Make Room for Daddy

Season 5 Episode 8

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 1957 on ABC

Episode Recap

Danny is in his apartment and on the phone with his agent, who doubts that Danny can sing a ballad. Danny puts the phone on the piano and begins to sing for his agent over the phone. Kathy comes in the living room and starts dusting. She inadvertently hangs up the phone. When Danny notices the phone is on the hook, he says, "How do you like that?!. He hung up!" Rusty comes home with a wallet he found containing $25, with the initials RJT. Rusty wants to keep it. Danny tells Rusty an old saying, honesty is the best policy. Rusty prefers another old saying, finders keepers, losers weepers. Danny tells Rusty he'll probably get a reward for returning it. Danny finds the owner, who lives in the apartment building next door. He takes Rusty to the man's apartment and rings the bell. R.J. Titus answers, and thanks Rusty for returning his wallet, but then closes the door without leaving a reward, which disappoints both Danny and Rusty. Danny maintains that honesty is the best policy, with or without reward. Danny tests Rusty by losing his wallet on purpose, thinking that Rusty will find it and return it. Kathy is against the idea, but reluctantly goes along with it. When Rusty comes home, Danny tells Rusty about the "lost" wallet and assumes that Rusty found it, but Rusty says nothing about it. Kathy suggests that maybe Rusty didn't find it, so Danny looks for it. When he doesn't find it, he's sure that Rusty found it, and is disappointed that Rusty didn't return it. While he's lecturing Rusty about honesty, the doorbell rings. It's Earl, the elevator operator, returning Danny's wallet. Earl says he deduced that it was Danny's wallet because Danny's driver's license was in it, and Danny mockingly congratulates him on fine detective work. Earl drops hints about getting a reward, and Danny offers him $10, which Earl accepts, pretending to be hesitant about it. Danny is gratified that Rusty didn't find and keep the wallet. Rusty sees that Earl expected a reward, but Danny still insists that honesty is the best policy. RJT pays a visit Danny invites him in, but doesn't seem to want to see him. In a Freudian slip, Danny calls him R. J. Tightwad. RJT  says that he didn't offer Rusty a reward earlier because he thought that Rusty, like most boys, would only spend it on junk. He nonetheless thought it only right that he should do something for Rusty, so RJT offers him a season pass to New York Giants football games, where he works as a publicity agent. Rusty initially refuses, which baffles but impresses RJT. RJT says that, like Rusty, he only wanted to get that good feeling about doing the right thing. Rusty says RJT 's gotta have that good feeling, and accepts the pass. Later, Danny and Kathy want to take Rusty to a football game, the Giants versus the Los Angeles Rams, but Rusty doesn't want to go, saying Danny and Kathy should go without him. Danny asks him why he doesn't want to go since he has a season pass. Rusty says he'd rather spend the day looking for wallets.