Making Fiends

Season 1 Episode 3

Shrinking Charlotte / Parents / No Singing

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Oct 11, 2008 on Nicktoons Networks
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Shrinking Charlotte: Charlotte's delighted when Vendetta shrinks her - now she's the same size as her hamster, Buttons. Vendetta's equally thrilled, until she accidentally shrinks herself
Parents: Vendetta replaces Charlotte's mom and dad with lookalikes. Charlotte's parents are hungry for her, but she's just hungry for a little quality time.
No Singing: Fed up with Charlotte's happy songs, Vendetta creates a fiend that destroys singers. Now all she has to do is get Charlotte to sing, but that will be easy, right?moreless

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  • Awesome segments

    For being a show with only 4 writers, they really know how the variate the stories. In "Shrinking Charlotte", Vendetta tires to shrink Charlotte with a fiendish slug. But accidentally shrinks herself as well. This was a remake of web episode 7. This is not my favorite episode but it's a good one.

    It's the Parent-Teacher Night in "Parents". Marvin is there with her mother, Malachi is with both his parents, Maggie with the Onion Man, and Charlotte is there with her cheerful Grandma Charlene. Vendetta brought her tiny parents with her; Violetta and Viktor. What I like most about the TV series is the expanded universe; more characters and locations, and this episode showed us Vendetta's parents for the first time.

    And finally; "No Singing". Vendetta creates a fiend that destroys singers, but after Maggie reads a sad poem about a lonely kitty, Charlotte feels depressed and doesn't feel like singing at all. Staff writer Madellaine Paxson did an amazing job as Maggie in this episode. I wonder why Amy Winfrey voices Maggie in the other episodes.

    You gotta love every Making Fiends episode. They are all so creative and well done. That's why I give this 10/10. Hooray for Making Fiends!moreless
  • It's about Vendetta destroying Charlotte and Vendetta is a mad scientist and she spends her time torturing.

    Vendetta creates a Shrinking Fiend. Vendetta creates substitute parents for Charlotte. Vendetta cannot stand Charlotte's constant singing. Also it is very adorable the Parents episode. The making fiends theme song is soooooooooooooooo funny. There is nothing they can do to Cancel Invader Zim NOTHING! Also I love this song we are family in this Parents episode. I have a lot of problems about Making Fiends. I used to like Teen Titans, and Invader Zim. There is nothing they can do to cancel it. And before Teen Titans and Invader Zim I used to love The Power Puff Girls. I loved.moreless
  • Shrinking Charlotte: Vendetta and Charlotte become tiny. Parents: Vendetta creates fiends that are supposed to pose as Charlotte's parents. No Singing: Vendetta creates a fiend that will destroy Charlotte once she starts singing.moreless

    Shrinking Charlotte: A good episode where Vendetta attempts to shrink Charlotte (but winds up shrinking herself, too). Though it is a remake of one of the web episodes (Episode 7, to be exact), I'm glad they chose one of the better ones.

    Parents: This episode is okay. Nothing really special about it. I am glad that this one shows what happened to both Vendetta's and Charlotte's parents, though.

    No Singing: One of the better episodes. Vendetta, attempting to eliminate singing (and Charlotte) creates a monstrous fiend that will get angry when it hears singing. This episode demonstrates how Charlotte can make a song out of anything (lungs, monkey, etc.)

    All in all, these are good episodes. My favorite of the three would probably be Shrinking Charlotte, then No Singing, and then Parents

Peter Merryman

Peter Merryman

Screaming Children

Guest Star

Dave Wasson

Dave Wasson

Dad Fiend / Pigeon

Guest Star

Fred Tatasciore

Fred Tatasciore

Mom Fiend / Screaming Fiend

Guest Star

Aglaia Mortcheva

Aglaia Mortcheva


Recurring Role

Peter Merryman

Peter Merryman

Marvin / Malachi

Recurring Role

Dave Wasson

Dave Wasson


Recurring Role

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    • Charlotte: (singing) Monkeys, rarely bathe,
      Monkeys, never save up coupons,
      'Cause they have nothing to buuuuy!

    • Charlotte: (singing) I love my lungs,
      And my lungs love to sing,
      Me and my lungs we can sing most anything.
      La la la la la la la lungs,
      La la lungs, la la lungs,
      La la la la la la la lungs,
      La la la la lungs.

    • Charlotte: (singing) Now that we're small we can take naps in socks,
      And make our home in a pretty shoe box,
      We can herd ants and keep them in flocks,
      Now that we're small.
      Eating a cookie will take us all day,
      We can go skating in ice cube trays.
      And we can eat gum drops every day,
      Now that we're small.

    • Maggie: (reads her poem) What made the kitten run away?
      No one could tell you why.
      But a kitten fled one day,
      And climbed up very high.
      Meowing, spinning, meowing, spinning,
      The cat turn slowly 'round.
      Meowing, spinning, meowing, spinning,
      No hope of getting down.
      The sunset, the air is cold,
      No parka does it wear.
      The kitten, it is losing hold,
      And still, nobody cares.
      Charlotte: But what happened to the kitty? Will it be okay?
      Maggie: Probably not.
      Charlotte: (sad) Oh...

    • Mr. Milk: (about Charlotte) What is she doing?
      Malachi: I know-eth not. For she be small. Nay higher than a steamed clam.

    • Charlotte: You're so lucky. I wish my parents could be here.
      Vendetta: Why? Where are your parents?
      Charlotte: They're in a better place, up there.
      Vendetta: Were they eaten by bears?
      Charlotte: No silly. They're living on a space station.
      Charlene: Right. A space station.
      Charlotte: They're astronauts!

    • Vendetta: I am Charlotte! I think of good ideas by singing! Watch this! starts singing I'm wearing a stupid hat so that I can save some scrawny cat from falling down and going splat upon the pavement!
      Fiend: No singing! (chases Vendetta with mallet)

    • Maggie: I wrote a poem. It's called, "Tragedy of Hopelessness Number 4".
      Charlotte: Yipeee!

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