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"Life of Death" discussion thread

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    [1]Apr 19, 2011
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    I for one was kinda disappointed in this episode. The promos made it look like there was something going on between Damon & Kaylie...The promos just built it up & up & up and then...nothing! Grrr! I dislike misleading promos...Oh well...What did y'all think?

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    [2]Apr 20, 2011
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    True. It was a meh episode.
    I liked Damon's singing, but the Lauren bit with Max? What the duck? Max is cute, yes, but he's also a douche. He's all PaysonPaysonPayson, then Lauren does some "sexy" routine and he's back to LaurenLaurenLauren, then Payson does the routine very seducingly and it's just...yeah, whatever. I'm perhaps bragging too much about it

    One of the things that left me curious is how they're gonna "deal" with Chelsea's pregnancy. Are they gonna "put" her away or something?
    Is there going to be a new coach? Sasha back?
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