Make Me A Supermodel

Season 1 Episode 3

Hanging From the Rafters

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 17, 2008 on Bravo

Episode Recap

It's Jan. 11th, Dominic, Katy and Sarah get themselves ready for Elimination. Dominic comments that it's a big day. Sarah says it's the worst feeling and hopes that she doesn't go home. Katy and Sarah both comment that they think they Dominic will be leaving. Slowly, the other models get up. Frankie comments that Sarah poses more of a thread. Dominic says that he'd be embarrassed and ashamed if he was the first to go home, Sarah believes that she could bring more to the competition. Katy says she's not ready to go home yet.

As Katy, Sarah and Dominic line up in-front of the judges. Niki tells them that the 3 of them were less than memorable. Tyson comments to Katy that her photo was uninspirable and that she had problems with her catwalk and she's got to work on her body. Jennifer mentions to Dominic was that he had low energy and wasn't versatile and has to stop with the complaining. Cory tells Sarah is fading in the background. Niki announces that America has given Katy another chance. Tyson tells Sarah that she can't be made a Supermodel. Both Dominic and Katy hug Sarah and she departs the runway. The judges discuss if America made the right decision. Jennifer says that Sarah expected to stay in the competition whereas Katy didn't expect anything. Cory comments that Dominic surprised him by eating a big piece of humble pie.

Back at the house, the remaining models discuss who they want to come home. Dominic comes in on his skateboard and Katy comes in hugging Shannon. Dominic gets hugs from the rest of the guys as they hoot and holler. Katy gets her hugs from the rest of the girls. Dominic says that he feels refreshed and ready to go. Katy comments that she's glad she's still around and that she's going to work hard. Later that day, the models head to the Cutler Salon where Cory introduces them to David Ralph, who is the director of Men's Division of NY Models. David tells the models that they need to get them ready for clients because none of them are ready. David takes the boys and the girls go with Cory. David introduces the guys to Anthony Barrow who is the creative director of Cutler. Cory introduces the gals to Rodney Cutler, the owner of Cutler Salon.

Rodney tells the ladies that hair is a big part of their careers and they can't get too attached to it. Rodney tells Stephanie that her hair is pretty but it's not enough because it doesn't stand out. David calls on Frankie and tells him to listen as he turns on a buzz clipper. Frankie quickly gets out of the way. Anthony tells Frankie that he has a great head of hair but he needs it layered to give it some more action. Katy is told that she was born to be a red head, Dominic tells about what he's done to his hair. Anthony tells him it's not modern. He needs it punched up and it needs texture. Jacki comments that the worse thing would be to go bald but she needs something to cover her ears up. Holly's told that her hair is going to be cut short.

One by one, the models get their hair done and Tyson checks in with the guys. He comments if it was up to him, he'd shave their heads. Niki stops in to check on the gals as Kay's new red hair-do is revealed. Casey does an impression of a mad hair stylist. Niki mentions to Jacki that she loves her hair but she hid it underneath extensions. As Holly gets her hair chopped off, Rodney talks with her. Niki comes around the corner to see Holly's short due. Niki compliments her on how gorgeous she looks. The models comment on how they like their new looks. Tyson tells the guys it's been an amazing transformation but it's not over yet. There's a surprise at the house for them.

When the guys get home later that night, they find out that they are getting waxed. The ladies from the Susan Semielli Day Spay tell the guys to get changed. The guys change and Ronnie and Ben are the first victims to be cleaned up. Ronnie comments that his back looked like a Sasquatch. Ben says he's not gotten anything like that done before. Frankie has his pubic area and chest done. As they are waxed, Perry and Casey hold each other's hands.

The next day on Jan 12, the models head to Surrogate's Court in New York and are welcomed by Sarah Silver, Photographer of Vogue and French Elle. Sarah is suspended by wires and informs the models that their photo shoot they will be hanging from the ceiling. She comments about their new hair cuts which "translates into a new attitude, new confidence, a new you." She tells them about the assignment is confidence and movement in an uncomfortable set up and sends them off to make-up. Jacki comments that she doesn't want to be in the bottom again, Shannon feels confident, Ronnie makes light of being strapped into the harness.

Ronnie is the first model up and is also the guinea pig. Sarah tells him he looks amazing and he set the tone. Ronnie comes back and says that he put the super in supermodel. Ben is up next. Sarah tells him that she wants to feel the energy and then comments that he was lacking in energy. Stephanie takes to the wires next and is followed by Aryn. Jennifer Starr stops in and lets the models know how lucky they are and tells them some of the famous photo shoots that Sarah has done.

Jacki comes out and Sarah loves her replying that she was a bolt of energy. Frankie plays around and takes advantage of the wires. Perry comes out and says he felt like he was in the circus. Back in the dressing room, Jennifer comments on hair and tells Holly that she like hers the way it was. Holly and Stephanie take to the sky with Sarah. Katy comes out for her shoot. Jacki thinks that Katy is a threat to her. Sarah mentions that Katy is a really nice person but she lost her focus during her photo shoot. Jay and Casey comes out for their shoots. Sarah says that Dominic has perfect features for photography but has to fine tune it. Once the shoot is done, Ronnie and Jacki are Sarah's picks for the best and the bottom 3 were Ben, Jay and Katy.

At the studio on Jan 13th, Cory and Debbie are amazed at the models' new looks. Everyone is told that they are there for another runway lesson but they are going to first get their measurements taken. One by one the models get their measurements taken. Katy is up first who has gained due to her time of the month. Holly gets a good job. Aryn is next and Debbie and Cory can't believe that she's lost 3 inches in hertits. Aryn tells them what she's been doing. Debbie tells her that if they see her loose anymore weight, they'll make her eat more. Ben is up next and Debbie says he's looking great. Ben says he's been working out a lot with Ronnie. Ronnie comments that he looks great too. Cory points out that Ronnie is redder than what Ben is.

Later that night, the models make dinner for each other and play a game where they've got to answer revealing questions. Jay's question he reads is "Who do you think is the weakest model and why?" Jacki says she thinks it's Aryn because of her personality. Aryn says she'd rather be real and would love to go through this without no regrets. Ronnie points out that Dominic is the weakest link. Dominic disagrees. Katy backs Ronnie up by his complaining. Frankie's question he reads is, "Who do you find that is the most attractive in the house?" Ronnie points out that Stephanie is because she is down to Earth and as far as the guys go, it's pretty obvious that it's Ben. Ronnie says that Ben is his biggest competition but he is a beautiful guy, has a great heart and a great look. Ben thanks him. Ronnie says that Ben knows he's got a crush on him and that Ben plays along and kind of flirts with him. Ben thinks that it's good that a gay guy thinks he's cute and it's a compliment but he doesn't know because he thinks they might be picky.

Jan 14 comes around. The models get to the studio and Niki welcomes then and talks about how they must work with a variety of designers. She gives them some examples and tells them they have to give the designers what they want. Niki introduces Richie Rich and Traver Rains, designers from Heatherette. The guys bring in their clothes and tell them that it's very theatrical. Kind of like a rock concert. "Sell the look, sell the clothes, sell the attitude." As the models get changed, Richie introduces Frankie to Kabuki who tells him that they are going to put him in a lot of cosmetics and make him sizzle on the catwalk.

The runway lights up and Casey is the first to strut down the catwalk. Jay comes out next followed by Stephanie and Aryn. Shannon walks down trailed by Dominic and Frankie. Perry strides down the catwalk followed by Ben, Jacki drifts down with Ronnie trailing behind her, Katy walks out and finally Holly saunters down the runway. The judges applaud and bring all the models back out to ask them a few questions.

Cory asks Jay how he felt about the photo shoot. Jay says he wasn't used to being in the air and then got comfortable. Cory tells Dominic that he still needs to work on his walk. Dominic complains that the whole outfit was a challenge for him. Tyson tells him his normal walk is great but he turns into still cardboard on the runway. Jennifer ask Jacki how she feels about what she was doing. Jacki tells her that she feels revived and that she's got to work it. Niki asks how Ronnie likes the house. He tells her he's loving the house and feels at home. Tyson asks who he has a crush on and who he's got eyes for? Ronnie puts his arm around Ben and Cory ask Ben what is your wife going to say? Niki tells Ben that she still sees stiffness and Cory tells him he's got to step it up.

Niki asks Katy which 3 models does she want to see go up for the vote. Katy says Dominic, Casey and Aryn. Jennifer and Niki compliment Frankie on his photo shoot and comment about him leaning. Niki excuses the models while they evaluate their work. Jennifer says that Katy isn't a runway model and isn't high fashion. Cory agrees with her. Jennifer says that Jacki kicked butt on the runway. Cory again agrees that it was her walk, attitude and photo shoot. Niki mentions that Ben looks uncomfortable in his photo shoot. He looked stiff. Niki has a problem with Dominic. Cory says it's his attitude. Tyson comments that Dominic thinks that he can do it and doesn't need anyone's help and calls him the dead duck cowboy. Niki says that Ronnie's new look and confidence. She comments that he looks amazing. Tyson mentions that last week there was nothing from him and this week they got something. Cory says the only thing that impresses him is his walk. Niki says that she loves Aryn's pose on her photo shoot. Jennifer replies that she gave it 100% in her photo shoot and did great on the runway.

As the models head back out, Niki & Tyson tell them that there are 3 that gave the Supermodel attitude and 3 didn't. Niki tells Aryn that she has shown the most improvement. With Jacki, she has had consistently great work. Niki tells Ronnie that he walked out of that salon and into a new person and they are truly impressed. Aryn & Ronnie are safe and they leave the catwalk. Niki tells Jacki that she is this weeks winner leaving the following 4 people: Dominic, Jay, Ben and Katy. Tyson tells Dominic that the catwalk was about having fun and he was still stiff. He tells Jay that for the 2nd week in a row, his photo is at the bottom of pile and needs to step it up. With Ben, Tyson tells him he's still holding back and he's got to be confident. He tells Katy that they've gave her a new look and hairstyle but she's still bringing the same thing. Tyson tells Ben that he's up for the vote along with Katy. He tells Jay that his catwalk just about saved him and excuses him from the catwalk leaving Ben, Dominic & Katy left vying for America's vote. Niki wishes them good luck.
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