Make the Grade

Nickelodeon (ended 1991)


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Make the Grade

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This was the only Nick kids game where there was no slime involved. Three contestants competed in a cross between Jeopardy! & Trivial Pursuit (1993). There were 7 subjects, 6 regular & an elective (IE: English, Math, Science, PE, History, Geography & Music) & 7 grade levels (Elem., 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th & 12) on a 49 square grid board. The contestant chooses a category & grade (IE; Math-7th grade). The first one that buzzed in & correctly answered won that box, placing their desk color (red/blue/green). However, some boxes had surprises which includes... FREE: Get the category &/or grade free. TAKE: Take an opponent's claim & making it your own. LOSE: Must forfeit a box you have already claimed. Then there were the... FIRE DRILLS! In the Fire Drills, the contestants had to perform stunts. The first player to succeed had first choice of desk & so forth for the second & third players. The game's played in two rounds & the first person to have all 7 subjects & grades won the game! Only once, a kid did it so early that they had a 2nd game with 3 new contestants. The winner got $500 while the losers got $50 along with consolation prizes. The bonus round was called the Honors Round. The player had 45 seconds to answer 7 questions in various subjects to win the grand prize (usually a trip + $1,100). However, each correct answer paid $100 so a player can win up to $600 ending up with $1,100 total.