Make My Day

Wednesday 10:30 PM on TV LAND Premiered Aug 05, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Mr. Cupcake
      Mr. Cupcake
      Episode 6
      John, the hard-working owner of sweets superstore Mr. Cupcakes, has no idea what's in store for him today. John can't get enough of James Bond films, is a huge fan of funnyman Robert Schimmel and grew up watching 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.' Throughout the day, John just can't believe the uncanny luck he's having! Watch as he tries to keep his composure during the wildest day of his life.moreless
    • Warehouse Rapper
      Warehouse Rapper
      Episode 5
      Tyrone, a fun-loving father and aspiring rapper, is in for a day he will never forget. He idolizes rapper Lil Jon and cracks up watching his favorite comedian Earthquake perform. With the help of his icon, Tyrone gets the chance to make his lifelong dream come true. His incredible, non-stop day keeps getting better and better as Tyrone is thrown for a loop one minute after another.moreless
    • Guitar Hero
      Guitar Hero
      Episode 4
      John is a generous, kind-hearted guy who is always giving back to his community. He's crazy about the New York Giants, The Sopranos and guitar hero Eric Clapton. Today is the most rock n' roll show biz day of his life, where he'll get to meet Giant Amani Toomer, Sopranos star Vincent Pastore and get his big break in a TV commercial. John just can't get over the unpredictable, unbelievable day he's having.moreless
    • Fashionista
      Episode 3
      Selfless single mom Tracy doesn't know it yet, but she has a phenomenal day ahead of her. She's a self-proclaimed fashionista who adores actress (and TV Land PRIME host!) Vivica A. Fox, and she loves kicking back and watching talk shows like 'The Montel Williams Show.' It's very possible Tracy's ultimate dream will come true today.moreless
    • Bridal Beauty
      Bridal Beauty
      Episode 2
      Cristina, a funny and upbeat bridal store manager, has no idea she is about to get her day made. She enjoys watching cooking shows and can't get enough of sitcoms like 'Seinfeld' and Curb Your Enthusiasm.' Cristina can't help but be amazed and thoroughly confused at every turn her crazy day is taking.moreless
    • Telenovela
      Episode 1
      Anna manages a trendy doggie boutique. She doesn't know it yet, but she's about to have the best day of her life. Anna loves watching telenovelas (Latin American soap operas), and has always dreamed of starring in her very own â€“ preferably with her celebrity crushes. Today she will struggle to keep her composure when she gets to meet some of her heroes.moreless