Making Fiends

Season 1 Episode 6

Tornado / Shorts 2 / Pony

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Nov 01, 2008 on Nicktoons Networks
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Episode Summary

Tornado: Vendetta makes a tornado fiend to destroy Charlotte's house, but unintentionally attaches it to her own house. Charlotte's antics eventually drive Vendetta insane. Meanwhile, Grudge ventures through harsh enviroments to get back home.
Shorts 2 (The Land of Cheese): A commercial for giant pet supplies runs, Charlotte dreams about a world made out of cheese, which Vendetta destroys later, and Charlotte imagines if she lived on the moon, while Vendetta points out the downsides.
Pony: Charlotte wants Vendetta to make a pony for her, so she makes a giant pony fiend. It rampages through Clamburg and terrorizes the citizens. Vendetta is happy until everyone hides in her house for safety, so she must get rid of "John" the female pony if she wants to get back in her own house.moreless

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  • This episode was very entertaining.


    Vendetta makes a tornado fiend so it will destroy Charlotte's house. The tornado takes the house and Grudge up in the sky. Grudge landed in the desert and Charlotte's house landed right next to Vendetta's. Charlotte thinks it's fun to be neighbor with Vendetta.

    This episode was funny. Especially Charlotte and Vendetta's song.


    Giant Pet Supplies Commercial:

    A commercial for the Giant Pet Supplies store in Clamburg. They sell stuffs like giant hamster food, giant bird cages, etc.

    The Land of Cheese:

    Charlotte dreams of a land of cheese, and then she and Vendetta sing songs and eat cheese.

    If I Lived Upon the Moon:

    Charlotte sings a song called "If I Lived Upon the Moon" and Vendetta sings "If You Lived Upon the Moon"


    Vendetta makes a pony for Charlotte. The pony is gigantic and evil. And for once, the citizens are more frightened by Charlotte then by Vendetta.

    Every episodes was great. That's how it is when you're watching Making Fiends!moreless
Peter Merryman

Peter Merryman

Tornado / Onion Stand Man / Townspeople

Guest Star

Dave Wasson

Dave Wasson

Bunny / Cheese Persons / Yelling Guy / Hairy Butt Fiend

Guest Star

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

John the Pony

Guest Star

Peter Merryman

Peter Merryman

Malachi / Marvin / Mort

Recurring Role

Dave Wasson

Dave Wasson

Mr. Gumpit

Recurring Role

Amy Winfrey

Amy Winfrey

Grandma Charlene / Marion / Maggie / Mrs. Millet / Giant Kitty

Recurring Role

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    • Charlotte: (singing) Yippie, yippie, yippie kay-ay-ee,
      I got a pony, a pony for me.
      Yippie, yippie, yippie kay-ay-ey,
      I got a pony, yay-yay-yay.
      We will buy socks at the mall,
      We will build sand castles, twenty feet tall.
      We will rope ducks or maybe cows,
      We will jump by into the clouds.
      Yippie, yippie, yippie kay-ay-ee,
      I got a pony, a pony for me.
      Yippie, yippie, yippie kay-ay-ya,
      I got a pony, yeehaa!

    • Charlotte: (singing) Please, I would like a pony,
      One with pretty teeth.
      Please, I would like a pony,
      A pony, a pony for me.
      Please, please, please!

    • Charlotte: Oh, why don't we sing a song? But what should we sing about?
      Vendetta: I know! Let us sing about cheese!
      Charlotte: Good idea! (singing) Cheese is better with your best friend.
      Vendetta: (singing) Cheddar is nicer when there are two.
      Charlotte: (singing) Cheese is best when you can share.
      Vendetta: (singing) Swiss is better with me and you.
      Charlotte and Vendetta: (singing) Cheese, cheese, cheese, oh let us share, any cheeses with the pair.
      Cheese, cheese, cheese with a friend, let's have fun 'til the cheeses end.
      Charlotte: (singing) Cheese is good when you're together.
      Vendetta: (singing) Good as tasty when there are two.
      Charlotte: (singing) Cheese is best with your best friend.
      Charlotte and Vendetta: (singing) Cheddar is better when there are two!

    • Vendetta: (singing) If you lived upon the moon,
      I'd be happy for you would be
      Many, many thousands of miles away from me.
      If you lived upon the moon,
      You would get sick of grey
      And hopefully, you'd jump too high and leap too far away.
      The moon is full of dust.
      The moon does not have air.
      If you fell in a crater, nobody would care.
      Maybe you'll get hit by a rover.
      Maybe you'd fall in a pit.
      If there was a meteor shower, perhaps you would get hit.
      If you lived upon the moon what fun times I would have.
      I'd watch you though my telescope and laugh and laugh and laugh!

    • Vendetta: Hah hah hah, Charlotte is still alive. But at least nobody else is happy. Hah hah hah.

    • Charlotte: Is it a girl or a boy pony?
      Vendetta: I don't know. A girl?
      Charlotte: Oh yay! I think I'll call her John!

    • Charlotte: (singing) If I lived upon the moon,
      I'd be as happy as can be,
      Because the moon is lots of fun,
      With many things to see.
      If I lived upon the moon,
      I could skip really high,
      I would leap of the moon rocks and pretend to fly.
      The moon is full and bright,
      The moon is big and round,
      If I had a rover,
      I would drive it all around,
      Maybe I'd find the moon cave,
      Maybe I will find cheese,
      If there were moon flowers,
      Perhaps I'd raise moon bees.
      If I lived upon the moon,
      It would be so much fun,
      I would take a rocket and bring up everyone!

    • Charlotte: (singing) I can borrow sugar when I want to bake a cake.
      When there are leaves up to your knees, I'll let you use my rake.
      I will climb your pretty fence to catch my basketball.
      Vendetta: No! I'd better build a wall!
      (Wall appears)
      Charlotte: We can use your wall for games like racketball and squash.
      Set a lemonade stand up or maybe a carwash.
      I will mow your lawn and save up money for a goat.
      Vendetta: No! I'd better make a moat!
      (Moat appears)
      Charlotte: We can go swimming in your pretty, pretty pool.
      In the summer when it's hot, the water will be cool.
      It will be so fun when you install a waterslide. Wee!
      Vendetta: (gets splashed) Ugh! Forget it! I'm going to stay inside! (slams door)

    • Vendetta: Something is wrong. I do not think I usually sing.
      Charlotte: Let's sing on the string cheese. Wee! Wee! Wee! Come on, friend
      Vendetta: It seems that I am not usually your friend.
      Charlotte: Wee! Wee! Wee!
      Vendetta: Now I remember! I do not like you!

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