Make Room for Daddy

Season 5 Episode 10

The Non Orgs

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 1957 on ABC

Episode Recap

While Danny is at home singing, Terry and her friend Peggy come home sad because they were rejected by the sorority, Alpha Beta Chi. Danny questions why, and Terry says it's because of Danny's showbiz career, while other members' fathers are doctors or lawyers. Alone with Danny, Peggy confesses that she was accepted, but refused membership out of loyalty to Terry. She gets Danny to promise not to tell Terry. Later when she gets home from school, Terry moans about the rejection, saying she would be better being a missionary then being in a sorority. The phone rings, and it's Peggy, saying the sorority changed their minds after learning Danny was't just an ordinary nightclub entertainer but a star. Kathy says the committee is coming to look them over, which Danny is adamantly against, but decides to dress up to please Terry. Terry dictates how each family member should look and act when the committee arrives. She tells them to appear natural, as if they don't expect anyone, but they look anything but natural. Terry pretends to be surprised when they arrive. Danny talks to them about classical music to impress them, then subtly lectures them about judging people, making Terry appear uneasy. The phone rings, and it's Pat Boone (who does not appear). When the sorority girls hear Danny tell Kathy that he's going to appear with Pat in a benefit, they're suddenly starstruck and swoon over Danny's hand for having shook Pat's hand. Terry later says she was accepted and is going to the dance with Freddy Baxter. Peggy visits, wearing normal clothing, and Terry thinks that Peggy was refused membership. Terry goes upstairs and an angry Danny almost tells her why Peggy won't be pledging, but Peggy stops him. Danny, disappointed with Terry because he thinks she'll pledge anyway, maintains that he should tell Terry. Kathy makes Danny promise he'll only say hello and goodbye to Freddy Baxter when he arrives. When Freddy arrives he starts acting snobbish, prompting Danny to throw him out. She starts back downstairs and as Danny starts to lecture her, he sees she's gotten into her normal wear, and Terry tells Peggy she won't be pledging either. Danny's heart is warmed that both Terry and Peggy refused membership out of loyalty to each other and unbeknownst to each other.

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