Make It or Break It

Season 1 Episode 20

Are We Family?

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 08, 2010 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

The day of the Chinese Invitational has finally arrived and tensions at The Rock couldn't be higher. Kaylie, after discovering that Lauren and Carter have been hanging out together behind her back, decides to "look out for #1" and pulls out of the meet. Carter and Lauren come over to her house to explain that she has the wrong idea about them, but Kaylie won't hear of it and shuts the door in Carter's face. Emily is still freaked out by the blind landing on her Yurchenko 1 1/2 vault on top of her mounting doubts that anyone even thinks she belongs on the National Team, and it takes coaching from Payson to finally calm her down. Lauren is upset that Kaylie is mad at her again, but she pushes that aside and sets her sights on winning the balance beam gold medal at the meet. Payson is still too scared to resume her training on bars, but has done minimal skills on the other events. She won't compete at the invitational, but she's there for moral support. Chloe is trying not to have contact with Steve since the relationship upsets Emily. Damon is still trying to figure out how he can fix his relationship with Emily, and Sasha is still dealing with a meddling Ellen Beals trying to ruin his meet. Sasha knows that he needs Kaylie to compete in order to have a shot at winning, so he goes to Alex Cruz's apartment to ask him to talk some sense into his daughter. When Alex sees how Ellen is manipulating Kaylie he steps in and tells Kaylie that she belongs on the team with her friends, no matter what Ellen or MJ say.

The Chinese team arrives and The Rock team is intimidated by how young and small they are (a definite advantage in gymnastics). Sasha reminds them that since the Chinese are a young team that they lack the experience that can only come with age. The Rock does well against the Chinese: Kaylie and Lauren medal on beam, Emily medals on vault and bars, and Payson steps in on bars and does a flawless, albeit simple, routine. Everyone leaves the meet feeling like a winner. The Rock wins a total of 5 medals against the Chinese, which is better than the US team did when they traveled to Beijing. The gymnastics community sees that the National Team Committee was wrong to leave Kaylie and Emily home and agree with Sasha that his team is as good as he says.

After the meet the team celebrates at The Pizza Shack. Leo lets Emily know that Damon had written her a letter, but he had taken it so she wouldn't be distracted before the meet. Emily scolds Leo for doing that and takes the letter from him. She turns on the radio just in time to hear Damon's radio interview before he leaves for a 6-month tour in Europe. Emily rushes to the station to tell Damon how she feels, but she misses him and worries that it's now too late. This causes Kaylie to finally realize that she really does love Carter and she calls him to tell him to meet her in her room later that night...but he doesn't come. Carter has finally given up on Kaylie and decided to be with someone that actually cares about him: Lauren.

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