Make Me A Supermodel

Season 1 Episode 4

Sexual Chemistry

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 24, 2008 on Bravo
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This episode features the 12 remaining Supermodels challenged to create Sexual Chemistry in their photo shoots and walk down the catwalk as an Equestrian with a fetish twist.

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    Diana Scheunemann

    Diana Scheunemann

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    Clay Burwell

    Clay Burwell

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      • Tyson: Aryn. This week was about making a connection and you went in alone. There was no chemistry between you and Jay. Jay. Once again, your photo disappointed us. We're looking for a spark and you just didn't have any. Holly you let your personal circumstances get in the way of doing your job and brought Frankie down with you. Frankie. You couldn't bridge the gab with Holly. Hey, a Supermodel always finds away.

      • Niki: Ronnie. You are a gay man and we asked you to play it straight. You were hot. Perry. You are a straight man and you were asked to play gay You rocked it.

      • Niki: Shannon and Ronnie. Perry and Casey. This week was all about chemistry. You guys definitely had it. Your photos were steamy and very believable and your catwalk was electric.

      • Niki: Casey and Perry. How did you guys come up with these poses? How did you feel in this photo shoot? You look very comfortable.
        Perry: When I first met Casey, the first time in New York, instantly we had this communication. This sense of humor. We get each other. We finish each others...
        Casey: Sentences.
        Perry: And it's something we're really...
        Casey: Into.

      • Niki: Ronnie and Shannon. The catwalk. I loved how you came out. You marched like a horse.
        Tyson: Who came up with the choreography? You guys.
        Ronnie: Yeah.
        Shannon: Yeah, we blended it.
        Ronnie: Yeah, we blended it together. We took out inspiration from the equestrian. Just thinking like a horse and then trying to throw in the twist of light fetishes in there.

      • (Speaking to the models)
        Niki: This week's catwalk assignment is equestrian with a fetish twist. You need to think of Gaultier dressing Madonna for her last tour. Alexander McQueen. They've all turned to fetish to help inspire them for their collections.

      • (Talking with Ben and Frankie)
        Ronnie: What do you guys think? I mean, Ben after the photo shoot and everything? Are you at little apprehensive about talking to you wife?
        Ben: It was innocent. It's not like... I didn't catch wood. I didn't really get into it in the sexual sense as much as the acting sense of acting sexual.

      • Ronnie: I was definitely turned on with Shannon. And it caught me by surprise because I wasn't expecting to enjoy it.

      • Shannon: Ronnie's never been with a woman. I'm going to take his virginity.

      • (Talking about his photo shoot with Casey)
        Perry: In honesty, I'm kind of glad that I got to do it with a guy 'cause now I don't have the whole, "How do I explain this to my girl?" thing. Now, it's just like my girl's like, "Wow! My boyfriend's gay

      • (Referring about Holly)
        Frankie: I don't think she has what it takes to be in this competition. Her pictures are good but she's as boring as hell. Who the hell would want to work with her? Dude, seriously.

      • Jay: I told Aryn, that once you go black, you never go back, baby. And that's real.

      • Tyson: Forget about your girlfriend's. Your boyfriend's. If some of you get a little excited, it's okay. That is what we want from you, alright.
        (Everyone laughs)
        Diana: So, you have to connect with your eyes. I want fire in your eyes. Not just good looking and warm.

      • Tyson: Today's photo assignment is sexual chemistry. We need to turn the heat up, guys! Everyone knows that sex sells. Think about all the high fashion ads you've seen in like Dolce & Gabbana and Calvin Kline. If you're not relaxed in front of the camera, it definitely gonna show. You won't get the job and you won't be hired.

      • (Referring to Ben)
        Ronnie: It's difficult because I don't think that he realizes that I'm not playing. I actually do have some genuine feelings for him. He's playing along but I just don't know to what extent where that would lead.

      • Ronnie: There are some mixed signals with Ben. I mean, I know he's married but at the same time, he's kind of alluded to the fact that maybe if he's had a couple of cocktails, that he would be open to the idea of being intimate with a guy.

      • Katy: Frankie's name is Fabio because of his long hair. He kind of does this thing (Flipping her hair over her shoulder) with his hair. And then it's all in his face and he thinks he's God's gift to women and he's not.

      • (Speaking to Ben, Katy & Dominic)
        Niki: Last week, we gave you a new look in the hope of building within you a new confidence and attitude but the 3 of you disappointed us.

      • (As Ben is packing his clothes, preparing for Elimination)
        Ben: You have a 1 and 3 chance of having to find a new roommate.
        Ronnie: (Laughing) I'm not going to lose my roommate just yet. I'll be sitting by the door waiting for you to come through.
        Ben: You better!
        Ronnie: I wanna hug you.
        Ben: Like I said this is your last time. (Ronnie and Ben hug)
        Ronnie: Be strong.

      • (Back at the house)
        Katy: A couple hours after hearing he had been in the bottom 3, Dom was still pissed and he took his bad mood out on everybody in the house.

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