Make It or Break It

Season 2 Episode 15

Hungary Heart

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2011 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Kaylie at her out-patient therapy group, but this time she's being honest about wanting to get healthy. Her therapist, Gene, suggests that she keep a journal of her thoughts and feelings through her recovery process, and asks her, specifically, to write about why she stopped eating in the first place. Kaylie immediately responds that she turned to anorexia to beat Genji Cho, but Gene thinks that it was something deeper than that, and asks her to really think about it before her next therapy session.

Steve threatens Darby after the girls' poor performance against the Pinewood Club, and reminds her that the NGO is watching her every move. In fact, the NGO is debating whether or not to keep any of The Rock girls on the World team after their devastating loss to Pinewood. Kim and Payson overhear this, and Darby decides to suddenly be a hard-ass coach to show everyone that she's serious about her job. Payson finds a letter addressed to Sasha that shows that he's living in Snagov, Romania, and asks Kim if Sasha's ever coming back. Kim reminds her that Sasha's contract was only through Worlds, anyway, and that the letter was simply paperwork that he had to sign confirming that he was not renewing his contract.

On the way to the airport for their flight over to the meet in Hungary, Damon stops by Emily's house to see why she's been acting so distant since his gig at The Pizza Shack. She asks him if there's something going on between him and Kaylie, because of the duet they sang, and he tells Emily that she is the only girl for him. Emily doesn't believe him and tells him that the relationship is over. Damon leaves and goes to the Cruz Studio to work out his emotions through song. Kaylie is in the studio, and asks him what happened. He tells her about Emily, and together they work out both his and Kaylie's problems. Kaylie writes down everything in her journal, and Damon reads it and turns it into a song for Kaylie to sing. Damon tells her that he realized he has to let Emily go, if that's what she wants, and there is the beginning of a romance between Kaylie and Damon.

On the plane to London (where they will connect to Hungary), Payson works out a plan to change their Budapest, Hungary tickets to Bucharest, Romania tickets, using Lauren's father's credit card. They ditch Summer and Darby at the Heathrow Airport and make their way to Sasha's hometown of Snagov, and find him bartending in the Olimpia tavern. He tells them that they've made a huge mistake in coming there to find him, as he has no intentions to return to The Rock, but admits that he HAS been following their careers very closely. Each girl takes a turn trying to convince Sasha to return with them, and each one is shot down. Payson sends Lauren and Emily off to Budapest to the meet, while she stays a while longer, convinced that she has the secret to getting through to Sasha. Summer comes into the tavern, having been tipped off by Kim as to where the girls ran off to, and takes a turn talking to Sasha. In the end, Payson and Summer leave empty-handed to join the team in Budapest.

Back home, Kim and Steve are bonding over their freak-out over their girls' running off to Romania to get Sasha back. Steve points out that their daughters are actually very much alike in their personalities, but they go about getting what they want in different ways. Steve admits that despite all of the drama that Sasha has caused since he was hired, that if he wanted his coaching job back Steve wouldn't stand in his way. Kim invites Steve over to watch the meet on TV and they bond some more over a bottle of wine.

Sasha surprises the girls late the night before the meet to tell them he will only come back if they prove to him that he won't be wasting his time training them. They agree, and with renewed vigor they attack their routines at the meet...but it's not enough. The Russian team has brought a new girl to the scene, Ivanka Karalenko, and she is stealing the show. Lauren does a great beam routine, but Ivanka gets a better score. Emily falls on her Tkatchev on uneven bars, and the team coach, Josh Randall, tells Sasha that he's pulling Emily for the rest of the meet and replacing her with Kelly Parker. At the end of the meet, Russia edges out the U.S. for the gold by 0.15. Emily is approached by the meet chairman about her urine test, and Emily freaks out, thinking that the foreign energy drink she got on the plane had a banned substance in it. But it turns out that her urine test revealed that she is six weeks pregnant, instead.