Make It or Break It

Season 2 Episode 9

If Only...

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 24, 2010 on ABC Family

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  • Lauren's mother returns to Boulder to forge a relationship; Damon takes Emily out on a date.

    That wasn't the best episode ever but the "team tanner" is back and this episode is the promises for good storylines :
    - will Sacha stay at the gym? - To wich point Lauren is going to bring Summer back with her father? What's going to happen between Sacha and Summer?
    -The story of Kaylie's anorexia.
    - The trial of Emily...and her relationship with Damon and Razor...and the health of her brother
    - the new job of Khloe seems a little bit weird, don't you think?
    - Will Payson go back to the gym after all that happened?

    There are a lot of questions that are brought by this episode so I don't think in itself it is a good episode but I think it is necessary to develop the future storylines...
  • laurens mother is back in town and damon returns..

    for the sake of all thats holy...they split up damon and emily...i mean i guess they really want to drop their ratings....and its because of the same thing that happenend last time..the only difference is this time emily is pushing him away..:@
    kaylie is having a eating disorder,which i think is good message,payson gets caught up in all the kissing sasha drama, and laurens father keeps her mother away from her ,and then feels guilty as he learns the news of her death...lauren feels tanner becomes president of the rock...
    overall the episode was a big big bummer!!! sasha is worried about kaylie when he notices change in her physical health...he is also afraid for paysons career,there where alot of misunderstandings...i didnt like it at all....:(
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