Make It or Break It

Season 1 Episode 7

Run, Emily, Run

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 03, 2009 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

After the invitational that The Rock hosted, tensions in the gym are high. A sports agent, M.J., comes to the gym to scout out prospective new clients for Nationals. Sasha doesn't want her getting in the way of the girls' training, hinting that there may be a history between them. Lauren is beyond happy that Sasha is displeased with Emily's performance at the invitational, and even more happy when Sasha throws Emily out of the gym in front of everyone, saying that she doesn't know how to listen to others.

Meanwhile, Kaylie is upset because she lost the necklace that Carter gave to her to symbolize his feelings for her, not knowing that Lauren stole it from her out of jealousy. Lauren wears it around the house and Summer asks her where she got it. Lauren, upset that Summer is meddling in her life again, reminds her that not every piece of jewelry she owns was picked out by her. Later, Summer finds Kaylie crying over the necklace that she'd lost the day before. When Summer asks what the necklace looks like, she realizes that it's the necklace that Lauren was wearing yesterday. She confronts Lauren about it, and she decides to give it back to Kaylie, saying she found it under the mats.

It's revealed that Payson's father was laid off a few weeks ago and is now working as a beer delivery guy. The family is upset that he hid this from them, and he says that he can get his old job back, but it's the one in Minnesota, not Colorado, meaning he would be away from home most of the time. Payson decides to get M.J. to represent her so she can give her endorsement money to her parents to pay the bills so her father can stay home with the family. Her parents refuse, since accepting endorsements would make Payson forgoe her NCAA eligibility, eliminating her chance at getting a scholarship to pay for college.

Since she's been thrown out of the gym, Emily starts working day shifts at The Shack. Damon asks her why she suddenly has free time during the day, and Emily tells him that she's been kicked out. Damon offers to help her get back at Sasha by helping her break into the gym at night so she can train. After a few nights she perfects her full twisting double tuck dismount, and even adds a piked Jaeger to her routine, which is sure to wow Sasha enough for him to let her come back! But when she shows up and does her new routine in front of everyone--including M.J.'s cameras--Sasha just throw her out again, saying she still hasn't learned to listen. Distraught, Emily runs around town and finally ends up at a playground, realizing that maybe she does need to learn how to listen to others. She goes back to his trailer and begs him to let her come back and train. He finally agrees to give her one more chance. Back in the gym by themselves, she does everything he asks of her, until he asks her to do a trust-fall. She refuses, and he refuses to coach her until she learns to trust him. Emily finally admits that she doesn't trust anyone but herself, because everyone else in her life always lets her down and leaves her. Realizing that there is more to Emily than stubbornness, Sasha agrees to keep coaching her, and she does the trust-fall into his arms.
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