on his feet.

Raven regains control of the match with a few short clotheslines and a knee lift to Nosawa's face. Raven follows with a running bull dog, and would have gotten a three count if not for outside interference. It seems the referee that Raven threw urine onto is distracting the referee who is calling this match. As Raven knocks the outside referee onto the outside floor, Nosawa counters with a kick to the face and gets a two count.

C.M. Punk gets into the ring while the ref's back is turned, and hold Raven for Nosawa to kick. As Nosawa is about to deliver his kick, Raven ducks and Punk is kicked instead. Raven seizes the moment by executing a Raven effect onto Nosawa to score the pin.

After the match, CM Punk grabs the mic and says Nosawa is a disappointment. Nosawa grabs the mic, and says something that is censored, and just when Punk is about to attack Nosawa, Vampiro is in the ring, and Punk and Vampiro go at it.

(3) Vampiro defeated C.M. Punk. The two men brawl outside the ring, and Punk is sent over the steel security railing. Vampiro jumps over the railing, and the two men brawl throughout the crowd. The two men make their way back into the ring, and continue the impromptu match-up. Punk applies a vertical suplex, and gets a two count. Punk applies a chinlock trying to wear down Vampiro. Later in the match Vampiro regains control as he climbs the top rope, only to have Punk knock the ref into the ropes, thus knocking Vampiro onto the top rope. Punk tries to gain the upperhand with an attempted suplex off the tope turnbuckle, but Vampiro reverses the pin attempt with a roll up and scores the fall. Vampiro celebrates his victory with a few lucky fans ringside by milling in with the paid attendees.

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