Making Fiends

Season 1 Episode 1

Charlotte's First Day / A Fiendish Friend / Super Evil

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Oct 04, 2008 on Nicktoons Networks
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Charlotte's First Day: A girl from Vermont named Charlotte comes to the town of Clamburg and meets a an evil girl named Vendetta, and "befriends" her. A Fiendish Friend: Charlotte annoys Vendetta so much that she makes a speical fiend for her. Super Evil: Charlotte scores "super evil" in a magazine quiz and Vendetta wants to see Charlotte's "evil" ways.moreless

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  • A perfect start of a perfect show.

    A perfect start of a perfect show.

    Charlotte's First Day:

    Charlotte arrives to the school in Clamburg with her grandmother Charlene. Right when Charlotte sees Vendetta, she wants to be best friends. But of course, Vendeta hates Charlotte and makes a slimy tentacle fiend and takes it to Show and Tell. The fiend almost ate Charlotte, but Giant Kitty saved her.

    This is a great remake of the first web episode.

    A Fiendish Friend:

    "Why Don't We Pretend To Be...!" Charlotte's song is funny. This episode is about when Vendetta made Scissors (Buttons 2) for Charlotte. The whole episode was very funny :)

    Super Evil:

    Vendetta does a "How Evil Are You" quiz and scores "mostly evil", and Charlotte scores "super evil". Then Vendetta wants to see her evil ways and starts spy on her and rummaged her room for "evil things". Later, Vendetta lets Charlotte make a fiend. And like expected, Charlotte makes something cute; Mr. Huggles who loves everyone and everything.

    At the end, it turns out that Charlotte didn't look at the questions at the quiz, she just draw a pretty picture.

    "Super Evil" was the best of these three. Overall, I give this 10/10 :)moreless
Dave Wasson

Dave Wasson

Screaming Man / Evil Mailbox / Piegon Fiend / Fiend from Box /

Guest Star

Peter Merryman

Peter Merryman

Waiter / Mr. Huggles

Guest Star

Amy Winfrey

Amy Winfrey

Red Bird Fiend

Guest Star

Dave Wasson

Dave Wasson

Mr. Gumpit

Recurring Role

Peter Merryman

Peter Merryman

Marvin / Malachi

Recurring Role

Amy Winfrey

Amy Winfrey

Grandma Charlene / Marion / Buttons / Giant Kitty

Recurring Role

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    • Charlotte: (singing) Swing, swing, swing set,
      Swinging to the moon.
      I can't breathe there,
      So bring me back real soon.

    • Vendetta: You! Stay away from my fiends!
      Charlotte: Okay. What's your favorite kind of monkey?
      Vendetta: What?!

    • Charlotte: (singing) Monkeys, don't wear shoes.
      Monkeys, don't lose their wallets.
      'Cause they don't have aaanyyy!

    • Mr. Milk: Uh... Charlotte, what did you bring to Show and Tell?
      Charlotte: This is Buttons. He's my hamster. He's my favorite hamster in the whole world. And I also have this. It's a pretty rock. Vendetta gave it to me.
      Vendetta: I threw it at you!
      Charlotte: Vendetta is soooo nice.

    • Vendetta: (searches in Charlotte's room) Where does she keep her evil? Is it in this? (puts on one of Charlotte's ribbons) Teehee! I would like a stupid puppy!
      Charlotte: So would I!
      Vendetta: Aah! Charlotte, what are you doing here?
      Charlotte: This is my room!

    • Vendetta: How could I have never noticed Charlotte is super evil? She must hide it very well.

    • Vendetta: Heh heh heh, I scored mostly evil!
      Charlotte: Oh! A magazine quiz! (takes the magazine and starts doing the quiz)
      Vendetta: Stop it! Magazines are not for stupid people like you! Give it back!
      Charlotte: Oh! That was fun. I scored super evil! Yipiee!
      Vendetta: Impossible! Give me that! (takes the magazine) I cannot believe it! But if you cannot trust a magazine quiz... what can you trust?
      Charlotte: (sees a butterly) Oh, pretty!

    • Vendetta: What are you doing? Are you making a fiend?
      Charlotte: No, I'm baking cookies! Yum!
      Vendetta: Poison cookies?
      Charlotte: No.
      Vendetta: Exploding cookies?
      Charlotte: Butter cookies!
      Vendetta: Will you lure people into traps with them?
      Charlotte: I'm going to give them to everyone as presents. (Accidentally splatters cookie batter onto Vendetta) Everyone loves cookies.
      Vendetta: (Wipes off batter) I hate cookies.

    • Vendetta: Why don't you pretend to be dead?
      Charlotte: Okay. (falls to the ground)

    • Charlotte: (grabs a present and reads the note) "Dear stupid girl..." That's me! "Here are the new friend for you to play with. A very good friend indeed. Heh heh heh, yours fatally, Vendetta."

    • Charlotte(singing): Why don't we pretend to be
      Workers in a factory?
      I'll glue eyeballs on cute dolls
      And you can check the quality.
      Why don't we pretend to be
      Telemarketers, yipee!
      We can sell long-distance spends
      And call and call and call!
      And let's pretend, let's pretend.
      It is time to pretend.
      Let's pretend, let's pretend.
      Pretend that this is fun!
      Why don't we pretend to be
      CEOs of companies?
      We can point at things on screens
      And work hard at racquetball.
      Why don't we pretend to be
      Jellyfish, way out at sea?
      We can drift along for hours
      And never move at all!

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