Make Me A Supermodel

Season 1 Episode 6

New York Fashion Week

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 2008 on Bravo
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This episode features the 10 remaining Supermodels models participate in New York's Fashion Week.

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    Debbie Deitering

    Debbie Deitering

    Herself - Catwalk Coach

    Guest Star

    Jerry Tam

    Jerry Tam

    Himself - Form Designer

    Guest Star

    R. Scott French

    R. Scott French

    Himself - Desinger

    Guest Star

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      • Tyson: Frankie. The real world hit you hard this week. You were stiff and you were very uncomfortable and you knew it. Ronnie. You've improved up until now but this week, you kind of fell back, man. Katy. Being a Supermodel requires a dedication that we believe you do not have. Jacki. You always had a sexy walk but this week demanded high fashion and you came up short.

      • Niki: Holly. The designer chose you as his lead look and said he would book you again. Ben. From Nashville to New York Fashion Week. It now feels like this is where you belong. Casey. Not only did you bounce back from a tough week, you did it at New York Fashion Week.

      • Casey: Katy. In my opinion is that you have a lot of great intention and you're actions don't always follow up with them. I see you going to the gym but then afterwards you get a piece of bread. You get some carbs in you or some peanut butter and go have a cigarette.

      • (To Ronnie
        Jennifer: You have to work a little harder to prove yourself in the editorial world and on a catwalk where slightly edgier kids are walking these days.

      • Katy: I kind of like this whole grunge thing going on. It's fun. It's fun to be a different person every now and then. You get to play a different character.

      • Holly: This is my favorite part of modeling. The catwalk. So, I feel most comfortable here.

      • Niki: As you already know, this week was all about the catwalk. Now we're going to give you one more chance to show us what you've learned. Today's catwalk assignment is to rock the downtown New York look.

      • Clay: Casey's working it unfortunately it's not showing at when he's getting measured. But Katy also had problems at her measuring. So, I can't just leave it well enough that when she in they gym in-front of me, she works really hard but what goes on when I'm not there, I'm going to have to call her out on it.

      • Scott: I'm not really sure what to expect from the models. They're a very green. They're a little nervous and sometimes nervous comes across on the runway as a little uncertain. But, they have a really, really good attitude and they listen to direction well. So, I think they'll pull it out.

      • (While in make-up)
        Ben: I think that I could win this week. Me and Perry are close and he's a little bit more cocky than confident. I'm just confident right now. And this is my moment to jump ahead in the game.

      • (After introducing himself)
        Scott French: This week you guys are going to be walking in my show in Bryant Park. On the line for me and for those who work for me is millions of dollars resting on that one show. You've got to remember, it's not about you, it's about the clothing that you're showing. The clothing that you're selling.

      • (Speaking to Ben)
        Ronnie: Perry thinks he's the man right now. I really think when he got that label put on him last night "of least likely to improve." He probably really felt that he didn't have to improve.

      • Jerry Tam: We're a new emerging lable in New York City doing fine women's wear. So, we're proud to have the new girls and the professional girls all work together to create a wonderful show for Form.

      • Jacki: Just after the catwalk training we found out that we're going to be walking for New Yorks Fashion Week. We were told to wear a collection from the designer Form and the designer wanted us to walk down the catwalk in a very natural almost graceful way in order to show the clothes in the best way possible.

      • (As Ronnie comes down the catwalk)
        Debbie: Would you walk around like that trying to get a man.
        Ronnie: No.
        Debbie: Okay. Show me how you walk.

      • (As Ben comes down the walkway)
        Ralph: Wow!
        Debbie: Somebody's been working!
        Ralph: That is...
        Debbie: That is really good.
        Ralph: I was expecting to see the duck walk. That was so much better. You have no idea.

      • Debbie: A good model with a good walk can book a few shows. A great model can book 20 shows in every different genre.

      • Jacki: I can make myself fart. Like on command. Any time I want.
        Perry: You have to do it! You have to do it!

      • (Before going out to their birthday parties)
        Ben: I figure if I keep my hands like this and I just walk. (Walks across bedroom) It keeps them straighter.
        Ronnie: Yeah. It keeps them straight but you don't have the whole like Sergeant Joe, "I'm coming to get you."
        Ben: Exactly!
        Ronnie: But don't put your hands in your pocket, though. You gotta walk like your thinking with your hands in your pockets.

      • (After welcoming the models to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week)
        Niki: This week is going to be a little different. The assignment is all about fashion week and there is no photo shoot this week. It's all about the catwalk.

      • Ben: Me and Jay are cool but I'm kind of glad from a competitive stand point that he's gone. I would not have been at all upset if Katy were to have gone home because how many chances can you get.

      • (As Casey comes in from Elimination)
        Casey: Once I walked around the corner, everyone yelled, "Casey" and I felt so welcomed. Not one person didn't hug me. I just felt like a family at that moment.

      • (As the models discuss who's coming back to the house)
        Ronnie: Katy is a really sweet girl. I like her a lot and she's tough. I mean, to come back time and time again after being torn apart by the panel. But you can't say one thing and do another. She's like, "I just don't understand why I don't see any results." Yet, she is coming home and eating cereal and every time there is food around. There's not a time that I don't see food in Katy's hand. I just always see food in Katy's hand.

      • (After being eliminated)
        Jay: I know there's a whole lot more out there I can do. It just won't stop right here. It's just the beginning right there.

      • (Speaking to Katy, Casey and Jay)
        Niki: Last week was all about using your body to create a work of art nd we were all disappointed by the three of you. Now America has decided one of you cannont be made into a Supermodel.

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