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Making Fiends

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Making Fiends, created by Amy Winfrey, started as a web cartoon in 2003. The show is about Charlotte and Vendetta. They attend a gloomy school in the town of Clamburg. And that's about all they have in common. Charlotte loves singing, puppies, hugs and, most of all, her new best friend Vendetta. Vendetta prefers clams, magazines and devising new ways to destroy Charlotte. With her vicious band of homemade fiends, Vendetta works tirelessly to rid her beloved grey and gloomy Clamburg of Charlotte's bright and shiny threat. Unfortunately for Vendetta, Charlotte doesn't seem to notice, and happily turns each new fiend into a new friend. Amy Winfrey voices the main character Charlotte, Aglaia Mortcheva voices Vendetta, and Peter Merryman voices Mr. Milk and Grudge, Vendetta's giant hamster. The show is directed by Dave Wasson, who previously worked on Time Squad and The Buzz on Maggie.
Amy Winfrey

Amy Winfrey

Charlotte / Grandma Charlene / Marion / Buttons / Giant Kitty / Mrs. Millet / additional voices

Aglaia Mortcheva

Aglaia Mortcheva

Vendetta / Violeta / additional voices

Peter Merryman

Peter Merryman

Grudge / Mr. Milk / Marvin / Malachi / Ms. Minty / additional voices

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  • Making fiends is awesome!!

    I love this show alot! So this show is about a girl named vendetta who controlls the town of clamburg and everybody is scared of vendetta and no one dares to icnore vendetta and they always do what she says beacause vendetta always makes these these very scary fiends but then one day a nice,always happy girl named charlotte who is not scared of vendettas fiends and thinks there her friends.she also believes that vendetta is her best frined and never leaves her alone and so vendetta tries to find ways to get rid of charlotte.I love this show and i hope they make new episodes soon!moreless
  • Couldn't Really Get Into It But Maybe That's Just Me.

    Making Fiends is a show I could never really get into. When it first aired on Nicktoons Network, It just didn't appeal to me. However, that does not mean I don't think it's a great show. Making Fiends found a way to appeal to all ages by mixing dark nature with heartwarming moments, by that I mean, the way Vendetta makes fiends and Charlotte makes friends. I know it started out as a web cartoon, but I seriously never saw it back then so I probably wouldn't know if it was better or worse. Nonetheless, Making Fiends is a decent show and heck, it's worth watching if you know, you like seeing fiends and friends.moreless
  • Decent, but......just not my cup of tea.

    When I first heard about this show on Nicktoons Network, I wanted to check it out. After all, creepy little girls making monsters on a regular basis? What could be better?!

    Then I saw the show, and, to be honest, I wasn't too entertained. The art style I find adorable, and the idea is great, but the show itself bores me. Personally, I can't sit through an entire episode without wanting to change the channel, and Charlotte's voice gets rather irritating after a while...I suppose it's supposed to be funny, too, but I haven't laughed once while watching it.

    An okay show, but I've never really saw the appeal. :/moreless
  • This show was originially a webshow by Amy Winfrey. It's about Charlotte and Vendetta, two girls that are total opposites. Vendetta makes fiends and Charlotte makes friends.

    I've only watched this show for three weeks and I am way obsessed now! It's creepy, yet cute. I watched the webshow, which I was very impressed with, then I saw the show. Considering that Nickelodeon has a tendency to ruin good shows, I was a bit questionable about it. After watching it, I found it to be just as good, if not better than the web series. I love how Charlotte's so cheerful when she says stuff. (Example: "You got hit by train!") It's also fun to see Vendetta get "tormented" by Charlotte. Minor characters, such as Malachi, Marvin, and Marion, make the show even more awesome. Amy Winfrey is a freaking genius! I give this show an A+moreless
  • Charlotte is everything that Vendetta hates, and is too blissfully unaware to be intimidated by Fiends.

    Making Fiends is definitely a unique show. On the surface it may seem as if there are some morals to the stories, but after watching several episodes, I have found none. The great thing about this show is that it is really up to the viewer to decide who is the victim.

    Charlotte does seem to be a very sweet girl; polite and courteous, but she is oblivious to other people's suffering. Not only does she continually annoy Vendetta, but she never really seems to realize that the whole town is in utter fear of Vendetta and her Fiends. So, while she may seem to be "good" she is very disturbed in her own ways, no one should be this happy.

    Vendetta has the knowledge to make fiends to do her bidding. She has decided to use them to make the entire town fear her, and live as basic leader. That is, until Charlotte came. Charlotte continually avoids Vendetta's plans to destroy her, as they all backfire.

    So, it is a matter of opinion which is the hero. Personally, I see neither of them as heroes. Both have serious problems, which makes for great entertainment.moreless

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