Make It or Break It

Season 1 Episode 2

Where's Marty?

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 29, 2009 on ABC Family
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The parents try to help the girls get ready for Nationals after the defection of Marty and Lauren from the team. Everything is a mess and Emily worries about her scolarship. Meanwhile, the parents meet to discuss the future of the gym, Payson, Kaylie and Emily go to Denver to get some answers from Marty. But when they arrive at The Denver Elite Gymnastics Club after seeing the competition, will the girls got the nerve to tell Marty and Lauren what they wanted? Meanwhile, Lauren starts to regrets leaving her friends at The Rock when she gets a very cold welcome at the new gym.moreless

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    Mike Foy

    Mike Foy

    Gangster #1

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    Delpano Wills

    Delpano Wills

    Gangster #2

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    Erik Palladino

    Erik Palladino

    Marty Walsh

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    Wyatt Smith

    Wyatt Smith

    Brian Kmetko

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    Rosa Blasi

    Rosa Blasi

    Ronnie Cruz

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    • QUOTES (26)

      • Carter: Who puts a phone in the laundry room? Your family's crazy.
        Kaylie: No, you're crazy. My dad's gotta be here by now!

      • Alex Cruz: Emily, this is Kaylie's brother, Leo.
        Leo: Don't hold it against me.

      • Alex Cruz: I never figured Marty for a guy that could be bought.
        Ronnie Cruz: Everyone has there price.

      • Mark Keeler: How's it going?
        Kim Keeler: Well, let's just say the boat has hit the iceberg and we're slowly sinking.

      • Coach Warren: Square your hips!
        Payson: Are you Marty? Do you have three Olympic gold medals? Then leave me the hell alone!

      • Payson: I don't understand. I trained with him for two years--you trained with him for four! He was like a father to us, and he said we were like his family.
        Kaylie: Yeah, a family that he bailed on.

      • Female Gymnast: How's college treating you?
        Leo: Collegiately. How's the slaveship treating you?
        Female Gymnast: Pretty brutal. You remember?
        Leo: Yeah, that's why I had to jump ship. I'm not as tough as you girls--and I don't look half as good in a leotard.

      • (while Lauren is training on the balance beam)
        Gymnast #1: Man, is she good!
        Gymnast #2: Yeah, but I hear she's a bitch.

      • (Lauren walks in on her father and Summer making out)
        Lauren: Oh, please! You're banging your secretary?!
        Summer: Executive assistant.
        Steve: And I'm not "banging" anybody. We just discovered that we have real feelings for each other.
        Lauren: When? When did you discover you had these "feelings" for each other?!
        Summer: (ashamed) Six months ago.

      • Summer: Lauren, I...
        Lauren: Save it. You'll be out of our lives in ten minutes, just like all the rest of them.

      • Kaylie: I can't. My dad's been on the warpath ever since Marty left, and he'll kill you if he catches us.
        Carter: How many excuses do you have to not spend time with me?!

      • (Leo comes into the laundry room and Carter falls out of the linen closet)
        Leo: Carter, what's up?
        Carter: Not much. How's college?
        Leo: It's great. How's my sister?
        Carter: Well...she's--
        Leo: Scratch that, I don't want to know.

      • Razor: You must be one of those rockstar-types that only come out at night. One of those aging Hannah Montana-types.
        Emily: Yeah, something like that...

      • Chloe: Emily, we have to go. There's this big emergency meeting at the Cruz's house. We have to go!
        Emily: Mom, I'm working!
        (Chloe looks over Emily's shoulder and sees Razor)
        Chloe: Oh, cute boy...
        Emily: Mom!
        Chloe: Come on, we have to go!

      • Razor: (to Emily) I think you should go. Your mom is...going through the drive-thru the wrong reverse.

      • Chloe: The job search today didn't go so good. I think people are intimidated by me, because my nails are so awesome--Lady Gaga awesome. And my look is flawless!

      • Becca: You guys are lame. You won't kiss anyone, you won't marry anyone...who would you kill?
        Kaylie/Payson: (together) Lauren.

      • Chloe: Wow, that's a real platinum record!
        Ronnie: Well, of course it's real. Why else would it be there?
        Chloe: Why, for the decor, of course.

      • Kaylie: Um, now that we're here, what are we gonna say, exactly?
        Payson: We're gonna give 'em a piece of our mind. They can't pull this disappearing act on us! Not that Lauren's any loss.
        Kaylie: You're right, she wasn't our friend.
        Payson: She's thinks she's gonna bury us in Boston? We're gonna bury her!

      • Marty: Payson, calm down.
        Payson: Calm down? Calm down?! Are you kidding?!
        (everyone stops working out and falls silent)
        Marty: (screaming) GET BACK TO WORK!!

      • Emily: (to Lauren) What is your problem with me, anyway? Oh, besides the fact that I beat you.

      • Marty: Do you want to know why I left? I left because it was a better move for me. It's a better move and a better club. It's not always about you, Payson.

      • Summer: I'd like it if we could be friends, Lauren, but like it or not, I'm not going anywhere.

      • Emily: When I'm flying through the air like that I feel like everything else in my life completely disappears.

      • Chloe: Let's celebrate! I'll get some ice cream--I'll be back in a flash!
        Brian: (to Emily) Bet you $10 she'll get lost.

      • Lauren: (to Emily) You're the reason The Rock doesn't have a coach anymore!

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      • Original International Air Dates:
        United Kingdom: Saturday, October 30, 2010 on E4/E4 HD

      • Featured Music
        -Max Morgan - "Don't Stop" (in the car when the girls are driving to Denver)
        -Kate Tucker - "Everything Went Down" (in the car when the girls return from Denver)
        -Ryan Calhoun - "Who We Are" (while the girls are in their beds)

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