Make Room for Daddy

Season 10 Episode 29

Jose's Rival

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 06, 1963 on ABC

Episode Recap

It's morning at the William household, and Danny and Kathy are talking about Danny's excellent performance at the Copa the previous night. Danny had invited Jose to the Copa for the show as a birthday present. Jose comes over to thank Danny, and Kathy and Danny ask Jose what he liked best. To Danny's surprise, Jose says it was the girl tap dancer, Suzy Harper. He says, "For the first time in my whole life, I am in love!" Later at the club during off hours, Danny tries to set Jose up with Suzy by building him up to her. He then introduces Jose, and Jose clumsily introduces himself to her. He's afraid and tries to leave, but Danny convinces him to stay. Suzy offers to share her tuna "fish" sandwich with him. Just as they're getting ready to eat, in walks Tom Bradley, an old flame of Suzy's from St. Louis. She isn't altogether pleased to see him because he broke her heart when he left there to pursue a career as a concert pianist. He says he wants to start seeing her again, but then tries to snow Danny, leading Danny to suspect he's using Suzy to get Danny to help him with his career. Tom and Suzy leave together, and Danny tries to console Jose. Later at the Williams' apartment,  Danny relays his suspicions of Tom to Kathy, then Jose comes by. He seems cheerful because he says he's "through" with women, but then he sees Kathy and that reminds him of Suzy, so he's sad again. Danny and Kathy go through a series of comical attempts to teach a very inept Jose how to ask Suzy for a date. After Kathy gives up, Danny assures Jose he knows how to get Tom out of the way. Jose trusts that Danny's plan will work. Danny offers Tom an audition on the piano in a hotel ballroom, and Tom excels, to the applause of the studio audience. Danny is impressed, but when Suzy asks Tom to go out with her, he says he'll be too busy rehearsing, and Danny is again suspicious of Tom, who then walks out. Jose is happy, and Danny sends him to console Suzy. Just then Tom returns to ask for Suzy's phone number, and Danny scolds him for using Suzy to further his career, but Tom tells Danny he intends to propose to Suzy. Jose's mood changes again, and he calls Danny a "stupid Cupid". Danny again tries to console Jose, but in walks Betty, the checkroom girl, and with one look Jose perks up, saying, "For the first time in my whole life, I am in love again!" Danny appears perplexed, but amused.