Make It or Break It

Season 2 Episode 19

What Lies Beneath

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 23, 2011 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Just before leaving for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the World Championships the girls are put through exhaustive interviews and photo-ops. Shelia finds out that the lucrative Healthy Bar endorsement has gone to Kaylie instead of Kelly, and she reminds Kelly that had she gotten rid of Kaylie that the endorsement would be hers. Shelia still wants to find a way to get Kaylie off the team, and tells Kelly that she needs to find proof of Kaylie's anorexia, because she's already tried telling the NGO about it and they won't do anything unless there's undisputeable proof. Kelly still has mixed feelings about her budding friendship with Kaylie, and doesn't tell Shelia about the journal she stole from Kaylie's room, which would expose the anorexia.

Sasha is working with Lauren on her beam routine to get it ready for Worlds, and tells her to stop acting sassy and flirty up there and act more conservative and fierce. This takes all of the sizzle out of Lauren, but she still feels like she must have a good chance of medaling if Sasha's spending this much time with her. Summer and Kim are in the office when Marcus comes in a gives them the disc with the original unaltered video of the Payson/Sasha kiss, saying that it was mailed to the NGO anonymously. Since it's post-marked from Boulder, Kim figures it's someone from the gym, but she doesn't know who. Both she and Summer agree that if they ever find out who's responsible for the whole mess that they'll be dealing with them personally.

Payson's dad still hasn't been able to find a job, and now the family is really in financial trouble--so much so that they can't afford to fly out to Brazil to watch Payson. Kaylie hears about this and offers her Healthy Bar endorsement to Payson so her family can pay their bills and watch her compete. Max comes up with a brilliant campaign to convince the Healthy Bar reps that Payson would be a better choice, and it works. Unfortunately, Payson's parents don't want her to accept it, because that would mean she would be unelligiable for NCAA competition and scholarships. Finally, they agree to accept the offer, feeling that banking a college scholarship would be just as much of a gamble.

Kaylie wants Kelly to feel more included in the group, since they are all going to be competing together as team mates, and invites Kelly to the send-off party at the Tanner's house. Kelly, who had overheard in the gym that day that Kaylie wanted her to be team captain instead because of her experience and successful career, starts to feel that her mother is wrong in wanting her to sabotage Kaylie's career, and agrees to go. Shelia wants her to give the journal to Ellen Beals while she's at the party, since Beals is on their side about wanting Kaylie off the team. But Kelly decides that her friendship is more important and instead gives the journal back to Kaylie. Kaylie doesn't see the up-side to this, however, and accuses Kelly of being a horrible person like everyone said she was. Kelly tries to apologize for her past behavior, but Kaylie won't hear it and walks off.

Meanwhile, Lauren is trying to take her relationship with Max to the next level and lures him to the supply room to have sex with him. After making out for a while Max pushes her away and tells her that he isn't emotionally ready for a physical relationship with her. Lauren gets all upset and assumes that it's because he's really in love with Payson, and storms off. Payson later tells Max that she loves him, and he doesn't know what to say, so she gets embarrassed, thinking he doesn't feel the same way, and also walks off. Max, confused and alone, gets drunk and tries to kiss Austin, confessing that he's bisexual. Austin gets upset about the kiss, and tells Max that he needs to be honest with the girls about this, but Max complains that there's no way they'd understand.

Summer is still trying to mend her friendship with Sasha, who's still upset that she ran back into Steve's arms during the whole kiss controversy, and won't hear any of it, and basically tells her off. Ellen Beals chooses this night as the time to tell Summer where the video really came from: Lauren and Steve. Horrified, Summer tells Steve that the wedding's off and she never wants to see either of them again. Lauren is heart-broken at the loss of another mother, and drives off with drunk Max. Since she's in no state of mind to be driving, she drives through a stop sign and gets T-boned by a speeding SUV.