Making Fiends

Season 1 Episode 2

Vegetables / Toupee / Mama Vendetta

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Oct 05, 2008 on Nicktoons Networks



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    • Charlotte: (singing) We're happy, happy family,
      We're happy, happy as can be,
      We're happy, happier than bees and the squirrels in the trees.
      We're happier than love can be,
      We're happier than you could be.
      We're happy, happy family,
      We're happy, happy as can be,
      We have fun all day and night,
      My family is dynamite!

    • Charlotte: Grandma, do you have any cook books?
      Charlene: Cook books? I love cook books! They have so many pretty pictures and nice recipes. What kind do you need?
      Charlotte: I want to make lunch for my friend Vendetta! But she only likes clams, beef jerky and grape punch.
      Charlene: Yummie!

    • Vendetta: I want my clams and beef jerky returned, now!
      Mrs. Millet: Oh, I have my emergency supplies right here. Here you go. Heh... (gives Vendetta clams and beef jerky on a tray)
      Vendetta: You do not say "heh". Only I say "heh"!

    • Vendetta: Yes! Everyone most obey the triangle of tastiness.
      Charlotte: But what about vegetables?
      Vendetta: Hah! What about them?
      Charlotte: They should be on the menu, too. Because they're so healthy and delicious! (singing) Eat vegetables with every meal!
      (Vendetta throws grape punch at Charlotte)
      Vendetta: That is what I think of your vegetables! You stupid blue girl!
      Charlotte: I think she's really going to like vegetables! Teehee!

    • Mrs. Millet: Beef jerky, clams, grape punch.
      Charlotte: Yumm! Heeey, that's strange. This is the same thing we had yesterday. And the day before that, and the day before that.

    • Charlotte: Hi Vendetta, do you like your pretty new hat? It matches your pretty new purse.
      Vendetta: I do not have a purse.
      Charlotte: Yes you do. It matches your pretty new lipgloss.
      Vendetta: No! Do not touch my lips!
      (Charlotte gets out a paintbrush)
      Vendetta: My lips are not to be glossy.
      Charlotte: (paints a smile using pink paint on Vendetta's face) Yay! Teehee!

    • Mr. Milk: Nobody's ever given me a toupee before.

    • Ms. Minty: Hello, Mr. Milk.
      Mr. Milk: Um... Hello, Mrs. Minty. I... Um...
      Ms. Minty: What's that Mr. Milk?
      Mr. Milk: I mean... Uh... Goodbye.

    • Vendetta: Why don't I hear any screaming?
      Charlotte: The vegetables were so cute, I couldn't eat them. So, I taught them a song! (to the vegetables) Ready, everyone?
      Vegetables(singing): Eat vegetables, for they are good
      And would eat you if they could.
      Have them steamed or boiled or baked
      Or ground up in birthday cakes.
      Carrot(singing): Eat vegetables of every kind.
      Brocolli and Tomato(singing): Red and green.
      Unknown vegetable with blue stripes(singing): And blue and striped.
      Pea(singing): Eat tiny peas.
      Eggplant(singing): And eggplants, too.
      Potatoes(singing): But never, ever eat their shoes.
      Vegetables(singing): Eat vegetables with every meal
      Or your lips will start to peel.
      And your eyeballs will fall out.
      And your feet will smell like trout.

  • Notes

    • Writers:
      "Vegetables" written by Madellaine Paxson and story by Amy Winfrey
      "Toupee" written by Amy Winfrey
      "Mama Vendetta" written by Matthew Negrete

    • The episode, "Vegetables" is a remake of episode 3 of the web series.

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