Make Room for Daddy - Season 5

ABC (ended 1964)




Episode Guide

  • Rusty, the Man
    Rusty, the Man
    Episode 33
    Rusty gets a job as a shoeshine boy to prove to Danny that he's not a baby, but a man.
  • Too Good For Words
    Too Good For Words
    Episode 32
    When a poison-pen woman newspaper columnist visits the Williams household to observe Danny's daily routine, he puts on a phony display of generosity toward his family to impress her. She is convinced he's a hypocrite, until Rusty and Linda try to exploit his fake generosity, and he calls off the act.moreless
  • You Gotta Be Miserable to Be Happy
    When Danny hires a beautiful girl to dance in his act, he is disturbed by Kathy's lack of jealousy. On advice from Liz, Kathy pretends to be jealous to make Danny feel better.
  • Terry's Girlfriend
    Terry's Girlfriend
    Episode 30
    Danny doesn't like Terry's new high society girlfriend, until her parents pay a visit, and he sees they haven't paid much attention to her. He lectures them on how to be a family.
  • Danny the Performer
    Danny the Performer
    Episode 29
    When Rusty seems to idolize a friend's father who is a lawyer and unimpressed with Danny's profession, Danny invites Rusty and his friends to the club to see him perform, and thereby win back Rusty's respect.
  • Family Ties
    Family Ties
    Episode 28
    Believing that families should do all things together, Danny punishes Rusty for not letting Linda go play with him. To teach Danny a lesson, Kathy insists that she and Danny do all things together, including playing poker.
  • Make Room for Father-In-Law
    When Mr. Daly's construction job is cancelled, Danny and Kathy hire him to manage their financial affairs, a decision they regret, until he makes a killing in the stock market.
  • Terry's Coach
    Terry's Coach
    Episode 26
    Terry needs a drama coach to help her with an upcoming performance of Shakespeare's "King Lear". Rusty comes home with a man he found in the park, a man with grandiose tales of critically-acclaimed perfomances of the Bard's plays.
  • Good Old Days (aka The Rock 'n' Roll Show)
    Danny at first opposes Terry and Peggy putting on a rock and roll show for their school dance, but does an abrupt about-face when he hears that the school principal, Peggy's father, won't allow it. Danny then advises they rehearse a show featuring dances from Principal Conroy's youth to convince him to rethink his position.moreless
  • The Country Girl
    The Country Girl
    Episode 24
    Judy Canova guest stars as Elsie Hooper, who runs a diner in West Virginia with her husband, Judd. While passing through, Danny and Benny discover she is a talented singer, and offer her a chance to sing at the Copacabana, an offer she at first refuses. Later, thinking Judd doesn't need her, she shows up at the Williamses to embark on a singing career.moreless
  • Danny Roars Again
    Danny Roars Again
    Episode 23
    Kathy fears Danny doesn't love her anymore because he no longer yells at her. She wants the lovable loudmouth she married back.
  • Uncle Tonoose Meets Mr. Daly

    Danny's Uncle Tonoose and Kathy's father, Mr. Daly, meet for the first time at the Williams household and are immediately at odds. Danny and Kathy plot ways to make the two get along.

  • Terry's Crush
    Terry's Crush
    Episode 21

    Terry has a crush on Dean Martin, so Danny invites Dean over hoping Dean can bring her out of it.

  • Pardon My Accent
    Pardon My Accent
    Episode 20

    A shoemaker, an Italian immigrant who speaks poor English, is too embarrassed to accept a school award his son has won for elocution. When Danny and Kathy find Rusty's room a mess, they are shocked to learn that he too has won an award- for neatness.

  • St. Vincent's Frolics

    Danny agrees to put on a show to benefit St. Vincent's Hospital, but becomes frustrated at the hospital board, and Kathy, telling him how to run the show.

  • Rusty, the Bully
    Rusty, the Bully
    Episode 18

    After a bully gives Rusty a black eye, Danny takes Rusty to see Max Baer for boxing lessons. Then Rusty turns into a bully himself, so Danny takes him once again to see Max Baer, hoping he can talk some sense into Rusty.

  • The Raffle Tickets
    The Raffle Tickets
    Episode 17

    Rusty wins a contest selling the most raffle tickets from Kathy's ladies' club, but only after a big sales pitch from Danny at the nightclub, thus making Rusty's win appear tainted.

  • The Honeymoon Flashback

    Oscar Schultz, a waiter at Lindy's restaurant, tells Danny he's getting married to a woman with children. When Oscar says he plans to take the children along on their honeymoon, Danny advises him against it by recounting his own family honeymoon, told in flashback.

  • Evil Eye Schultz
    Evil Eye Schultz
    Episode 15

    A waiter at Lindy's restaraurant, known as Evil Eye Schultz because of his reputation for causing bad luck to show business personalities on their opening night after he waits on them, is assigned to serve Danny and Kathy. Danny is terrified of being served by him before his own opening night, but he and Kathy help Schultz by showing him and everyone else that he is only a victim of circumstance.

  • The Bob Hope Show
    The Bob Hope Show
    Episode 14

    Danny is scheduled to host a televised benefit show for the Heart Fund. When Liz tells him she booked Bob Hope as a guest star, Danny's afraid Bob will steal the show and threatens to quit, forgetting the lecture he had given Rusty about teamwork.

  • Chess Game
    Chess Game
    Episode 13

    Kathy's Uncle Sean, who has been carrying on a chess game by mail with Paddy McCormack in Ireland, visits the Williamses. He is on the verge of losing the game, which would solidify his feelings of inferiority to Paddy, so Danny tries to help him out by writing to Paddy to tell him that Uncle Sean has died, thus ending the game. Trouble ensues when Paddy announces his plans to attend the funeral.

  • Man's Best Friend
    Man's Best Friend
    Episode 12

    Bob Carter, who does an act with his dog, is retiring, and gives his dog, Willie, to Rusty to take care of. Rusty, however, sees that Bob and Willie miss each other, so he schemes to get Bob to take Willie back.

  • The Soap Box Derby
    The Soap Box Derby
    Episode 11

    Danny and Mr. Daly try to one-up each other by each building the best car for Rusty to enter into the Soap Box Derby, until they learn the rules say that the contestant must build the car himself. It turns out Rusty has already built his own car.

  • The Non Orgs
    The Non Orgs
    Episode 10

    Terry is refused membership by the Alpha high school sorority because of Danny's profession, but, unbeknownst to her, her best friend Peggy was accepted, but declined out of loyalty to Terry. Later, Terry is accepted and Peggy is refused. Will Terry show the same loyalty to Peggy?

  • Terry, the Breadwinner

    Terry gets a job as a salesgirl at a department store. Despite her objections, Danny shows up to try to steer more business her way.

  • Honesty Is the Best Policy

    Rusty finds a wallet containing 25 dollars, which he turns in at Danny's insistence. When the owner fails to offer a reward, Danny tries to show Rusty the importance of doing the right thing for its own sake, and almost loses his own wallet in the process.

  • Danny Meets His Father-In-Law

    Danny meets Kathy's father, Mr. Daly, for the first time when Mr. Daly comes to visit. Danny tries to impress his fussy father-in-law by learning all about fly fishing, but Mr. Daly sees right through the charade, setting the stage for a showdown.

  • Two Sleepy People
    Two Sleepy People
    Episode 6
    Danny and Kathy are each keeping busy schedules to try to prove that they're still young enough to keep up with the other.
  • Parents are Pigeons
    Seeing that Danny and Kathy are eager to please each's step-child, Rusty convinces Linda to go along with his scheme of exploiting their parents' generosity.
  • The Dinah Shore Show
    Danny agrees to perform at Dinah Shore's daughter's Brownie Troop fish fry in exchange for Dinah singing at Terry and Peggy's school dance. Trouble is, Terry and Peggy had already promised the job to Kathy, who is anxious to show off her own singing talents.
  • Kathy Is Approved
    Kathy Is Approved
    Episode 3
    As is his custom whenever there is a new addition to his and Danny's large Lebanese clan, Uncle Tonoose pays a visit to look Kathy over. The Williamses are offended by his ways, until he ends up giving Kathy his stamp of approval, with a pinch.
  • Terry vs. Kathy
    Terry vs. Kathy
    Episode 2
    After the family returns home from Danny and Kathy's honeymoon, Terry, accustomed to being the woman of the house since Margaret's death, is reluctant to relinquish the role to Kathy.
  • Lose Me in Las Vegas
    Danny's popularity disrupts Danny and Kathy's- and Terry's, and Rusty's, and Linda's- honeymoon. Jack Benny appears in this episode.
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