Make My Day (2002)

Friday 9:30 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Jan 01, 2002 Between Seasons


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Make My Day (2002)

Show Summary

Make My Day is a 2002 U.K. reality game show in which a hidden camera makes each contestant the star of their own television show. The cameras secretly follow one person through what appears to be the weirdest 24 hours of their life. Everyone but the contestant is in on the joke, and the way the contestant chooses to respond to these strange events introduces an element of chance into the outcome. Minor celebrities, particularly those the contestant admires, are often part of the ruse. The contestant must correctly complete three pre-determined moral dilemmas, and how they react to bizarre situations and coincidences determines whether they win the dream prize. At the end of the day the host reveals to the victim that they've been set up, and some of the more notable and embarrassing moments are replayed. The show ran for two seasons, with Sara Cox as host for the first season and Edith Bowman host for the second. It won a Bronze Rose for Best Game Show in 2002.