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    Just my quick thoughts on last night's episode- I am SO mad at Lauren it's actually insane. No matter what she's done in the past before, the scene where she self righteously accuses Kaylie of "using her and then throwing her away" and about not being a true friend is so ridiculous, I almost laughed. I'm sorry, did Lauren's mystery illness cause her to forget that she slept with Kaylie's boyfriend behind her back, and then DATED him and flaunted him in her face and oh, all the other million psychotic things she's done?! I'm all for a bad girl, but in Lauren's case she never seems to get her just due. I am a huge Kaylie fan and I really think she's a loyal friend, so I hate how Lauren made it seem like Kaylie was the b!tchy one. And how awful was it when Lauren turned on the waterworks and admitted that Payson's friendship talk was the first time she felt like someone meant their friendship with her- what about Kaylie, who was supposedly her best friend and forgave all of the above that Lauren put her through? Also Payson, really? Why would Payson seemingly be so (relatively) calm about the whole betrayal thing?

    I really love this show and think it's so much better than a lot of teen dramas around, but it seems to skim over certain issues like they never happened- particularly with this whole Payson-Lauren vs Kaylie divide- I think it was clear that Kaylie was paired with Kelly on orders from the coach, who advised them to be with their partner 24/7, so why are they suddenly blaming her for not sleeping over and braiding their hair each night? Lol sorry for the rant, also let's start up a season 3 discussion, it's pretty dead in here!

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