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  • No sence

    A drama about going to the gym and performances? Yeesh! This whole show is clearly melodramatic.
  • Get Nicky Russo back on the show

    I like the show but I thinke cody longo "nicky russo" shoud be more in the up coming episode pleas!!!!!!!!
  • love the show

    hey love the show cnt get enough of it serioulsy think im addicted not good.but anyway im a gymnast my self nt as good as that do.struggling wit a bac injury hope wat happened to passin doesnt happen to me. ahh sometimes ijust want to grab laurens nek nd strangle her ahhh she can be so mean soo can that one ellen. this show has inspire me to work harder on my gymnastics hope i get as many chances as that. wait the review has to be longer than 100 words it lke an esay for school except you lke cnt fail haha.
  • good shiw

    i love this show
  • my hope

    i like for the show to continue
  • Fab should be back on

    This is an amazing show my favorite and personally I think it should make new episodes if new episodes were made I would be so happy cause I'm crying nearly cause it's finished I've watched the 4 seasons twice so it would be awesome if there was new ones
  • They say it had bad ratings....i just want to say

    Make It or Break It" Returns to Series Highs in Key 18-34s; Grows by Double-Digit Percentages Over Last Summer's 2A Premiere Across Target Demos; Ranks as Monday's No. 2 Cable Telecast in Females 12-34, Behind Only "Secret Life" sure 2nd isn't so bad :)
  • Lets hope for the best

    I hope they renew make it or break itI loved that show as well as my 6 & 8 yr old so I pray they bring it back it is one of the better shows!!!
  • I'm am a mother of a teenage daughter and I like watching the shower for several reasons. I like the gymnastics part of course, but I watch with my daughter& discussing the choices that the girls make in their "life", is a great bonding teaching time.


    I'm am a mother of a teenage daughter and I like watching the shower for several reasons.

    I like the gymnastics part of course, but I watch with my daughter& discussing the choices that the girls make in their "life", is a great bonding teaching time.

  • Brilliant

    I wish there were to be at least an ending... Anyone know why they had the ridiculous idea to stop. After gymnastics there could be there lives after and there children could be gymnasts... ANYTHING would be better than cancelling it!!
  • awesome show

    Really good show, definitely the best sports related after "Friday Night Lights" and "One Tree Hill"
  • Make it or Break it

    I absolutely positively loved this freakin show. ! thats all i have to say lol
  • I <3 Gymnastics

    I love this show!!! The drama makes it good!!!!

    I <3 Gymnastics!!!
  • Bring Back "Make It Or Break It"!

    I see many fans of "Make It Or Break It" saying they would like for the show to continue. But will you just say so, or will you actually do something to show this? If you want "Make It Or Break It" to come back, search Facebook for "Bring Back Make It Or Break It" and click Like to the page that you find. They need every Like they can get, if there is any chance for this to work. Will you do this one click of the mouse to help "Make It Or Break It"?


    I agree, I wanted to see them compete in the Olympics too! Its the only show thats good for kids to watch that they can look up to! Please bring it back!!!
  • why is the show being cancelled ???

    please make another season im not ready for it to be over for good
  • my fav

    this show rocks ...... I want to do gymnastics but i like soccer
  • I love the show


    I love the show its so entertaining and family friendly and also it motivate you to work as hard as the characters to achieve goals and to stay healthy it also teaches lessons about eating disorders and that there bad and to get help if you have them.

  • Make It Or Break It

    I love this show! Its very sad, because it was canceled. And it should have a better final for Emily Kmekto

    (with Damon) and Nicky Russo too.
  • A good show, though a bit over dramatic and predictable at times...

    Monday, June 22nd was a big night for me and TV. After watching several awesome season premieres on various channels I was too lazy to pick up the remote and decided to give new show, Make it or Break it, a try. Make it or Break it follows gymnast as they duke it out for a spot on the Olmypic team. New girl to the gym, Emily, isn't rich or well known but after only one day at Rocky Mountain gymnastic center it's clear she's the one to beat. She has a brother in a wheel chair and a flakey mother. There's also a mean girl and rich father trying to get in the way, a cute kid who just wants to try her darnst, a girl and a guy who are seeing each other in secret etc. Yes, it gets very predictable. Yes, I'm well aware of the fact Emily will probally prevail by the series end...but there are SOME good twist. The ending was a nice cliff hanger that keeps you interested enough and there were some really sweet moments in between. Though as someone who watches the Olmypics in real life and goes "Er...they did good right?" I couldn't really tell you what was going on in the competion other than that Emily was hanging on to 3rd/4th place and Mean Girl (as I've taken to calling her) messed with the distance she was supposed to vault (apprantly that's dangerous). Another thing I had a bit of an issue with was how overly dramatic it was (and that's coming from a Secret Life, fan people). At times it seemed they were trying TOO hard. But all in all it was good and I'd reconmend it if your into gymnastic (and a girl) or just over the top dramas with a few nice relationship moments in between.
  • Make It or Break It: Fun Summer Entertainment, but It Doesn't Raise the Bar

    Maybe it's just because it's summer, and I'm feeling seriously deprived of network TV, but I'm kind of digging this show.

    Make It or Break It is about a bunch of Olympic-level gymnasts and the drama that goes on behind the scenes on their way to Nationals. Yeah, it's on ABC family. And yeah, it's full of cliches. But it is well done and promises a lot of addictive teen soap action.

    Biggest Weakness: The characters in this show are really one note: Lauren (Cassie Scerbo), the villain of the piece, is an ambitious and manipulative brat who will (and does) betray her friends to get ahead in the competition. Emily Kmetko (Chelsea Hobbs) is a plucky scholarship student who is torn between her dream and wanting a normal life. Payson (Ayla Kell) is completely focused. And Kaylie (Josie Loren) is clueless.

    That said, all the lead actresses play their parts well. The performances from the cast of parents and paramours are solid also.

    It's hard to get really excited about this show- nothing truly awesome or awful about it. The show is fun and has some pretty great moments (The gas station scene at the end of Episode 2 had me laughing out loud.), but it doesn't take enough chances to separate it from the rest of the tween-dramedy pack. B+

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  • I love gymnastics

    i love this show.. properly balanced all the characters..
  • Make It or Break It

    This show is inspiring to so many people. I love this show so freaking much! They cancelled it at such a bad spot!! We needed to see how the Olympics would go and what relationships would remain!
  • make it or break it

    Make it or break it was the best show ever, it should still be on tv even if it did lose some fans. There are more people out there that still want to watch the show. Personally, I would love to find out which girl got the gold metal, if their friendship lasted after the Olympics and how Lo's character grew into a better person.
  • dont you dare

    pleaze make another season i love the show and im a gymnast my self and pretty please let there be another season,

    i hope they do
  • A fun show set in the rather exclusive world of competitive gymnastics. The pressures and issues and career choices these characters have to make at such a young age is realistic & daunting. The "behind-the-scenes" drama is a delicious bonus to the show.

    Let's get this part out of the way. These actors are not going to be winning any Emmys in the near future, the direction and editing is sometimes a little slow, and the storyline can be somewhat predictable... even the "twists" can be predictable. HOWEVER - I can't get enough of this show!!! I'm officially adicted.

    It's got that wonderful ability to draw you into their tense, strict world of high pressure training and you can't help but cheer them on as they compete at the top level and also try to balance social and family demands. Sure, lots of people juggle careers with friends, family, study and maybe even a second-job... but we usually do it when we are "adults". Not 16 years old, with raging hormones, parents who are still huge influences in our personal choices... or quite as much drama as these Gym Families (epecially the mothers) bring to the table.

    Plenty of frustrating, exagerated chracters and behaviour, but that's typial of TV. There's the villian, the angel, the one with the boy, an the new girl - suffering those all too familar problems of trying to break into a world that just doesn't want you as extra competition. The actors are improving their skills as the season moves on. The guys are cute, the girls are pretty, the parents are crazy and I think it's a great, fun show. When I grew up, I was envious of girls doing gymnaticas or competing in athletics... and now I'm more grateful I got to live a normal childhood and that this was not my own reality!! If you like these movies/shows, then I think you'll like this show:
    Bring it On
    Stick It
    Whip It
    Desperate Housewives
  • pretty upset that they cancelled this show...

    I really wish they would've kept it. It always taught me a lesson and made me feel good for watching it
  • Show is dramatic, a bit predictable, but powerful performances

    I love Emily's relationship with her mom. one episode they like each other, the next one they dont like each other. this is one of the reasons why i love this show. Some other shows are like this but this is the first ever gymnastic show that actually shows their normal lives and how egotistical most gymnasts are. Kaylie is getting a bit annoying, i think its time she stands up to her so called best friend who made out with her boyfriend. Which leads us to Carter. The so-called nice boyfriend. One thing i love about him though is that he still loves Kaylie and knows he did a stupid thing. I love Payson but she gets annoying sometimes. Sasha is just good looking that's all i have to say and i think that now that Payson's dad is gone, her mom and Sasha might have a thing going
  • Why take the negative side?

    This show is inspiring to everyone even non gymnasts so why on earth would you cancel it? you named it Make it or break it. I guess you took the negative end on this one. There was so much more to be showcased and now a story is left untold.
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