Make Room for Daddy

Season 7 Episode 2

Rusty's Day in Court

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 1959 on ABC

Episode Recap

It's morning at the Williams household and Rusty is sitting on the couch in his Boy Scout uniform tying a knot. Danny gets up yelling because the string that holds up his pajama pants is missing. He sees Rusty tying the knot and realizes it's the string that's supposed to hold up his pajama pants. He tells Rusty to untie the knot, but Rusty says the Scouts only taught him how to tie knots, not untie them. Rusty asks Danny to go out scouting with him, but Danny refuses. He does, however, have Rusty repeat the Boy Scout code, including the part about honesty. Rusty recites it by rote, but Danny tells him to put feeling into it.  Linda comes in and sees Rusty in his uniform, thinking he's been drafted. Rusty suggests the code is too much to live by, but Danny lectures him, especially on honesty. Linda then asks Danny if he's told Kathy about the dent he put in the car while driving, and he says he hasn't, but he hasn't lied either. Kathy then gets home from shopping and starts crying over the dent in the car, thinking she caused it. Danny doesn't bother correcting her, so Rusty takes his Boy Scout code book out of Danny's hand, saying, "Please, Daddy, not while you're holding the book!" Kathy's wonders what he means, then the doorbell rings. It's Charles Watkins, the man driving the other car when Danny had the accident. Linda introduces him as the clumsy baboon because that's how Danny referred to him earlier. Danny, thinking the accident was Watkins' fault, says he wants to forget about it, but Watkins hands him a summons. He says he used a hand signal before stopping his car when Danny bumped into it, and says he's taking Danny to small claims court because he's had a perfect record driving in the state and wants to keep it clean. Danny wants Linda to tell Watkins that she didn't see him use a hand signal when she was in the car with him, which she didn't, because she wasn't watching. He then tries to get Rusty, who was watching, to say he didn't see it either, but Rusty evades the question. After Watkins leaves, Rusty privately tells Linda he did see Watkins use a hand signal. Danny then tries to get Rusty to rehearse for his testimony. Kathy is convinced Danny has a losing case. Rusty wants to ask Danny something, but Danny is too busy rehearsing. Rusty gets ready to go out, and Danny asks him what his question was. Rusty tells Danny he just answered it. Danny and Rusty are now in the courtroom, both wearing suits. Danny sees the judge and Mr. Watkins address each other by their first names, and the judge acknowledges Watkins' credentials as a lawyer. Danny looks worried. The judge then informs him that he had a television show that was cancelled because of poor ratings. It was up against Danny's own show, which had far better ratings. When it's Rusty's turn to testify, he walks up wearing funny glasses, pretending to be visually impaired. He addresses the bailiff as "Dad"  and the judge as "Ma'am". The judge then appeals to Rusty's sense of honesty. Rusty tells the court he did see Watkins use a hand signal. Danny wonders why Rusty didn't say so earlier. The case is over, and the judge calls the next case. A chimpanzee is being escorted to the witness stand, and the chimp takes back the funny glasses. Danny and Watkins shake hands and Watkins congratulates Danny on having such an honest son. Preparing to leave, Danny takes the chimp by the hand, thinking it's Rusty, who has already left by himself. Back home, Danny is sitting on the couch looking melancholy, and Rusty gets home, still wearing his suit. He tells Danny how upset he was at having to testify against Danny, but had to listen to that voice inside him telling him to be honest. Danny tells Rusty how proud he is of Rusty for being so honest. They embrace and Rusty tells Danny he's getting another message from inside. Danny asks Rusty what his voice inside is saying. Rusty says it's not a voice, it's his stomach growling because he's hungry. Danny calls out to Kathy to put the soup on.