Make It or Break It

Season 1 Episode 17

Hope and Faith

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 15, 2010 on ABC Family
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Emily finds out that her mother is dating Steve after Lauren confronts Chloe. Meanwhile, Payson has an appointment with a top-ranked back surgeon; and the National Team must prove their worth and step up their game.

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  • make it or brake it

    I luv this show
  • I did not give it a super high rating, but I love this show. It was just a mediocre episode.

    I don't know why I'm so obsessed with this show, but it's crazy good. I think it's because of the characters. This episode was not the best. It sort of felt like an episode in between episodes. Not to mention that Payson was distant from all the other girls during the show. I don't think that's ever happened before. By doing that they've already minimized some of the show's chemistry.

    I couldn't imagine Payson's tenure as a high school student lasting too long. I mean, it wouldn't make sense for her to be on a gymnastics show and not being involved with gymnastics. They could have totally kept the idea of her as an Asst. Coach as plain as that sounds, but they couldn't have her as just the gymnasts' friend. That wouldn't fit with the show. She needs to either be a gymnast or try to be a gymnast to succeed as a character. The high school thing did everything it was meant to do.

    But like that, it was a gap in the story. This whole episode was a space in between the important events. (Being the Chinese meet and Payson's Surgery.) We don't get to know anything new, and we're still hanging on the same old notes. PS: Kelly Parker adds so much to the show. She is so mean, I wanted to smack her upside down and all around. Imagine what the show would be like if they didn't have to censor the language of the people she taunts.

    Also, Peri gave a good performance in an emotional set up concerning family values for the namesake of the show. The rating is a 5.5 because it was somewhat unsatisfying, and there was not a monumental accomplishment on anyone's part. Such as they drew out the Cruz family problems for yet another episode. That has been going on since Episode 1 for the love of pete. I still can't stop watching the show.moreless
Joanna Johnson

Joanna Johnson

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Guest Star

Marina Sirtis

Marina Sirtis

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Michelle Clunie

Michelle Clunie

Ellen Beals

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Neil Jackson

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Sasha Belov

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  • QUOTES (7)

    • Chloe: It's nice to have at least one extravagant thing in your closet--it makes you feel like a winner!
      Emily: I don't have a closet. And it makes me feel like a charity case.

    • Emily: Is he married?!
      Chloe: I only dated one married man and I learned my lesson when his wife shot me with a paintball gun. Which really stings, by the way.
      Emily: You deserved it.

    • Lauren: You're really easy to talk to.
      Chloe: Well, I've been told I'm talk to!

    • Emily: What about the strict "No Dating Policy"?!
      Chloe: That policy doesn't affect parents, Miss Kettle-Black-Caller!

    • Sasha: How can I expect you girls to control your emotions when your coach can't even control his?
      Lauren: Personally, I thought you were awesome.

    • Emily: I felt like it was all going really well for me today. Like I really deserved it. (to Kaylie) What do we do now?
      Kaylie: I don't know.
      Lauren: If it's any consolation, I really hate Chinese food...
      Kaylie: (to Lauren) What did they see in you that they didn't see in me? I'm the National Champion. (leaves)
      Lauren: Thanks for the support, Kaylie.

    • Sasha: They think we're renegades now? They haven't seen anything yet.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: Saturday, February 12, 2011 on E4/E4 HD

    • Gymnastics Terms:
      D.O.D. - Stands for "Degree of Difficulty", also referred to as the "D Score". Basically, it's the total amount of bonus points for the different elements a gymnast performs in their routine. This gets added to the execution (or "E Score") score for the total score.
      Yurchenko - Refers to a group of vaults that are done with a round-off before hitting the springboard so you hit the vault table backwards. These are more difficult than front-entry vaults.
      Whip-Thru-to-Full-In - A tumbling pass on floor that starts with a whipback (back handspring without hands touching the floor) to a double-back somersault with a full twist in the first somersault.

    • Featured Music:
      -Black Mustang - "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" (Kaylie blows the double Arabian and slams Marty, Emily and Lauren shove each other and Marty breaks it up)
      -Saint Motel - "Eat Your Heart Out" (Kaylie tells Sasha she can't work with Marty, Emily blows her vault, Lauren "chalks" Kelly, Sasha punches Marty)
      -Secrets in the Stereo - "For the Love of the Game" (during the montage of the National team practice)