Make It or Break It

Season 2 Episode 19

What Lies Beneath

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 23, 2011 on ABC Family



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  • Quotes

    • Mark: (re: Shelia) Who is that horrible woman?
      Kim: It's Kelly Parker's Man-O-Momster: Manager-slash-mom-slash-monster. She's the worst stage-parent I've ever seen in the sport.

    • Kim: I swear if I ever find out who humiliated my daughter--
      Summer: ...and nearly ruined Sasha's career--
      Kim: ...I'll rip their heart out.
      Summer: Not if I beat you to it.

    • Sasha: (to Lauren) Freeze! What did I tell you? Fierce, not flirty.

    • Kaylie: Thankyou, oh, sage one.
      Austin: Namaste, grasshopper.

    • Payson: Did you get what you need?
      Max: I always get what I need from you.

    • Summer: I'm where God wants me to be.
      Sasha: No, you're where you feel safe.

    • Kaylie: Is there anything you can't do?
      Austin: Fly. But I'm working on that.

    • Summer: Ellen Beals is here.
      Sasha: Good for her.
      Summer: When we invited all of the NGO members we never dreamed she would actually show her face.
      Sasha: All I'm concerned with right now is finding a drink--there's one! Excuse me. (walks away)

    • Kaylie: (to Kelly) Trust you?! I can never trust you. Everyone was right about you: you are a horrible human being.

    • Summer: (to Lauren) Do you have any idea how much pain you've caused? I don't want to have anything to do with your father. Or with you! Ever again.

  • Notes

    • Featured Music
      -The DNC - "Feeling Good" (World Team get their picture taken)
      -Everyday Visuals - "Two Birds" (Kaylie tells Austin, Max and Payson her concerns about Healthy Bar ad)
      -Porkpie - "Give It To Me" (party begins with Summer & Lauren greeting Keelers)
      -Os Morcegos - "BBB Psychadelic Rio (Remix)" (Steve tells Summer he wants to marry her in Rio during Worlds)
      -KOS - "Tango De La Passion" (Kim and Mark talk about the Healthy Bar offer)
      -"Samba Quebrado" - Summer comes to tell Sasha about Ellen being at the party)
      -Emma Wallace - "Cachaca In The Summer" (Payson tells Max her parents are letting her take do the Healthy Bar ad)
      -Jean Paul Buongiorno - "Se Voce Nao Me Liga (Remix)" (Ellen hints to Summer about Steve's involvement in the edited DVD)
      -Rebecca Loebe - "Avalanche" (Summer confronts Steve about the DVD)

  • Allusions

    • Austin: Namaste, grasshopper.

      Austin calling Kaylie "grasshopper" is a reference to the classic TV show from the 1970s, Kung Fu, which starred David Carradine, whose character would always be called "grasshopper" by the kung fu master.

    • Kaylie: (re: Max) Move over, Don Draper.

      Kaylie calling Max "Don Draper" is a reference to the popular AMC show Mad Men, set in 1960s America. Don Draper is the main character and an advertising mastermind.

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