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Makin' It

ABC (ended 1979)


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Makin' It

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A half-hour sitcom with disco flavor, set in Passaic, New Jersey. Makin' It was about college student Billy Manucci (David Naughton), who works at Tasty Treats icecream parlor, lives with his family, and hangs out at a disco called Inferno, Passaic's hottest disco; where he is the star dancer.

It also starred Greg Antonacci as his brother, Tony; Ellen Travolta as his mother, Dorothy; Lou Antonio as his father, Joseph; Denise Miller as his sister, Tina; Rebecca Balding as Corky Crandall, Billy's girlfriend, who is a receptionist at the William Morris Agency; Ralph Seymour as Al Sorrentino, Billy's best friend, who is refered to as Kingfish; Gary Prendergast as Bernard Fusco, Billy's other friend; and Jennifer Perito as Ivy Papastegios, who was the owner of Tasty Treats.

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  • You have to love a show that is on television less time than it's theme song is on the charts!

    The song Makin' It by David Naughton was on the American Top 40 Charts for 16 weeks, and in the top 10 for 3 of them. The television show, a cheap spin off of Saturday Night Fever was only on 6 weeks and they would have cancelled it sooner if only it wasn't paid for. This show was such a cookie cutter ripoff of Saturday Night Fever that they should have done it right and got Travolta to play his role and made it about a kid that worked in a hardware store. At least then it would not have been familiarly offensive. I gave it a 2.2 only because of the theme song which was most excellent to roller skate to.moreless

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