Make Room for Daddy

Season 4 Episode 30

Danny's Proposal

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 1957 on ABC
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Danny's Proposal

Danny feels he's being "shoved" into proposing to Kathy...and he's right, when Rusty and Terry try to create the "proper atmosphere".

Who was the Episode MVP ?

    Danny Thomas (I)

    Danny Thomas (I)

    Danny Williams

    Sherry Jackson

    Sherry Jackson

    Terry Williams (1953 - 1958)

    Amanda Randolph

    Amanda Randolph

    Louise (1955 - 1964)

    Rusty Hamer

    Rusty Hamer

    Rusty Williams

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      • Kathy: Danny, would you please marry me?
        Danny: Whew, I thought I'd never ask you.

      • Danny: How can a man propose to a woman in the presence of his own children?
        Rusty: What's the matter? Isn't it legal?
        Danny: It's legal, but it's not romantic.
        Terry: All right, Daddy, don't let us bother you. We'll just sit here very quietly and you won't even know that we're here.
        Rusty: Yeah, you can get as mushy as you want.
        Danny: It's still ridiculous, that's all. Proposing to a lady in front of a bunch of children. This is no proposal. It's a PTA meeting.

      • Danny: Look, Kathy.
        Kathy: Yes?
        Danny: Kathy, I… I, um…
        Terry: He loves you very much.
        Danny: Yeah. Yeah. And-and I feel that… well, I feel, uh…
        Terry: He feels that his life would be empty without you.
        Danny: Yeah, empty. And, um, uh, um…
        Terry: You're the morning light that shines in his eyes.
        Danny: You're the morning light that shines in my eyes.
        Terry: His heartbeat quickens at the touch of your hand.
        Danny: My heartbeat quickens at… (turns to face Terry) How old are the boys in your school?
        Terry: Daddy, quit trying to change the subject.
        Danny: Where did you hear that kind of language?

      • Terry: (to Kathy) Daddy says things sometimes without thinking.
        Rusty: Yeah, you've just got to learn not to pay any attention to him.

      • Louise: (to Danny) When you goof, you just got to de-goof. That's all.

      • Louise: Mr. Williams, what happened? What did you say to her?
        Danny: What did I say? Nothing. What could I say? It isn't even worth mentioning.
        Louise: That don't sound like her.
        Danny: Yeah, shocked me too. Don't know what she got all mad about. All I did was insult her.

      • Kathy: But if he asked me to marry him, the time, the place, the circumstances are all going to have a lot to do with my answer. So, we're just going to wait until he makes up his mind to ask me.
        Rusty: Got to wait for him to make up his mind? I'll be old enough to marry you myself.

      • Kathy: That was a wonderful dinner tonight. Thank you.
        Louise: You're entirely welcome.
        Danny: What are you thanking her for?
        Kathy: Well, she cooked the dinner, didn't she?
        Danny: A mere detail, lovely lady. I tell her what, when, and how to do everything in this house. She makes one small contribution.
        Kathy: Which is?
        Danny: She ignores me.
        Louise: Mr. Williams is just being modest. It isn't that you have to ignore him, you just don't pay no attention to him. You'll catch on to it.

    • NOTES (1)

      • Final episode on ABC. Robert Kintner, who was then president of ABC, was a big fan of Jean Hagen and had considered her to be the mainstay of the series and was reluctant to continue the series without her. He had lost interest in the series by the end of the fourth season, even with the emergence of Kathy as Danny's wife. Fortunately, the show found a spot on the CBS shedule the following season, and ratings soared.

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