Make Me A Supermodel

Season 1 Episode 2

Welcome to New York

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 10, 2008 on Bravo
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The supermodels move into their New York City apartment and begin to size up the competition with a photo shoot in Times Square working with Lee Strickland while wearing swimwear.

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    Lee Strickland

    Lee Strickland

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    Sarah Silver

    Sarah Silver

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    Debbie Deitering

    Debbie Deitering

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      • Tyson: Sarah. You're just not breaking though. You're way too self conscious. And as a model you can't think, you just have to do it. Katy. As a model, you're not setting our world on fire right now. And you need to do be able to do that as a model. Jacki. You let us down this week. I expected a lot more from you and I expected you to be a lot more professional. Dominic. Your attitude. I don't know man. And your performance is stiff, man. You're as stiff as your surf boards, bro.

      • (To Shannon)
        Niki: Who do you think is your biggest threat?
        Shannon: I honestly would have to say Jacki. She gives it her all.
        Tyson: Are you ready to push Jacki of the runway to win this?
        Shannon: Yes I am.

      • (To Jacki)
        Tyson: I'm a little disappointed in you!
        Jacki: I know.
        Tyson: Why didn't you want to wear it?
        Jacki: I just.. my stomach just turned and I knew that inside of me that I was not. It was not okay for me to do it.
        Cory: It wouldn't have flown at any time with any designer.
        Ben: In the real world, you would have been fired.

      • (Talking to Ben)
        Niki: What did you think about in wearing the thong as your first runway?
        Ben: I just wanted to get use to it. Like being my own skin.
        Tyson: A lot of times when you were coming down, I kept seeing prison guard. I got locked up for misc. what ever it is. But you remind me of the guard coming down to tell me, "You've been bailed." Less prison guard and more Ben.

      • (Talking about his runway walk)
        Ronnie: I got out there and just gave it all to them. I really rocked it out. I rocked out with my cock out.

      • (After Jacki says she doesn't want to wear the thong)
        Shannon: It's really not that big of a deal, you know. It's just part of modeling. You should be comfortable with showing your body in any way, shape or form.

      • (After his name is pulled to wear a thong)
        Ben: My family and my wife. They're going to laugh. Especially my fellow officers. I think they'll have a field day with it.

      • Tyson: And today. You will be wearing (Drops his robe revealing his red bikini swimsuit) swimwear. And that's not all. I'm look for 2 brave boys and 2 brave girls. (Tyson then reveals 2 mannequin's in thongs)

      • (The next day)
        Niki: Today is going to be your first big catwalk show. (Someone whistles) Yes. This is very important because at the end of the day, we are going to be putting 3 of you up for the vote.

      • (After changing)
        Ronnie: I'm here in this leotard. Oddly enough, I'm feeling quite comfortable in it. I've got Madonna and Cher here. (Putting his hands underneath his pectoral muscles) Ready to go. I always keep the girls here with me. Especially for a runway shoot.

      • Tyson: You met the main three panelist so far. Myself, Niki and Cory. I'd like to introduce Jennifer Starr, the fourth panelist. Jennifer is the premiere casting director in the United States. She has done all the big shows such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Kline, GAP, Gucci.

      • (At the GQ party)
        Jacki: I can talk to anybody. I'm a very good conversation starter. I'm not like shy around people. So, I want to talk to as many people and networks as I can.

      • (That night at the house)
        Niki: GQ is hosting a party tonight. (The models cheer) The style editor, Adam Rapoport, wants to meet you guys. But. There's always a but. You have 20 minutes to get ready.

      • (As the models burn their clothes)
        Dominic: You know, if you need that attention. If you wanna kind of want to get naked and look kind of like a tool. Freezing on national television. I mean then go for it.

      • (As the models get to the warf)
        Tyson: You're all here 'cause you have the desire to start a new you. I want you to get rid of something from the old you. I want you to take something off and throw it into the fire.

      • (After waking the models up)
        Tyson: Bunch of spoiled kids. Get up! Let's go!

      • (After getting back to the house)
        Ronnie: Ben and I. We made plans to run into the house and claim our beds first.
        Ben: It's very surreal still that we're here. I'm used to being at home with my wife in a bed. Not used to sleeping on a twin bed with another guy in the room.

      • Ronnie: I'm a little nervous but I'm using that nervous energy to be on top of my game. I think it's important to be nervous. I mean the competition is going to be rough. I gotta give it my A game. My A game all the way.

      • Ronnie: Everyone poses a threat here. I know that the game is on now.

      • (After his photo shoot)
        Perry: I would say that if I had to improve on anything it probably be more good looking. If that's possible.

      • Katy: When I was growing up, I was not the prettiest girl. I had crooked teeth, braces and frizzy hair.

      • (Speaking about first photo shoot in Times Square)
        Ben: It's nerve wracking but it's kind of exciting at the same time that you've got to do this in front of all of those people.

      • Tyson: We all know that being a Supermodel is not just about looking good. It's about hard work and determination. With that, I want you to have the willingness to listen and learn because we we've got some of the best people in the industry that is going to help you train and also mold you physically and mentally to prepare you for this business.

      • (After Niki and Tyson welcome the models to New York's Time Square)
        Niki: Well done, models. Out of the thousands of people we met across the country, you 14 made it. You all have great potentional but only one of you can win Make Me A Supermodel.

      • Niki: We criss-crossed America needing thousands of wanna be models and selected 12 with the rare combination of beauty, talent and ambition. Then you voted online at for Nashville prison guard, Ben and Katy from Alabama to finish out fabulous 14.

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      • GQ
        GQ aka Gentlemans Quarterly is the leading men's magazines covering men's style and culture from politics to travel, entertainment, sports, technology and relationships, grooming and health. GQ was originally started in 1931 as Apparel Arts. In 1958, Apparel Arts was renamed Gentlemen's Quarterly.

      • Elle
        Elle Magazine is definitely the largest womens' fashion magazine in the world with thirty-six editions on six continents throughout the world. The magazine was created in France in the 1940's. Elle focus on women's fashions showcasing some of the most affordable designer clothing along with top quality articles that are quite informative on the beauty, health and entertainment inspired by today's modern woman.