Make Room for Daddy - Season 8

ABC (ended 1964)




Episode Guide

  • The Dog Walkers
    The Dog Walkers
    Episode 32
    Jose tries to keep Rusty from cutting in on his dog-walking business. In retaliation, the Williamses take all of Jose's customers away and hand their business over to Rusty. Then they learn Jose's reasons for trying to keep the business to himself.
  • Party Wrecker
    Party Wrecker
    Episode 31
    It's Danny's birthday, and he's upset because Mr. Heckendorn is throwing a party, and everyone and his brother is invited- everyone except Danny, that is. He then learns the reason why: it's a surprise party- for Danny. There goes the surprise!
  • Teenage Thrush
    Teenage Thrush
    Episode 30
    Danny and Charley want to sign a talented teenage girl, played by teen singing star Brenda Lee, to a contract at the Copa. However, because of her age, they need the signature of her mother, who happens to be filling in as the Williams' housekeeper while Louise is away, and she would rather her daughter finish college first. Danny comes up with a solution that will make both mother and daughter happy.moreless
  • The Woman Behind the Man
    Kathy wants to be more involved in helping Danny solve his problems, so she convinces Danny to demand that Charley have Danny's dressing room repainted, causing a rift between Danny and Charley.
  • The Magician
    The Magician
    Episode 28
    Rusty and Linda are to put on a magic show to raise money for a children's hospital library. The same night, Danny is to speak before the Lebanese United Nations delegation. Unbeknownst to him, his suit has been touched up as a trick suit for Rusty and Linda's act, resulting in Danny doing an unplanned comic act before the delegation.moreless
  • The Scoutmaster
    The Scoutmaster
    Episode 27
    The scoutmaster of Rusty's Boy Scout troop is moving away, and the troop wants Danny to be the new scoutmaster. However, seeing that landlord Mr. Heckendorn covets the job and is well-qualified for it, Danny schemes to help him become the new scoutmaster.
  • Rusty's Punishment
    Rusty's Punishment
    Episode 26
    Danny prohibits Rusty from playing on the school basketball team as punishment for failing grades. The school officials and students, however, consider Rusty their only hope of winning the championship, and put pressure on Danny to let Rusty play.
  • Danny and the Hoodlums
    An old friend of Danny's from Chicago, gang boss Eddie Riley, visits Danny at the Copa. When Riley hears that another comedian has been stealing jokes from Danny, Danny has to convince Riley not to make the guy a head shorter.
  • Old Man Danny
    Old Man Danny
    Episode 24
    Danny hires an admiring young singer, played by teen idol Paul Anka, who unintentionally makes Danny feel like an old man.
  • Everything Happens to Me
    Joey Bishop guest stars in this pilot episode of The Joey Bishop Show. He plays an inept booking agent who forgets to book a very tired Danny into a hotel and invites him to spend the night at his home which he shares with his somewhat strange parents and sister.
  • The Scrubwoman
    The Scrubwoman
    Episode 22
    The Williams' cleaning lady has been writing to a male friend in her native Ireland and telling him that she was a famous performer with a family that closely resembles the Williamses. When he tells her he's coming for a visit, the Williamses agree to pose as her family.
  • The Four Angels
    The Four Angels
    Episode 21
    Rusty decides to become an agent after talking to Phil, and finds his first big catch in four talented African-American children. Using tactics he learned from Phil, he negotiates to get them booked on The Ed Sullivan Show.
  • Good Old Burlesque
    Good Old Burlesque
    Episode 20
    Danny and Charley meet a phony swami and recognize him as a former burlesque star. They try to help him revitalize his career in show business by letting him perform at the Copa.
  • Rusty, the Millionaire
    Danny tries to cure Rusty of his freespending ways by giving him fifty dollars, claiming it is for a quarter of Rusty's that Danny believes to be a rare coin. He succeeds too well- Rusty is now a major tightwad, suspicious of anyone who comes near his money.
  • Tonoose, the Boss
    Tonoose, the Boss
    Episode 18
    Uncle Tonoose is in town with his life savings, hoping to multiply it to pay for his grandnephew Habib to go to medical school. Danny suggests he invest his money in the Copa, which he does. Now Tonoose thinks he's boss, implementing his own eccentric ideas and driving everybody crazy.
  • The Rum Cake
    The Rum Cake
    Episode 17
    Mr. Heckendorn the landlord threatens to have the Williamses evicted for being too noisy, but suddenly becomes very accommodating after having some of Kathy's rum cake- a little heavy on the rum.
  • The Whoopee Show
    The Whoopee Show
    Episode 16
    Danny is disappointed in Kathy's less-than-ravishing appearance after he returns from a road performance, so he turns it into a comedy routine, much to Kathy's consternation.
  • You Can Fight City Hall
    Danny sees no point in contending a parking ticket he insists is unjust, until Rusty breathes fire in his soul with the spirit of the founding fathers. With help from Rusty and an expert witness on timing devices, Danny puts together a solid case in court- in spite of a few contempt charges.moreless
  • Democracy at Work
    Democracy at Work
    Episode 14
    Danny conducts an experiment in democracy by letting majority rule in the Williams household, but the experiment goes awry when Rusty and Linda take over and run things their way.
  • The Plant
    The Plant
    Episode 13
    The Williams' landlord, a botany enthusiast, is obsessed with a rare plant that was given to Danny as a gift. He places a set of specific, and highly restrictive, instructions on how to take care of the plant, creating havoc in the Williams household.
  • Rusty the Rat
    Rusty the Rat
    Episode 12
    When Charley starts complaining about his mischievous nephew, Danny brags about doing such a good job bringing up Rusty and Linda. Then Rusty accidentally breaks Danny's favorite golf club and gets Linda to take the rap.
  • The Singing Sisters
    The Singing Sisters
    Episode 11
    A pair of nuns at an orphanage audition a song before Danny and Charley, hoping Danny can sing it on his TV Christmas show, and thereby make them enough money to pay to have their boy's choir touring bus repaired. When Danny and Charley learn the sisters were slickered by unscrupulous publishers, they scheme to get their money and contract back. The boy's choir sings on Danny's show.moreless
  • Fugitive Father
    Fugitive Father
    Episode 10
    Danny helps out a fellow nightclub entertainer who's always on the road, accompanied by his young daughter whom he is in danger of losing to the child welfare board unless he can provide a stable home for her.
  • Danny and the Dentist (aka Danny Versus the Dentist)
    Danny has a toothache and has to go to the dentist, accompanied by Charley. After Danny gets Charley to take his place in the dentist's chair, Charley, who thinks he has perfect teeth, ends up having to have a tooth pulled, and Danny has a cavity filled.
  • Linda, the Performer
    Danny tries to push Linda into a showbiz career after she brings down the house at the Copa. Linda, however, would rather be a cheerleader. Danny gets second thoughts after dealing with a pushy stage-mother.
  • Tonoose, the Liar
    Tonoose, the Liar
    Episode 7
    Danny and Kathy are concerned about the tall tales that Uncle Tonoose has been telling Rusty and Linda and their friend Richie. Their concern turns to near-panic when Tonoose claims to be a friend of middleweight boxing champ Kid Moore, who just happens to be on his way over to rehearse for a show with Danny.moreless
  • Kathy, the Matchmaker
    Kathy tries to fix Phil up with her friend Doris. To get out of it, he convinces Kathy that he's a cad, but one look at Doris and he regrets it.
  • Danny Proposes to His Wife
    A test in a magazine article gives Kathy the idea that Danny takes her for granted, complicated by the fact that it was Kathy who proposed to him. As a remedy, she suggests they begin their courtship anew, and this time, Danny has to be the one to propose.
  • Kathy and the Glamour Girl
    Kathy is insanely jealous of movie star Lisa Laslow, who is doing a show with Danny, and feels inaqequate about being a housewife. After talking with Miss Laslow, Kathy realizes how lucky she is.
  • Danny and the Actor's School
    Danny is offered a dramatic role in a television play and enrolls in an acting school to build his dramatic skills. He is appalled at the snobbery of the teacher and students, who look down on him because he is a nightclub entertainer.
  • The Report Card
    The Report Card
    Episode 2
    Danny can't stop bragging to his friends about Rusty being a genius for getting straight A's. This makes it all the harder for Rusty to tell him that the teacher confused Rusty's report card with that of another boy whose last name is Williams.
  • Kathy Delivers the Mail
    In an effort to help the overworked mailman, Linda takes some of his mail and brings it home with the intention of delivering it. Danny, unaware of Linda's actions, suspects there is a mail thief loose in the building and calls the Postal Inspector, but when he and Charley spot Kathy delivering the mail that Linda took, they jump to the conclusion that Kathy is a kleptomaniac, and hilarity ensues.moreless
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