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"The Buddy System" discussion thread

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    [1]Apr 12, 2011
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    Originally aired 4/11/11 -

    I was a bit disappointed by this episode. I was pretty sure that the "shocking death" was going to be Kaylie's rehab buddy. So that was just kinda "ehh." I think the writers/show runners could have/should have been a bit more brave and killed off someone who had been around longer than 2-3 episodes. I just didn't feel like I knew the chararcter enough to care that she died. The thing that really disappointed me was that Steve Tanner didn't "out" Lauren! I know they're probably saving the really good drama for later in the season, but I felt the trailer for this episode was such a tease. Just watching the commercial it seemed like Steve was going to realease the video & kick Lauren out of the Rock, but all Lauren had to do was turn on the waterworks & everything was ok...Grrr....

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    The ending felt so tacked-on, in my opinion. It was at the point where there was two minutes left and I was like, "Are they killing this girl off, or what?" And Lauren needs to get what's coming to her, because it's setting a very bad example for kids to see her constantly get away with being a total brat.
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