Make Room for Daddy - Season 7

ABC (ended 1964)




Episode Guide

  • Rusty's Advice to Linda
    When Linda loses her skates, Danny and Kathy refuse to buy her another pair, causing her to think they don't love her. She tells Rusty of her plans to run away, but Rusty, recounting his own experience running away, told in flashback, has some advice for her that is sure to win her a new pair of skates.moreless
  • Little Lord Fauntleroy (aka Rusty Meets Little Lord Fauntleroy)
    A female reporter has a son at a military academy who was supposed to spend his birthday with her at home, but after she is called away for an important interview Danny and Kathy agree to put him up at their home, thinking he'll be a positive influence on Rusty. He puts on a pretense of being a well-mannered boy, but is really a mischievous kid who is angry because his mother leaves him at the academy while she is busy chasing interviews. Danny lectures her about being there for her son.moreless
  • Family Portrait
    Family Portrait
    Episode 31
    The artist the Williamses hire to paint their family portrait is an insufferable snob who insists on living with them while he waits for inspiration, during which he makes unreasonable demands of them and treats them like they're his servants. Just when they decide enough is enough, they discover that there's a method to his madness.moreless
  • Rusty and the Tomboy
    There's a big dance in the offing but Barbara, a tomboyish young lady who plays on Rusty's baseball team, hasn't been asked to go. Danny and Kathy convince Rusty to ask her and she blossoms into a pretty young lady.
  • The Singing Delinquent
    Danny auditions a group of teenage singers for an upcoming TV special. One of the teens is a boy, played by 50s teen idol Bobby Rydell, with a chip on his shoulder. Danny sees himself in the kid, so he tries to give him a break.
  • The Deerfield Story
    The Deerfield Story
    Episode 28
    Jim Fletcher, Danny's boyhood friend from his native Deerfield, Michigan, pays Danny a visit. Protective of Danny when they were boys, Jim laments that Danny no longer needs him, so Danny, Kathy and Charley scheme to make him feel needed again.
  • Three on a Honeymoon
    Still reluctant to let his "little girl" go, Danny barges in on Terry and Pat's honeymoon, supposedly to offer Pat an engagement at the Copa.
  • The Wedding
    The Wedding
    Episode 26
    Danny, feeling he's being left out of the preparations for Terry and Pat's wedding, finds solace telling his troubles to the bartender. Later, after getting back into the mix of things, he silently reminisces about Terry's youth as he prepares to give his daughter away.
  • Danny, the Handyman
    Danny, the Handyman
    Episode 25

    When Rusty needs a scout project, Danny promises to build him a dog house that will be the envy of the doggie set.

  • Bachelor Party
    Bachelor Party
    Episode 24

    Pat takes a ribbing, by professional ribbers, at the Friars Club Bachelor Party arranged for him by Danny. As if the standard cold feet weren’t enough …


  • Linda Wants to Be a Boy

    Danny emcees a show for sportswriters, and they award him a uniform for Rusty. He bans Linda from “the locker room” when he goes up to his room to try it on with his friends. Linda feels pretty unlucky to be a girl.


  • Eulogy for Tonoose
    Eulogy for Tonoose
    Episode 22

    Tonoose arrives, announces himself a failure, and explains that his nemesis back in Toledo has arranged for the mayor of Toledo to deliver his eulogy. Tonoose needs someone even bigger for his. Guess who. The President? No. Bigger.

  • Battle of the In-Laws

    It’s time for the parents of the bride to meet the father of the groom, a legendary hoofer (Jack Haley) who charms everyone but Danny, whom the senior Hannigan accuses of stealing “the best hunk of material I ever had.”


  • Danny Meets Andy Griffith
    Danny went past a stop sign in the small town of Mayberry, because there was no crossroad. Sheriff Andy Taylor comes and arrests Danny. He said the town council had decided to make a crossroad there, but there was only enough money for a stopsign. Danny demands to see the Justice of the Peace. At this, Andy takes out a sign and says he's the Justice of the Peace. By now Will Hoople, the town drunk, has come in and locked himself in his jailcell. Andy explains he gets drunk everyday, and he arrests himself for it. Will had been deputized to do this to himself! Danny finally agrees with his wife and decides to the ordianry fine of $5 to $10. He takes out a huge wad of cash, and he gives him more money and more money. Danny doesn't care if Andy is robbing him, after all he's a big time star. Andy sees this as a time to get more money, and tells Danny he has to pay $100 or spend 10 days in jail. Danny is furious! He goes in his jailcell, and demands his one call. While he'd dialing the number, the phone in an another room rings, and Andy answers it:

    "Mayberry Gazette Editor speaking"

    Andy is later talking to the host of "Face to Face" and tells him he has to cancel his appearence. Chet says they can interview him in his cell, and Danny lights up! What a way to expose him! Opie, Andy's son, enters, and is very upset over his turtle dying. Andy talks to Opie, and Opie understands that dying is a part of life. Andy also helps Henrietta Perkins, the town widow. The day of the TV shoot arrives. Danny talks about tyranny in this world, and how he languishes in a cold, damp, dirty cell. Andy is offended by this and says "Now hold on a durn second!" Andy says his Aunt Lucy cleans the cell and does a fine job! The host then crossexamines Andy, and Andy says he had to raise the price to make an impression on these city folk, who can get $5 or $10 very easily. Danny realizes he was wrong and appoligizes to Andy in the end after hearing his explanation.moreless
  • Tonoose Makes Wedding Plans

    Tonoose arrives to take over Pat and Terry’s wedding, planning every minute detail of what he sees as a traditional Lebanese three day wedding.

  • Apple Polishers
    Apple Polishers
    Episode 18

    Danny is in line for a television show, and driving everyone else crazy in the process. When Phil tells him “they” turned it down, Danny tells him he’s willing to do whatever it takes to end the road trips.


  • Danny, the Housewife

    Kathy leaves a very smug Danny in charge of the house while she does jury duty, mainly because he has assured her he can handle it with ease.


  • How to Be Head of the House

    Danny and Kathy are jockeying for position as the Decider Of The Homestead. Meanwhile, Pat and Terry have changed their minds about where they will go on their honeymoon. Danny tries to pass manly advice on to Pat and Rusty -- do not let the woman start making decisions, because once she has made one she will want to make them all.

  • That Ol' Devil Jack Benny

    Danny is dying to find out if he is going to get the big television spectacular coming up, but once again Jack Benny has beat him out for the job. When Jack shows up to make sure their friendship is intact, Danny believes Benny is in league with the Devil. Gale Gordon appears as the Devil in the ensuing dream sequence, which is in 1960 state of the art sketch comedy.

  • Nightclub Owners
    Nightclub Owners
    Episode 14

    Kathy and Terry have been teasing Danny and Pat about not being wise to the ways of business, but mere entertainers, so Pat and Danny get Charlie’s help to look more astute at finance.

  • Kathy Crashes TV
    Kathy Crashes TV
    Episode 13

    Danny is rehearsing with Rusty and Linda as “The Williams Family” for their opening at the Copa when a problem arises.

  • A Dog's Life
    A Dog's Life
    Episode 12

    Kathy, Rusty and Linda have smuggled a pregnant St Bernard dog into the apartment just as the new landlord (Gale Gordon) has begun complaining about Danny’s singing being audible from the hallway. Danny meets the new landlord before he meets the dog.

  • Danny and the Little Men

    Danny wants to make sure his future son-in-law Pat is set in show business, so Kathy’s plans for a vacation take a back seat to Danny’s plan to take Pat out on a series of one nighters. Kathy enlists Charlie’s help to get Danny to work less.

  • Danny and Milton Berle Quit Show Biz
    After getting a bad review, Danny joins friend Milton Berle in quitting showbiz and going to work for a billionaire oilman. When they realize they're only being used as company jesters, they resign and return to showbiz.
  • Tonoose, the Matchmaker
    Danny keeps pressuring Pat to propose to Terry, causing Pat to walk out. Then Uncle Tonoose pays a surprise visit to arrange a marriage between Terry and a Lebanese strongman named Salim, prompting a jealous Pat to finally propose, and he and Terry are engaged.
  • Rusty, the Weightlifter

    After Rusty runs away from a bully, Danny gets him started on a weightlifting routine. Danny secretly slips him a fake barbell to give him the confidence to stand up to the bully.

  • Terry Goes Bohemian

    When Terry calls Pat and Danny useless entertainers because they cater to a mainly well-to-do audience, Danny takes her, Kathy, and Pat to a beatnik club, hoping to show her what's wrong with the beatnik lifestyle. Much to his dismay, Terry invites some beatniks home, causing turmoil in the Williams household.

  • Jealousy
    Episode 6

    Charley raves about last night's show at the Club, where Danny and Jackie were a huge success. Upon finding out Jackie is a female, Kathy finds herself consumed with jealousy. When she claims Danny would be jealous, too, he dismisses it with a wave of the hand. She sets out to prove him wrong.

  • Terry Meets Him
    Terry Meets Him
    Episode 5

    Danny schemes to cure Terry of her attraction to Continental freeloaders by introducing her to his friend and fellow comedian, Pat Hannigan, posing as a mooching Italian golfer. Pat, however, soon finds himself falling for Terry.

  • Cupid's Little Helper

    Terry thinks that Danny and Kathy's marriage has lost its spark, so she advises each of them to be more romantic toward the other. Neither one, however, seems to be able to find the right time for it. They teach Terry that there is more to a successful marriage than romantic bliss.

  • The Chinese Doll
    The Chinese Doll
    Episode 3

    Linda's new friend, a Chinese girl who's a piano whiz, quickly takes to the Willamses. Her father, however, is a traditionalist who considers American culture to be a bad influence, and forbids his daughter from seeing them. The Williamses try to set him straight on the matter.

  • Rusty's Day in Court

    After witnessing a fender bender between Danny and another driver, Rusty has to decide whether to violate his code of honesty as a Boy Scout or testify against his own father in court.

  • Terry Comes Home
    Terry Comes Home
    Episode 1

    Terry returns from college in Europe a cultured, sophisticated woman. Danny is afraid that he has lost his little girl.

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