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Episode Guide

  • Season 6
    • To the Future (End)
      In the final episode of Major Goro is followed to Japan by Sophia who hopes to steal him away from Shimizu as well as keep an eye on his rehab. Shimizu and Sophia don't have the closest feelings for each other, but they realize that only one of them can win. While in Japan Goro is visited by Toshi, and the two contemplate how they can become a tandem in the Major Leagues. Goro makes his final decision. A few seasons pass by. Goro is back as the closer for the Hornets. Watts is his set up man. Toshi is the catcher, and the World Series features the Hornets against the Raiders. The Raiders have only continued to improve as they acquired Keene from the Hornets and now have a pitching coach named Joe Gibson. Mayumura is their closer. The Hornets lead by one run, and Goro is on the mound facing Gibson Junior. Clips are shown of all the stars in Major, including their final outcomes. The final episode has arrived, but it's one you won't want to miss.moreless
    • The Tenacity for Glory
      Goro's circulatory problems ahve been revealed and he is forced to watch the Playoffs from the hospital. How far will the Hornets advance in the playoffs without him? Meanwhile Buffalo and Texas meet in the first round of the playoffs, but will Gibson Junior be able to defeat his father Gibson this time around?moreless
    • Break the Limit
      Break the Limit
      Episode 23
      Keene's two run homer has tied the game 8-8. Thanks to Boston winning the wild card only the winner of Minnesota/ Indiana will advance. With extra innings looming Goro decides to risk his health to do all he can to help the Hornets advance to the playoffs, but exactly how long will he be able to endure the low blood circulation before the pain sets in?moreless
    • Final Chance
      Final Chance
      Episode 22
      It's in the eighth inning of the Division Championship game. The Hornets trail 8-6, but thanks to the rally in the seventh they have brought out Goro. With Watts out, Silva hurting, and Goro's poor circulation being unknown, both the Coyotes and Hornets will give it their all to see which side will prevail in what could be the final showdown.moreless
    • Never Give Up!
      Never Give Up!
      Episode 21
      The presuure is on. The Coyotes and the Hornets are tied for the divisional lead going into the final game of the regular season. Only the winner will make the playoffs. All the Hornets fans are hoping for their first divisional title in 25 years, but the pressure is getting to the Hornets players in the forms of multiple hits. Now Goro and Watts must put aside their injuries and risk their careers to help the Hornets win, but will the Hornets be able to do so?moreless
    • The Dream Before Us
      Due to Watt's injury the Hornets make some pitching changes. Goro is made the closer and Watts is moved to the bullpen. The hornets manage to take 2 from the Coyotes and tie the division lead, but Goro begins to have numbness occur in his hand and gets it looked into. He learns he has poor circulation that could affect his entire pitching career if he doesn't have surgery to fix it. Goro decides to hide it from the Hornets, but what will be the end result? Meanwhile both Chicago and the Texas Raiders qulify for the playoffs in the West, meaning Goro's two biggest rivals could be awaiting him in the World Series if things go right.moreless
    • The Creeping Shadow
      The Hornets have climbed within one game of the Coyotes and seem to have the momentum to take the division, but then some of their aces, including Watts and Goro, begin to show signs of nerves or possible injuries. Can these stars manage to overcome their own fears under the pressure of the Majors to lead the Hornets to the title?moreless
    • That's Not Like You
      The roster's are expanded as the season nears its end, and Kellogg is brought up from the Bats to the Hornets. Goro is excited to see some of his old teammates being promoted and getting a chance to play with them once more, but what will happen will he learns that Kellogg is seriously thinking of retirement?moreless
    • An Uninvited Guest
      An Uninvited Guest
      Episode 17
      The words of Kenne have inspired the Hornets. They are now determined to win the championship at all costs. With the winning ways restored the Hornets are getting new sponsors, some of which want Shigeno to be the star of their commercial. Goro can't stand the idea and says no, but with a boss that wants him in them at all costs and with a woman who want stop pursuing him Goro may not have any choice but to give in to the sponsorship.moreless
    • A Resolute Will
      A Resolute Will
      Episode 16
      The team has self destructed. Instead of playing as a team they keep blaming everyone else for mistakes made. Keene is unsure of how he can lead the team, and many of them are no longer listening to Watts. Goro is determined to turn it around, but with a five game losing streak already upon them everyone wonders if it's too late for the Hornets to work as a team and make that push for the playoffs happen.moreless
    • Weak Point
      Weak Point
      Episode 15
      The Hornets begin a two game series against the Anaheim Salmons. Goro decides to go out and say hi to the team that first got him started, but all of them ignore him and tell him to get back to his side of the field, making his temper start to soar. Meanwhile the lead off batter Sakaguchi decides to do the same thing to his biggest rival, Nelson. The Hornets are able to get an early lead off of Sanchez, but Fox comes up with a brilliant plan that starts to shut down the Hornets offense. The Salmons then begin to get to Goro due to tiring him out early on. Despite the four game winning streak, a major weak spot is revealed on the Hornets, their attitudes. Is there anything that can be done to improve themselves, or are there playoff chances gone like a hanging thread that has been cut?moreless
    • The Responsibility of An Ace
      After the error that has been charged to Roy Murdoch errupts and is ready to clash with Roy, but Goro stops him. He reminds Murdoch he shouldn't expect anything from other players until he has proven himself to his teammates. As Murdoch watches Goro pitch and dwells on words that Keene gave him earlier, he realizes Goro is the top ace and that his words cause the entire team to flow together. Murdoch asists Goro at getting an out. In the eigth inning the Panthers get a run to go up 1-0, and things look bad for the Hornets. A loss would send them 7 games back of the division leader, and the Panther shave brought out their ace. Roy refuses to give up and gets on base. Nelson advances him to second with a bunt. Saunders comments to Watts on how Goro's energy is contagious, and it causes him to start getting ready to close out the game. The Panthers walk Parker giving them 2 on and 2 out with Murdoch coming to bat. Some of the coaches and the Hornets owner question letting Murdoch bat, but Goro manages to get the teammates to show enough energy in Murdoch to let him bat for his daughter. With the trust of his teammates behind him Murdoch hits a homerun, giving the Hornets a 3-1 lead. The next three batters each hit homeruns off th Panthers closer, and Watts comes in and closes out the game giving the Hornets a 6-1 win. The energy seems to have what it takes to send the Hornets onto a winning streak, but Watts calls Keene and informs him that even though they have enough strength now to win it all, it will all depend on how well Keene manages to keep them together.moreless
    • A Chain of Negativity
      Watts reveals the past of Murdoch to Goro. While they played in the Minors marijuana was found in his locker, and no one believed it wasn't his. Despite later being found innocent he lost all trust in teammates. After saving Murdoch's daughter at the park Goro makes a new friend and determines to help Murdoch once again become a team player and help the rest of the team learn to also trust in Murdoch. With a six game deficit to overcome in the remaining 30 games Goro realizes they will need all the help they can get to win.moreless
    • The Unspoken Rule
      The Unspoken Rule
      Episode 12
      After Greene's injury "Mad" Mike Murdoch is traded from the Los Angeles Panthers to the Hornets. The manager knows his name will draw additional fans to teh ballpark even if they don't win the division, but the rest of the team is worried that the trade will destroy all the chemistry they've developed and ruin their chances at not only the Division Title but also at the World Series.moreless
    • The Entrusted Dream
      The Hornets are nearly into first place, but the injury bug is beginning to hit the team making their goal seem further away than ever. Can Goro's burning spirit help the others to rally to continue their dream of winning the championship?
    • Each Person's Summer
      Shimizu is glad to see Goro has returned to his oldself and is determined to save up money again to go and root for him in America. However she seems to be losing love for softball at the same time and contemplates quitting it all together. Can Taiga help her remember why she loves the game with the help from a few other friends?moreless
    • Fully Back on the Mound
      During the All-Star Game Break Dr. Oliver calls up Goro and asks him to come to Nashville. Goro is shocked to learn that Gibson hasn't gone back to retirement after giving up a grand slam to Goro. Instead he is pitching for the AA Nashville Bulls. Dr. Oliver reveals that Goro was sent to him by the Hornets at the request of Gibson himself, who was a former patient of Oliver's. Seeing Gibson continues to pitch due to his love of the game and after learning Gibson wants to face Goro again, Goro is finally able to find the goal he is searching for.moreless
    • An Electrifying Return
      The media world is going crazy thanks to Gibson's return, but Gibson's first match is scheduled to be against none other than the Indiana Hornets. Can Goro find that goal he's been looking for and get back to his old self thanks to Gibson's arrival, or will his appearance go down as another disappointment?moreless
    • Rookies' Troubles
      Both Goro and Gibson Jr. decide to settle things by doing their best to get outs and get on base in the Pros. Goro also learns Shigeno is now doing the Japanese commentary for the Hornets games, however his entire attitude toward calm pitching might change when Gibson comes out of retirement and signs on to play with the Bisons so he can face Goro one-on-one.moreless
    • What It Takes To Be A Pro
      After doing well in the Minors Goro is recalled to the Hornets, but before going he stops by Dr. Oliver's to ask if he's really cured. While there he reveals he is just playing baseball because he loves the game, but Dr. Oliver asks him if that's any different than playing backyard baseball. He says without a goal none of the players he knows have ever succeeded, and unless Goro finds a goal to replace Gibson he will never be able to succeed in the Majors. Meanwhile Gibson Jr. is having problems of his own for the Raiders. He's batting less than .300 and only has 3 home runs. Can these two rivals overcome there problems and prove they have what it takes to be Pros?moreless
    • The Fruits of the Treatment
      Goro is placed in rehab games after a week of treatment. Just as it appears he is about to return to the Majors the Sharks are revealed to have Silva on a rehab assignment. Silva claims to be getting more used to Goro's pitching, but while watching Keene also reveals Goro's hat isn't flying off, and Goro has stated before that the hat flying off makes him know he is pitching well. Meanwhile Dr. Oliver reveals that he can't figure out what is giving Goro the yips because of all the trials he has overcome in the past.moreless
    • The Southpaw in Distress
      Goro suffers more psychological agony after the bean ball to the head of Chavez, but he is determined to prove he doesn't have the yips. During the third game Goro gives up 1 hit and 5 walks and is taken out during the first inning. Indiana still has hopes for him and demotes him to the Bats where he can see the sports psychologist Billy Oliver in the hopes that he can overcome the yips and get back as a star.moreless
    • In An Impossible Dilema
      After removing himself from the previous game Goro uses the excuse that he had back problems. During his next start Goro seems to be fine during the first 4 innings, but during the fifth he gives up a hit an then loses control of his pitches. Both Keene and Watts suspect Goro has developed the yips, a psychological condition that causes an athletes body to freeze up during times of pressure, but Keene refuses to let Goro leave the mound unless the game gets tied in the hopes that Goro can overcome the yips without being demoted to the minors.moreless
    • A Prominent Debut!
      Goro is scheduled to start the third game of the season for the Indiana Hornets. As he begins to pitch he gets through the first 21 batters in a no hit fashion, and everyone begins to wonder if this super rookie can make baseball history- a perfect game in his first start.moreless
    • Super Rookie
      Super Rookie
      Episode 1
      Goro returns to Florida where he is scheduled to pitch for the Indiana Hornets. Almost all the fans and the owner expect him to become their new ace, but Sanders and Keane also try to humble him by pointing out how the Majors are only the beginning of the top competition and that most of the Majors stars didn't participate in the World Baseball Cup.moreless
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