Make It or Break It

Season 1 Episode 3

Blowing Off Steam

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 06, 2009 on ABC Family



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    • Carter: "T-5" means "my truck in five minutes", remember?
      Kaylie: Sorry, someone beat me to the chalk box.
      Carter: I was freezing out there!
      Kaylie: Yeah, well, I guess we have to find a better means of communication than a communal bucket of chalk!

    • Alex Cruz: Kaylie, you've got to get more height on that Schuschunova! Keep those legs straight!
      Payson: I thought Bela Karolyi was a slave-driver.
      Kaylie: I swear, if my father doesn't find another coach soon, I'm joining the carnival.

    • Sasha: You think I left England to compete for Romania because I wanted money? Who do I look like? David Beckham?
      Steve Tanner: Yeah, actually, you kinda do.

    • Alex Cruz: You have to throw your head back on that ring leap! And you have to smile. I need to see teeth--
      (Kaylie jumps off the beam mid-routine)
      Kaylie: I can't concentrate with you yelling at me! And, this is not a toothpaste commercial!

    • Payson: If someone doesn't hold me back, I'm gonna put my heel upside her bleached blond head!
      Kaylie: I'm not holding you back.

    • Payson: You can't leave! We need you!
      Sasha: You think you can get your parents to stop behaving like children?

    • Sasha: We have 49 days left until Nationals, and you will spend every waking minute of it in this gym. Together. Now, go home and say goodbye to your life as you know it, because if you're not willing to sacrifice your sweat, blood, and tears to achieve excellence, you shouldn't come back.

    • Payson: What's fun about a party?
      Kaylie: It's a high school party! Have you ever been to a high school party?
      Payson: No.

    • Kaylie: We are gonna party like rock stars! Get it? The Rock...(gestures at the girls) stars?
      Payson: Yeah, we get it.

    • Kim Keeler: All right. Well, have fun!
      Payson: I doubt it.

    • Leo: Guys are only after four things at a kegger: Brew, booty, followed by more booty, and more brew.
      Kaylie: Leo, I'm a world-class athlete. I think I can handle a few drunken boys.

    • Kaylie: Too much information?
      Leo: No, just because I'm your brother doesn't mean we can't talk about these things. Still, if he lays a hand on you before you're ready, I'll rip his heart out.
      Kaylie: Wow.

    • Damon: This is where we leave Razor to work his awkward, but ever-so-charming magic on Emily.

    • Lauren: So, let me get this straight: for the past few years, every special gift from my father actually came from you?
      Summer: Well, he paid for them...

    • Leo: So, how many beers did [Kaylie] have?
      Emily: I don't know. How ever many it takes for a 90 lb. girl to get drunk?

    • Carter: Screw it! Why are we even talking about [Kaylie]?!
      Lauren: Why are we even talking at all?
      (they start kissing)

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: Saturday, November 6, 2010 on E4/E4 HD

    • Gymnastics Terms In This Episode:
      Schuschunova - Straddle jump to land in front lying support, usually done at the end of a tumbling pass.

      Ring Leap - A split leap with the back leg bent, foot up to the head, with head dropped back.

    • Featured Music:
      -I-94 - "Running the Show" (Emily talks to Razor and his band-mates at the party)
      -The Forward - "The Last Summer" (as Razor's band performs their first song at the party)
      -Eulogies - "Two Can Play" (Kaylie does her keg-stand and is confronted by Carter)
      -The Forward - "Russians" (while Leo's driving the girls home)
      -Brett Dennen - "Follow Your Heart" (Kaylie talks to Leo, and as Carter says goodbye to Lauren)

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