Make It or Break It

Season 3 Episode 7

Truth Be Told

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 07, 2012 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Dr. Walker is explaining the process for Lauren's heart procedure to her family, Coach Mac, and Payson. While he's talking about recovery time everyone realizes that the chances of Lauren being able to resume full-time training in order to still have a shot at making the Olympic team are very slim. So slim, in fact, that Coach Mac thinks it can't be done and basically writes her off. Lauren begs to be able to go back to the gym and at least be allowed to try, and Coach Mac agrees so long as she has Dr. Walker's okay. Meanwhile Jordan and Kaylie are bonding outside the USATC when their old coach, Coach Ray Keegan drives up and tells the girls that Coach Mac invited him to work on everyone's choreography. Jordan looks like she just saw a ghost and acts very distant to Coach Ray. Kaylie's confused, because Jordan was always Coach Ray's favorite, and Jordan finally tells her that Coach Ray used to molest her when she was young. Kaylie can't believe it, but she knows that Jordan's not lying.

Wendy is busy plotting how to ensure that no one stands in her way of being the number one girl on the team, and she's now set her sights on Kaylie. While she's getting drug tested she asks Coach Mac's wife about what kind of supplements would cause a girl to get sent home. She finds out that pseudoephedrine, a stimulant found in most decongestants, would get you kicked out, so she orders it and puts a bunch of it into a smoothie. Kaylie thinks Wendy is just being thoughtful and drinks the smoothie down.

Lauren's procedure goes well and she's recovering very fast, but Dr. Walker's concerned about some abnormalities that her heart is still showing. He says that they should eventually go away, but until that happens he won't give Lauren clearance to resume training. Lauren is devestated, and works out a plan to have Dr. Walker wirelessly monitor her heart while she trains so they can get a better idea of what's causing the spikes. But after Dr. Walker stops her in the middle of her beam routine reality suddenly hits that she really could have a heart attack at any time doing skills that she used to take for granted, and that freaks her out.

Jordan is so upset when she sees Wendy getting a lot of Coach Ray's attention, and tries to warn her about him. Wendy takes it that Jordan's jealous and writes her off. Jordan continues to avoid Coach Ray everytime she's supposed to work with him, lying about a shoulder strain. Eventually the emotions get to be too much and Jordan takes a bat to Coach Ray's car. Kaylie tries to stop her, and they both run off as the cops arrive.