Makai Senki Disgaea

CBC (ended 2006)





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  • Disgaea is a great show about a prince of the netherworld that is fighting to be king of the netherworld.

    Disgaea is a show about a prince (that is a demon) that was poison as a kid and was going to die. His mother (she is human) gave her life to save her sons life. The prince grows up hating every one. He wants to become king of the netherworld but can not do so untill he kills all the other demons that want to become king them self. In the end he becomes the king of the netherworld and is called Lord Laharl by many. One of his friends dies and Laharl gets so sad that he gives up his on life to save his friends life. It is a good anime with lots of fighting and alot of funny parts. It is a must see anime. I give it a Ten out of Ten. If you like the anime you should also play the game it is out for PS2. note that Disgaea fallows the TV show and Disgaea 2 is a different story that fallows a different person. If you dont have a PS2, it is also out for the PSP. only the first Disgaea is out for the PSP.
  • Villainy! Carnage! Exploding penguins? One of the funniest anime series out there!

    Makai Senki Disgaea (Netherworld Battle Chronicle: Disgaea) features Laharl, the son of the late Overlord, Etna, his "loyal" vassal, and Flonne, the love-obsessed Angel Trainee, as they traverse the Netherworld in an effort to help Laharl claim his rightful position as Overlord. However, Laharl isn't your typical everyday hero. He's a demon who can't stand love, justice, or sexy women. Along the way the way they encounter the Earth Defense Force, who pose an annoyance to the prince, Vyers (Mid-boss), the steppingstone in Laharl's trek to Overlord, and several assassins who seek Laharl's life. Then there's the Prinnies, the penguin-like demons whose stupidity increases the comedic value of the show.

    All in all, Disgaea is a funny show with a decent amount of action and drama in it. I strongly recommend it to any anime fan looking for a laugh.