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CBC (ended 2006)

Does anyone think there should be a Disgaea movie?

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    I will give that the anime was decent, but something was missing. Then it came: Baal was not there. There was a preview of him in one of the trailers, but no hide nor hair of him in the anime. Then I was thinking: would it not make a great movie. Think of it: Laharl fighting against Baal in the Tower with Etna and Flonne by his side (with all the humor, too)

    Just for kicks, maybe even camoes of Majorly and Priere being fought in the beginning or helping Laharl in the confrontation. The sky's the limit!

    (Note: For all those who have not played the game, Baal is a hidden boss that is the hardest in the game. He is fought after you beat Majorly and Priere, who are obtainable only after passing bills through the Dark Senate (don't ask, it would take to long to explain) and then pass the bill to fight Baal.)

    Post here if you want to comment on this or have any other ideas.

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