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Major is a drama about emotional joy and heartbeak on the baseball diamond. Goro Honda is a young boy with a dream to follow his dad into the world of the Pros. A tragic accident in a duel between Shigeharu Honda and Joe Gibson leads to Shigeharu's untimely death. Momoko Hoshino, who had become Shigeharu's fiancee before his death, adopts Honda and becomes his new mom. Goro begins to grow older and cleaves to his dream of baseball, joining Mifune Little League with the goal of defeating Yokohama Little League. Eventually Momoko marries Shigeno Hideki, and the family is forced to move. Years pass by, and Goro returns to Mifune Middle where he rejoins old friends in Komori and Shimizu. Goro helps Mifune Middle claim their division, but along the way he gains new challengers in Kaidoh. Seeing the chance to destroy them from the inside Goro joins Kaidoh until he can beat the varsity squad in a game. Goro eventually leaves Kaidoh and creates a team at Seishuu High, a team that faces Kaidoh for the chance to go to the Koshien Tournament. Once high schol ends Goro heads to America where he joins a minor league team. After one year in the minors and a brewing new rivalry with Joe Gobson, Jr., Goro becomes a member of Team Japan for the Baseball World Cup. During the Baseball World Cup Goro is finally given the chance to finish business with Joe Gibson. Once the tourney is over Goro is brought up into the Major Leagues. All throughout Goro continues to be followed by Shimizu, his one true love. The series ends with Goro and Shimzu married with two kids, and Goro is playing with Toshi in the World Series against old Kaidoh rival Mayumura. In the end the series follows Goro from the age of 5 until the end of his Major League career.

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