Make Me A Supermodel

Season 1 Episode 3

Hanging From the Rafters

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 17, 2008 on Bravo



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    • Tyson: Dominic. This catwalk was about having fun. You still came across stiff, bro. Jay. For the 2nd week in a row, your photo is at the bottom of pile and you still haven't stepped it up yet, man. Ben. It's week 2 and you're still holding back. To be a Supermodel, you have to be confident. Katy. We've given you a new look, a new hairstyle and you're still bring us the same ole Katy. You've been here before.

    • Niki: Aryn. You have shown the most improvement this week. Your picture can be in any magazine. Well done! Jacki. With you this week, it has been consistently great work. A confident shoot and a brilliant catwalk. Well done! Ronnie. You walked out of that salon and into a new and elegant you. We are truly impressed.

    • Niki: Katy. America voted last week for you to stay. Which 3 models do you want to see go up for the vote and why?
      Katy: Dom because I feel like he really hasn't progressed that much. Casey. I feel his walk hasn't really improved. But I know he has been trying so hard. He really is. And then I guess I would say Aryn because I just feel like her self confidence at home is not the same as it is out here.

    • Niki: Ronnie. How are you settling into the house?
      Ronnie: I'm loving the house. I'm really feeling at home. You know, I miss my folks. Tyson: Who do you have a crush on, Ronnie? (Ronnie laughs) Come on. I know there's some romance in the house. Who you got eyes for? (Ronnie puts his arm around Ben) Isn't that your roommate?
      Cory: Oh my God! What is your wife going to say?
      Niki: Bosom buddies!
      Cory: Right. More like prison buddies.

    • Richi Rich: Our brand, Heatherette is all about fun, action, personality. Like Hollywood and New York. Kind of like living the dream. The whole thing. Being who you are but playing a role as well. Very theatrical. Kind of like a rock concert.

    • (Talking about the catwalk show)
      Niki: The new confident you has to be able to work with a wide range of designers. One day you might be doing Prada. Asked to do the dead pan walk. The next day, John Galliano, where it's very theatrical. Remember, you have to give the designers what they want.

    • Ben: I mean, I guess it's good that a gay guy thinks I'm cute or what ever. That's a compliment right. I don't know. They're picky. I don't know.

    • Ronnie At this point, Ben certainly knows that I have a crush on him. He plays along with me. He kind of flirts with me.

    • (After the Question Who do you find the most attractive in the house? is read)
      Ronnie: As far as beauty goes, in the girls, someone who is down to Earth and very beautiful, I have to say Stephanie. As far as the guys go, It's pretty obvious. (Everyone laughs)
      Stephanie: Your blushing, Ronnie. (Everyone points down at Ronnie)
      Ronnie: In all honesty. Ben is my biggest competition but he is a beautiful guy. He's got a great heart. He's got a great look and I think he's an awesome person.
      Ben: Thanks, baby.

    • (After taking Ben's measurements)
      Debbie: You look great!
      Cory: Yeah, you do.
      Debbie: Yeah. You look really good.
      Ben: I've been working out with Ronnie.
      Ronnie: (In the background) Yeah, from wear I'm standing.
      Debbie: Ronnie apparently thinks so, too.
      Cory: (To Ben) And you know what's funny is Ronnie is redder than you are in the face.

    • (As Aryn has her measurements taken)
      Cory: I have 30.
      Debbie: No, it was 32 B before.
      Cory: Actually I have 29 1/2.
      Debbie: She lost 3 inches in her t*ts.
      Cory: Is that possible?

    • (Speaking to the models in the dressing room)
      Jennifer: When a new model walks in with a very memorable hair cut, everyone remembers them. When a new model walks in with a unique hair cut, everyone remembers them. "Oh, that's the girl with the bob." (Pointing to Holly) I totally disagreed about your hair. I really like your hair the way it was.

    • (Talking about his photo shoot)
      Perry: I felt like I was in the circus. Especially for the guys, it was a little bit more difficult just because God gave us something different than a woman has. Okay. Kids at home ask your parents.

    • (About Jacki's photo shoot)
      Sarah Silver: Jacki was fantastic. She's like a bolt of energy for me.

    • (After his photo shoot)
      Ronnie: Let me tell you all. I put the super in Supermodel. You guys have a hard act to follow.

    • (Getting into his harness)
      Ronnie: I'm feeling really confident. I mean these new hair dos. I mean, who wouldn't feel confident (Grabbing onto his safety harness) having one of these tugging away at you.

    • (Checking in on the male models)
      Tyson: What's up boys? How are we? If it was up to me, I'd shave all your heads.

    • (Speaking to the female models)
      Rodney Cutler: Hair is a big part of your career. So, you have to own that responsibility. You can't get too attached to it.

    • (At the house after Elimination)
      Dominic: As far as the girls go, it's mixed feelings. Stephanie was the only that actually gave me a hug when I came back. Everyone else was kind of looked a little confused and maybe a little disappointed. All these big guys were just like "Oh, my God! He's back!"

    • (After Sarah has been eliminated)
      Niki: Do you think America made the right decision?
      Cory: Absolutely!
      Jennifer: Sarah almost expected to stay in the competition where as Katy doesn't expect anything.

    • (To Dominic)
      Jennifer: You really have to stop with the complaining. How do you compare a heavy necklace to a broken foot?

    • (Speaking to Katy, Dominic & Sarah)
      Niki: Last week, we stripped you down to see if you have the basic skills it requires to be a supermodel. The 3 of you were less than memorable.

    • Frankie: I want Dom and Katy to come back just for the fact that I feel Sarah poses more of a threat. If we get her out now then we all have an easier of a chance.

    • Dominic: Today's a big day. Myself, Katy and Sarah are going to find out whether we got the vote to see if we stay in the competition.

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