Make It or Break It

Season 3 Episode 5

Dream On

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 2012 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Regina Turner arrives at the USATC as the new head of the NGO Olympic Committee to assess the progress of the girls. She announces that everyone will compete in a two-day competition so the committee can make their decisions about who should go home and who should stay to continue training for the Olympic team. The girls draw their competition order with their partners to determine who win compete on what day: Wendy& Jordan on Day 1, Kaylie & Kelly and Lauren& Payson on Day 2. Coach Mac announces that there will be a strict 7pm curfew until the selection is over, which devastates Payson, whohad been looking forward to seeing Rigo that night for the first time in weeks. Laurenhelps Payson sneak out right before curfew by distracting a security guard, but Jordan andWendy spot them leaving.Word gets to CoachMac and he surprises Payson when she comes back to the room long after curfew. He punishes both of them by moving their competition day up to Day 1.

Sheila is still sniffing around the USATC, much to Kelly's dismay, and tries to undermine all of Kelly's competition. She surprises Kaylie in their room after practice and tries to psych her out by asking her all sorts of personal questions about her eating disorder. Sheila also tries to get to Jordan by implying that the only reason she's even at the TC is because she's black--she even implies that Jordan and Coach Mac must be related because they're black. Kelly tries to tell her mother that she needs to leave everyone alone and let her win a spot on the team on her own merit, but Sheila refuses to give up. Wendy gets into the act by soliciting Sheila to be her new manager, which upsets Kelly even further.

Lauren still refuses to go seethe cardiologist that Dr. Curtis referred her to, because she doesn't want anything to come between her and her Olympic dream.Payson's upset becauseLauren had promised to see the doctor and doesn't seem to be taking her heart condition seriously. Lauren worries that if she doesgo to the doctor that she will get bad news, so she convinces herself that she must have always had thiscondition and she'll be fineif she waits a few more weeks. When Payson and Lauren are competing for the selection committee Payson imagines Lauren fainting mid-routine and seriously hurting herself, so she stops Lauren from performing and tells Coach Mac about her condition. Lauren gets sent to the hospital and blames Payson for killing her Olympic dream.

Regina has been putting pressure on Coach Mac to have one or more of the girls on the team have a "super move" to compete against the Chinese team at the Olympics. He tells her that Jordan's triple back dismount on bars will get the job done, but Regina doesn't like how inconsistent it's been. She wants Jordan to do her Layout Jordan vault, even though she hasn't performed it in years. During the competition, Jordan refuses to do the Layout Jordan and wants to do an easier vault instead: a Yurchenko full. Regina tells her that she must do the harder vault and Jordan walks out of the gym.

Meanwhile the rest of the girls finish competing and the selection committee makes their decisions on who will stay at the TC. Payson and Kaylie celebrate surviving another selection process, but Kelly has been cut, so they go over to console her. Sheila shows up and starts yelling and blaming the other girls for Kelly being cutfrom the team. Kelly tells her mother that she's wrong--having friends has only helped her be a better person, and that the reason she was cut is because she peaked at Worlds and has been struggling ever since. Sheila vows that she will talk to the NGO about this and get it "fixed", and get rid of Coach Mac and his "affirmative action agenda" ofkeepingJordan on the team despite her having walked out during thecompetition.The girls vow to stay friends and keep in touch. Wendy approaches Sheila about being her manager, since now that Kelly isn't in the picture she is the new shining star on the team. It turns out that Wendy isn't as innocent and cute as she seems: she's been the mole the entire time, giving information to Sheila who has been passing it on to Coach Mac annonymously. Sheila is intrigued by Wendy's cut-throat attitude and tells her to watch her back.