Make It or Break It

Season 1 Episode 20

Are We Family?

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 08, 2010 on ABC Family

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  • The only word I could come up with for this episode is wow!

    The ending was one that I wasn't expecting at all, but I was so excited to see it happen. Lauren and Carter are amazing together and I was hoping that he would pick her. Though I was a little sad that Emily didn't get to Damon in time, but I'm hoping their relationship will pull through. They have a type of chemistry that just surprises you. Damon singing was one of the greatest parts of the episode, whether it was actually his voice or not. I loved all the scenes and it was a shock, though at the same time a pleasure, to actually see Lauren get back up on the bars. This has to be my favorite episode of the season and I can't wait to actually see more.
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