Make It or Break It

Season 1 Episode 17

Hope and Faith

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 15, 2010 on ABC Family



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    • Chloe: It's nice to have at least one extravagant thing in your closet--it makes you feel like a winner!
      Emily: I don't have a closet. And it makes me feel like a charity case.

    • Emily: Is he married?!
      Chloe: I only dated one married man and I learned my lesson when his wife shot me with a paintball gun. Which really stings, by the way.
      Emily: You deserved it.

    • Lauren: You're really easy to talk to.
      Chloe: Well, I've been told I'm talk to!

    • Emily: What about the strict "No Dating Policy"?!
      Chloe: That policy doesn't affect parents, Miss Kettle-Black-Caller!

    • Sasha: How can I expect you girls to control your emotions when your coach can't even control his?
      Lauren: Personally, I thought you were awesome.

    • Emily: I felt like it was all going really well for me today. Like I really deserved it. (to Kaylie) What do we do now?
      Kaylie: I don't know.
      Lauren: If it's any consolation, I really hate Chinese food...
      Kaylie: (to Lauren) What did they see in you that they didn't see in me? I'm the National Champion. (leaves)
      Lauren: Thanks for the support, Kaylie.

    • Sasha: They think we're renegades now? They haven't seen anything yet.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: Saturday, February 12, 2011 on E4/E4 HD

    • Gymnastics Terms:
      D.O.D. - Stands for "Degree of Difficulty", also referred to as the "D Score". Basically, it's the total amount of bonus points for the different elements a gymnast performs in their routine. This gets added to the execution (or "E Score") score for the total score.
      Yurchenko - Refers to a group of vaults that are done with a round-off before hitting the springboard so you hit the vault table backwards. These are more difficult than front-entry vaults.
      Whip-Thru-to-Full-In - A tumbling pass on floor that starts with a whipback (back handspring without hands touching the floor) to a double-back somersault with a full twist in the first somersault.

    • Featured Music:
      -Black Mustang - "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" (Kaylie blows the double Arabian and slams Marty, Emily and Lauren shove each other and Marty breaks it up)
      -Saint Motel - "Eat Your Heart Out" (Kaylie tells Sasha she can't work with Marty, Emily blows her vault, Lauren "chalks" Kelly, Sasha punches Marty)
      -Secrets in the Stereo - "For the Love of the Game" (during the montage of the National team practice)

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