Make Room for Daddy

Season 6 Episode 32

Linda's Idol (aka Linda's Giant)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 25, 1959 on ABC

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  • One of a number of episodes that apparently inspired similar episodes of the show's offspring, The Andy Griffith Show.

    In "Linda's Idol/Giant", Linda has a friend that everyone, especially her teacher, Miss Richter, thinks is imaginary. The friend Linda describes is ten feet tall with a magic red coat. Miss Richter visits the Williams household to express her concerns, and recommends psychiatric treatment. Danny feels it may be necessary to spank Linda, but he can't do it, so he just humors her. Then he and Kathy are relieved when Linda comes home with her "imaginary" friend, whom she calls Mr. Jumbo, "magic" red coat and all, only slightly less tha ten feet tall. When Miss Richter makes a return visit, she goes over her concerns again. Then Danny introduces her to Mr. Jumbo, causing her to flee the Williams apartment, thinking she is the one who needs a shrink. Does this sound familiar? It should, if you're a fan of The Andy Griffith Show, an offspring of Make Room For Daddy/The Danny Thomas Show. In TAGS episode "Mr. McBeeVee", Andy had similar concerns, but humored Opie, and was releived to meet the real Mr. McBeeVee, just as Opie described him. Mr. Jumbo was an elevator operator or something similar, while Mr. McBeevee was a telephone repairman. In the TAGS episode, it was Barney who said Opie needed "help", then flipped out when he saw Opie's friend. In Linda's Idol, it was Miss Richter. The similarities are probably not a coincidence. They're both classic episode's of classic series.