Make Way For Noddy

Channel Five (ended 2006)


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  • Worst remake of the original show on BBC.

    Noddy used to air on BBC sure i liked it then but now i think it's crap but later Five(Channel 5)decided to make a crap remake of the original the new theme song is worse than the original i keep hearing that theme song in Toys R Us(when my brother needs to buy toys) which is annoying this show is even worse than Robotboy which is actually gay and so is this show if you like it your'e really really immature no offence you can hate me all you want but you cannot deny the truth there are people who actually love this and the old Noddy was better compared to this also i see that darn character everywhere and yes the bullies in my school talk about this show and sing the theme song all the time at least there is some people who think it is for babies it really annoys me and i hope Noddy is banned in the UK anytime soon same in the USA i feel sorry that they have to suffer from this crap.