Make It or Break It

Season 2 Episode 15

Hungary Heart

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2011 on ABC Family

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  • After the painful upset against Pinewood, the girls take a detour on their way to Hungary to try to convince Sasha to return to the Rock. Emily consumes a foreign drink and is suspected of illegal substance use but really she is pregnant.

    This show has been rocky from the beginning, no pun intended. First of all, a girl that trained at public parks? I have yet to see a park that has enough of the necessary apparatus to become a competitive, elite gymnast but that's beside the point. Now this same character turns out to be pregnant? It just wouldn't happen, I understand the actress is pregnant but unfortunately it would not be realistic for an elite gymnast to become pregnant. Not due to rules but simply because any elite wouldn't have enough fat on her body to sustain a pregnancy. Even some gymnasts that never get to the elite level stop going through their regular cycle since they have no fat and protein to spare. With that said, I have steadily become more and more disappointed in the story lines of the show and have stopped watching it because at this point even the skills the gymnasts are showing are getting old and repetitive. It is sad since I'd hope this show would finally work and gymnasts would have somewhat accurate representation in the media but it was not to be.
  • This episode Made me not want to watch this show anymore.... I hate how just because the actress is actually prego in real life they have to write it into the script

    Emily is such the underdog and I want to see her go to the olympics and win and come up on top espcially after all her struggles. She cant do that with a baby and for her to just drop out of the compeition would make me truely disapointed in the writers and her character. I wanted her to be the strong underprivledge girl who actually makes it. The wild card who could. I hope the show is able to write in her pregnancy but keep the show still insipring. I mean really if i wanted to see a 16 year old get knocked up I'd watch some dumb girl on 16 and pregnant or secret life. This show is about strong young women reaching for the gold.... GAHHH
  • This episode takes the girls on a surprise tour of Romania as they ditch the London Airport and risk missing a major competition in Hungary.

    I guess I'm the person that only really wonders about the little things.

    It might have been a tad plausible for the girls to dash to rural Romania to find their coach and convince him to come back.
    But the thing I noticed the most was Lauren was part of the team.
    She gave her reasons why she went, but she was the one who caused Sasha to leave in the first place. This season Lauren is showing a lot less evil and lot more toward friendship.
    I only hope this means more Kelly Parker. I thought Lauren was supposed to be mean, but having a good heart, and Kelly Parker was supposed to be pure evil.
    Another little thing that bothered me was the Coach Darby. She might have been portrayed as an airhead or incompetent, but they kept making it seem like it was okay to be mean to her like that. This episode everyone just rags on her, and it makes it seem like just because you don't agree with someone's coaching performance it is okay to spit in their face. I guess it was interesting to see Sasha come back, but it is too bad Neil Jackson didn't utter word of Romanian ;)
    As for the most important part of the show, Emily is pregnant.
    This was something I did not expect. She was supposed to be an underdog that made her way to the top, and now she was pregnant. I didn't know how to react to this story change, but then, I learned Chelsea Hobbs the actress is actually that makes more sense. It was fun to watch as always. I just want Kaylie back in gymnastics, and Payson was great as usual. Fun episode.
  • It will be interesting to see where they go with this storyline (contains spoilers)

    I was expecting something big to come from this episode but what happened wasn't at all what I was expecting, the developing friendship between Damon and Kaylie is nice to see but I really wish that they wouldn't push it further than that, everyone I know that watches is a Damon/Emily fan and to have them break up again is a little annoying but not unexpected. It was also really good to hear Steve finally say that he knows that Lauren pushes it to far sometimes, he really seemed to be naive when it came to her and lets her get away with so much.

    I loved the scenes at the bar when the girls were trying to convince Sasha to return to the rock, I'm glad that it was Payson who was the one to stay and talk to him but it seemed odd to me that Summer showed up, I was really hoping that she would just walk out the door but she had to turn around and say something to him.

    After all the struggles that the girls have faced in the past few episodes it was annoying that they kept messing it up, mostly Emily, I just really wanted them to do well at the meet. When Sasha said that the Chairman wanted to talk to her, I assumed it was because of the drink she had, but when she was explaining to him that she didn't know what was in it I knew right away what he was going to say.

    I think its very bold of them to tackle this storyline, I'm sure it's happened to plenty of athletes over the years and it will be good to see this aspect and how it plays out. Now she faces the hard choice of continuing her dream or letting it all go to accept the consequences of her decision to sleep with Damon. I'm really looking forward to this playing out, because there will definitely be two sides to it, some people will want her to make the hard choice of getting an abortion while others will want her to keep the baby.

    A hard choice to make no matter the circumstances or age of the person.