Make Room for Daddy

Season 5 Episode 18

Rusty, the Bully

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 03, 1958 on ABC

Episode Recap

Danny, Kathy and Linda are at home, with Danny at the piano. Linda comes in wearing a cowboy outfit, wanting Danny tp play horsey with her. He doesn't want to, but he sings "Jeepers Creepers" for her. Then Rusty comes home with a black eye. He says a bully named Johnny Stewart gave it to him because Rusty at first wouldn't pay him for crossing the street. Danny assumes Rusty "gave it to him", and Rusty says he did, and Johnny bought an ice cream cone with it.Danny tells Rusty he should have fought back, but Rusty says the Johnny is too tough. Danny says he knows Max Baer, the former heavyweight boxing champ, and he'll take Rusty in to see him for boxing lessons, though Kathy isn't too keen on it. Danny and Rusty enter the gym while Max is training two fighters. Max looks at Rusty and says he's got the makings of a champ, patting Rusty on the back, but Rusty falls over. Max tries to show Rusty how to fight by using Danny as a partner, and throws light punches at Danny, but they still hurt. When Rusty tries to throw a punch at Max, he accidentally backhands Danny. Sometime later at home, Danny talks about the boxing lessons. Rusty is talking like a tough guy, to the dismay of Kathy and Liz. Rusty says the previous day Johnny tried to collect money from Rusty, but  Rusty slugged him instead. He no longer wants cookies and milk, only raw carrots and lamb chops, like Max used to eat as a boy. A woman named  Mrs. Becket is at the door with her son Gregory, saying Rusty hit him for no reason at all. Danny and Kathy can't believe it, but Mrs. Becket runs down a list of other boys that she claims Rusty hit. Rusty then comes in, acting cocky, admitting unashamedly that he hit all those boys. Danny assures an angry Mrs. Becket it won't happen again. Kathy expresses her disapproval of the boxing lessons and scolds Rusty. Danny then starts lecturing Rusty about fighting. Rusty thinks that's what the boxing lessons were for, but Danny reminds him they were to teach him how to fight back, not be a bully. He tells Rusty that when guys challenge Max to a fight to show how tough they are, Max just brushes them off, because he knows he has no need to prove he can take them. Rusty can't believe it, so Danny takes Rusty to see Max to prove it. At the gym Max lectures Rusty about fighting, saying he doesn't fight guys who challenge him because he has nothing to prove, just as Danny says. Rusty, however, doesn't believe it, leaving Max and Danny wondering what to do. Danny starts yelling at Max for teaching Rusty to be a bully, with Max insisting it wasn't his fault. Danny then tries to fight Max, but Max doesn't want to fight Danny. Danny then lets Max know he was just putting on an act to prove to Rusty that Max doesn't fight just to prove how tough he is. Rusty is impressed that Max appeared to back down from Danny and says he'll tell everybody at school, to the amused chagrin of Max and Danny. Max demonstrates to Danny what would have happened if he had punched him by punching a bag. His punch rips the bag, and Danny faints. Later Rusty gets home from school, telling Danny that he argued with Johnny about whose dad was tougher. Johnny had told him that his dad, who is 6'4'' and weighs 220 lbs., could take Danny. Danny seems amused at all this talk about whose dad is tougher. That is, until Rusty tells him that he made a date for Johnny's dad and Danny to fight..

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