Make Me A Supermodel

Season 1 Episode 5

Naked Art

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 31, 2008 on Bravo
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This episode features the 11 remaining Supermodels models are trained to pose without clothing which leads to pieces of a portrait to becoming living art and finally carrying themselves as a Walking Sculpture.

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    Don Porcardo

    Don Porcardo

    Himself - Art Instructor

    Guest Star

    Russ Flatt

    Russ Flatt

    Himself - Photographer

    Guest Star

    Mary Schook

    Mary Schook

    Herself - Beauty Engineer

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      • Tyson: Jay. You've been in this competition for 4 weeks now and every photographer that you worked with has said the same thing about you. You don't bring enough to your pictures. Casey. You were cut from the photo shoot this week and you just didn't recover, man. Katy. This week we needed you to be focused and you seem to be distracted. Ben. We felt your unease this week. We need you to be comfortable in his skin as a model.

      • (Speaking about Perry)
        Tyson: If I was a girl, I would date him. He's an amazing looking guy.

      • (Referring to Kady)
        Niki: Everyone keeps saying that she's easily distracted. Here we are again. Week 4.
        Tyson: I just don't think that this girl has what it takes to be a Supermodel.

      • Niki: Stephanie. This week was your week. It was about art. What about next week if it's not a subject you like?
        Stephanie: I actually thing that this week is kind of what I needed to show you all my energy. Who I am.

      • (Talking to the models about their catwalk assignment)
        Niki: You'll be showcasing some of Europe's most cutting edge designers. Viktor & Rolf. Christian Lacroix. They're all looking for a model to create a catwalk experience as elegant and complex as their clothes.

      • Frankie: There's two rules in life. one is to never sweat the small things and two is that everything is the small thing.

      • (As all the models are getting their bodies painted black)
        Holly: There was like 3 or 4 people painting me and I was like, "Oh my God. I'm naked in front of all these people."

      • (After Cory tells the models that they'll become a living art instillation)
        Mary Schook: Basically what's going to happen is your getting painted head to toe with my team from Make Up Forever. And what'll happen is you're going to build this sculpture that we're going to take down town where you're going to perform it.

      • (After seeing the photo of himself and Perry hanging on the wall)
        Casey: When I got cut from today's assignment, I was really down on myself and it was a big blow to my confidence. But seeing the picture on the wall of Perry and I, it reminded me that I can do fantastic in a photo shoot.

      • (The girls talk with the guys after their photo shoot)
        Katy: Shannon, you look fantastic!
        Shannon: It was easy with the boys. I made them look good.

      • Russ: OK, guys. I've got the base picture that I think I could get with all of you. And I've decided that I would love to re-shoot the picture without Casey and Jay.

      • (After Russ tells the models if they aren't working out, he'll take them out and re-shoot)
        Holly: The fact that he could give us the boot at anytime is really scary because that probably means that you will be in the bottom 3. I'm really scared.

      • Stephanie: I wanted Perry to work with us because he's really easy to work with. The only worry would be if he tries to steal the show, like he always does, we can just kick him out.

      • (Speaking to the models)
        Niki: This week's photo assignment is about fitting together to make pieces of a portrait. Think of that famous Herb Ritts shot of Naomi, Christy, Cindy, Stephanie. They're all huddled together. They all connected and they all connected with the lens, as well. That's what we want.

      • (To Ben)
        Ronnie: Well. Actions speak a lot louder than words. You and I are going to work together and we're going to do it.

      • (Talking in their room)
        Ben: I don't know how you feel about our relationship. You know what I'm saying.
        Ronnie: I like our relationship. I mean, every gay guy out there would love to find a guy that is as layed back and chilled as you. And even if you weren't married and you were gay that'd be a perfect equation for me. But that's not a line that I would ever cross. Ben: Right. And we have that mutual respect for each other.
        Ronnie: Absolutely.

      • Ronnie: What are you going to do if it just gets a little excited in the middle of a shoot?
        Casey: I'm going to be like. Hey, the one in the blue. That one's for you.

      • (At Parsons)
        Tyson: This week is about the body. The body is a work of art so you'll be poisng. You have to make sure that when you are in that pose, that you are concentrating on your shapes, how your body is appearing.

      • (Talking about Aryn's departure)
        Ronnie: I kind of feel bad because we kind of talked her up. We really thought she was coming back. We filled her head with she's coming back and now she's gone. I'm gonna miss her, though.
        Ben: Yeah, it sucks, man. Well, you know. All we got is each other.
        Ronnie: I know.

      • (As the models conversate about who's coming back from elimination)
        Jacki: I don't see Aryn as much as a competition that I do Holly but at the same time I don't think that Aryn wants to come back for herself.

      • Niki: Did America make the right vote?
        Jennifer: I'm not so sure. Aryn's been really trying and I don't think Jay has been giving it as much as Aryn has. I think Jay should have gone today not Aryn.

      • Niki: Holly, Jay and Aryn. Last week was all about chemisty working with another model to create a passionate photo and an electric catwalk. The three of you disappointed us and America has decided one of you cannont be made into a Supermodel.

      • (To Holly)
        Stephanie: You're coming back. Or else you're gonna see a Stephanie shaped hole through that window.

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