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  • Season 3
    • Seson 3, Episode 10 (Season Finale)
      After all of the previous conflicts, Da Band have starting collaborating and have almost completed their sophomore album. They feel like they're vibing and progressing but Diddy thinks that only four out of fifteen of their songs will actually make the cut. Trying to get his style on to the album, Dylan strolls into the studio to throw down some "hooks" for tracks that his band mates had already completed. Dylan, the Jamaican Rastafarian, thinks that he's "an artist" and he's creating "art." Dofat and Chopper aren't feeling him or his art. Dylan doesn't take the criticism lightly. Diddy calls Da Band together to talk about the direction they're taking. Before anyone else gets a chance to say a word Dylan speaks for everyone saying that they would rather be solo but they're making sacrifices to be in Da Band. Diddy is less than impressed by Dylan's speech. He's just about had it with Dylan and the rest of Da Band's antics. Mary J. Blige stops by the house to sit down with the band members (all but Dylan of course) in hopes of inspiring them with her words of wisdom. Babs is completely star struck--it's M.J.B.! With only days left in Diddy's house on Park Ave, Babs decides it's time to throw a party. Jason and Babs shop for all the party favors and invite everyone--everyone but Diddy! He crashes the party with a couple bottles of Cristal and surprisingly isn't too bitter that he wasn't invited to a party in his own house. It's not long before Diddy realizes that Dylan isn't present. He interrogates everyone as to Dylan's whereabouts but no one knows. Chopper hasn't seen him since 'neveruary." Does that come after February? Diddy has finally had it with Dylan--it's about time! Dylan finally shows his face the next day and per Diddy's request, Jason gives him 30 minutes to pack his bags. To drive the point home Diddy stops up in his yellow bathrobe to hurry Dylan out of the house. Dylan says goodbye to his former band mates and leaves the house with no regrets. Shortly thereafter, the rest of Da Band head to their respective hometowns for a short vacation with promises of a renewed work ethic. The remaining band mates were scheduled to return in time for a meeting with Diddy, but all of them fail to show up. Phil starts attempting to locate the band members without much luck. They finally reach Fred who is unapologetic for his absence and has decided he wants Diddy to cut him from the band. Diddy is ready to cut more than just Freddy P. from Da Band. This was the last straw; they haven't proven themselves to him. When the rest of the band arrives days late to the meeting they feel an uneasy vibe in the air. Diddy lays it out on the table; they had a great opportunity and blew it and they are now an example of what not to do. Although they all have talent, he must dismantle Da Band. The now former band mates saw it coming but are still shocked. Yep, it's over but not for all of them. Diddy decides to keep on working with Ness and Babs; the new "Bonnie and Clyde of hip hop" on a probationary basis. The remaining members, Sara and Chopper have come a long way in the last two years and feel they are ready to move on. It may be over for Da Band but not for its members--we're sure you will see them again.moreless
    • Season 3, Episode 9
      Now that Diddy has made Da Band, he's ready to lead them to their next challenge. The next step: to become legit performers and entertain a crowd of 30,000 people in Chicago. Diddy calls in the reinforcements to help Da Band prepare for this show and Doug E. Fresh arrives to turn Da Band's concerts into hot live shows. "This is going to be like basic training," Doug warns the group. Nevertheless, everyone's confident that Da Band will come together and the show will be amazing until Dylan starts missing photo shoots and other promotional events. The missing Dylan situation gets even worse when Dylan learns he could spend seven years in jail for probation violations. Diddy describes himself as "a fool in hope" to continue thinking Dylan will get his act together. Things go from bad to worse when Dylan misses an interview on ESPN's Cold Pizza to meet with his lawyer. While Babs flips out about Dylan missing the show and Young City complains about the lack of actual cold pizza on the Cold Pizza set, Dylan learns that he'll need to get character letters from all his co-workers for his hearing. Dylan's lawyer tells him that these letters will prove that Dylan is responsible, trustworthy, and reliable on the job. Naturally, Da Band members won't write the letters for Dylan because he has been anything but responsible, trustworthy, and reliable while working with them. Da Band's manager puts it bluntly when he tells Dylan that he keeps making the same mistake and "why help some one who doesn't want to be helped?" When Dylan actually goes to court, Da Band begin to understand that they might lose one of their members forever. Sarah and Babs say that they don't want Dylan to go to jail…but, apparently, not enough to write a letter for him. It all works out for the best though and the judge just tells Dylan that he needs to check in with his parole officer more often. Dylan gets permission to go to Chicago and the whole group puts on a damn good show. Young City compares their concert to building a skyscraper and then knocking it down. Although no one's really sure what Young City means, the show was a success. Dylan declares that he's changing his ways and he's become "the rebel that has made it." While Da Band love this new Dylan, Diddy's not fooled. Diddy declares that Dylan is a liar and a con artist and that nothing will change. Only next week's season finale will resolve this situation.moreless
    • Season 3, Episode 8
      Da Band's album, Too Hot for TV has reached gold status (500,000 sold) but Diddy isn't settling; he wants platinum. He starts pushing his staff and Da Band to promote the CD and themselves. While their album may not be flying off the shelves, the sparks were definitely flying between Chopper and Babs. It's obvious to Babs and the rest of Da Band that he's crushing on her but he keeps denying it. Babs heads to Brooklyn to visit her late boyfriend's grave. Even though it has been four years since he was murdered, she hasn't gotten over him and doesn't think she will ever meet someone as special. At Babs' request, Fred, Dylan and Chopper come to her solo show at a nightclub to support her. She flirts with Chopper and asks if he'd come on stage during her performance. He agrees to but only if she gives him a kiss. She does kiss him…but only on the cheek. He keeps up his end of the bargain and makes a cameo during her performance. King magazine wants to send Babs on a blind date with someone famous--a singer or rapper and Diddy thinks it's a great idea. She's extremely nervous about the date and even more nervous to find out who her date is. No one will tell her but she's hoping for Chingy. While Da Band do an interview on CNN to plug their album, Babs heads to Junior's Restaurant for her blind date. Babs is amused by the choice of location ("people automatically think I want some damn cheesecake"). At least this time she doesn't have to walk. She arrives to find Juvenile waiting for her. He's no Chingy, but Babs isn't complaining. She can't wait to tell Chopper. Juvenile compliments her outfit and tells Babs that he thinks she and Foxy Brown are the best female rappers out there. The date goes well, they exchange numbers and she hopes for a second date. When she gets to the studio, still blushing from her date, she tells Chopper about Juvenile and he is obviously jealous. He doesn't think that Juvenile and Babs would be a good match because he and Babs are a good match. Babs is unsure about having a relationship with Chopper. She can't take what he says seriously and wouldn't be able to trust him because of how he has acted with other girls while they were on the road.moreless
    • Season 3, Episode 7
      Da Band couldn't ask for a better or more experienced adviser than P Diddy. As he repeatedly reminds them, he's sold 100 million records worldwide. Obviously, Diddy knows what it takes to make a hit. And Da Band just doesn't have a single in their new songs. Diddy explains that people want to hear full songs not free styling when they buy a record. Chopper breaks it down even further with his question, "where the hook at?" But Ness sees the problem as something deeper than just not writing a good hook. He thinks that the members of Da Band are losing their drive and everyone's just about themselves and not the group. Ness recently had things put in perspective with the premature birth of his daughter. Splitting time in the Park Ave apartment and a hospital in Philadelphia, Ness realizes that he has a family that depends on his success. Diddy recognizes Ness's love of hip hop and predicts "Ness is definitely gonna be one of rap's next big super stars." Da Band members pick up on Diddy's respect for Ness but they see it more as Diddy favoring Ness over them. Sarah complains that she doesn't have a song on the new album while Ness is featured on every track. Behind closed doors, Ness and Diddy joke about the Da Band album being Ness's first solo effort. Ouch. But Ness insists he's featured because he's spending all day in the studio working while the rest of Da Band sleeps late and wastes time. Things really begin to fall apart when Fred insists that everyone is trying to assassinate his career. Diddy fondly remembers when Da Band was hungry, passionate, and committed but he thinks the hit record and the money has totally destroyed them. Frustrated by this rookie performance on Da Band's second album, Diddy calls the group in for a meeting. In order to inspire the group, Diddy shows them clips from the first season of Making The Band when they were working hard to be the best. Not just a multi platinum artist, Diddy appears to be a master motivator too because Da Band is back and working hard! Ness sagely says "ain't nobody give you nothing but if you put your heart into it, it's gonna show" as the episode closes with the group rapping together in a circle.moreless
    • Season 3, Episode 6
      To keep the momentum going, Da Band start to record their second album while still promoting their first. Ness wants to make the new CD more "street" but Sara isn't feeling the "gangsta sh*t." Sara's husband, Tony, arrives to support her. Problem is, her band mates don't like her husband at all. Sara and Tony visit her publicist, Genelle, to talk about her future. Genelle wants to take Sara outside of the "urban realm" and make her a household name, outside of Da Band. Her band mates see her layout in King magazine; Chopper can't stop drooling but Fred thinks it's a little overboard. Babs says it's shady and is even more fired up after she overhears Sara talking about her band mates' smoking in a phone interview with a Christian radio station. Babs doesn't want people to know they smoke (she apparently forgot about the reality TV show she's on). The conflict between Da Band and Sara comes to a head in the studio after Dofat, their album producer, tries to have a quick meeting. He asks Babs' friends to leave and before he can ask Sara's husband Tony to leave Bab's flips out, "How come Tony don't got to leave? He ain't in Da Band." Tony stands up to leave while exchanging some heated words with the worked up Babs Bunny; Sara sits in silence. The shit hits the fan yet again when they meet with their manager, Phil Robinson. He decides that Tony is no longer allowed around Da Band. Everyone except Sara is happy about this news but they still aren't speaking to her. She wishes that they would stop with the "childish stuff and realize that they aren't here to make friends--they are here to make it." Sara goes to talk to Diddy. Surprisingly, he is sympathetic to her woes and invites her to work out with him. He tells her that she needs to toughen up, but at the same time he isn't going to let them step on her. Diddy thinks that Sara has the brightest future out of anyone in Da Band because she has values and a good heart--"that's what takes you into longevity."moreless
    • Season 3, Episode 5
      Da Band are living with Diddy, and it ain't pretty. Their Park Ave crib is a total mess ‘cause no one is cleaning it. Diddy stops in for a surprise inspection at 4:15 a.m. while everyone is sleeping. While munching on some cereal, he tells them they're some "stinky nasty ass heathens" and they better get cleaning. He needs a break from Da Band and decides it's time they go back on the road. Da Band head to Detroit, Sara's hometown, to make an appearance for Coats for Kids. While at their hotel, Chopper riles up some young fans and has them chase him through the hotel. Being the equal opportunity party crasher that he is, Chopper crashes a "convention with a whole bunch of white people" in it. The hotel manager is less than pleased. As they continue to tour, Chopper's behavior gets more out of control. Diddy thinks that he's "setting himself up for a downfall" because fame can be a drug--a very addictive drug. Chopper doesn't see it that way and wants to please his fans. "I'd want to see me too," he reasons. After their show in New Orleans, Chopper's hometown, Jason tries to round up Da Band for the next show in Ohio. Chopper refuses to leave--he's the "prince of the city." They leave without him, but Babs is worried that they won't be able to do a show without Chopper. Meanwhile, Chopper is kicking it with his family and visiting a local New Orleans radio station. Babs has no reason to worry--the show goes well without Young City and they return to New York. When Chopper finally returns to Park Ave from his "vacation," he's feeling like a new man. Going back home let him see things from an outsider's view. He wants a better life and doesn't want to ever go back to the ghetto.moreless
    • Season 3, Episode 4
      Even though Da Band have enjoyed a lot of quick fame and success, they still owe their fans a good show. Diddy complains their performances are lackluster, and immediately takes action. He enrolls Da Band in the "Sean Combs school of showmanship," where as professor Diddy, he shows them some tricks that he's picked up while being a "great, incredible superstar." He expects them to use what they learn in their next show--in Alabama. While they're preparing to leave for their concert, Sara learns that her daughter Eva has pneumonia. Her band mates are pissed to find out that she wants to miss the show. But it looks like she won't be the only no show. Dylan also can't go because he has "meeting with his lawyer" and can't postpone it. Chopper knows he's lying, he can feel it. Here we go again. Luckily, their tour manager Jason finds Sara a flight home after the concert so she won't miss the show. Sara says that she doesn't want to hear anything negative from Fred. Chopper relays the message to Babs and Fred--misquoting Sara completely and sending Fred into a rage. Fred flips out on Sara while Jason tries to mediate the situation and get Da Band to the concert. While the rest of the group is preparing for the concert in Alabama, Dylan's lawyer calls to tell him their meeting is rescheduled. He calls Jason, but Jason rats him out to Diddy. While Dylan is relaxing at home, Diddy pays a visit. Lucky for Dylan, a call to his lawyer confirms his crazy story. Even though Dylan "disgusts" Diddy, the rest of Da Band perform their best concert yet--thanks to Diddy's instruction. They even get props from Diddy himself. Who knew that was even possible?moreless
    • Season 3, Episode 3
      Da Band continues to tour with all of its' band members. Their patience with each other is starting to wear very thin--especially between Sara and her smoking band mates. They feel that she's always running late and holding them up. Sara can't stand them "smoking her up" all the time. Her voice was "touched by God" and even if everyone else smokes, she's not letting the majority win. She doesn't get sympathy from her band mates, or Jason--not even Diddy. He shoots down her complaint in their meeting, which leaves her feeling humiliated. She doesn't see herself as weak but Diddy thinks that he needs to toughen her up because "life ain't easy." Hopefully life will be a bit easier for Sara now that they've moved to Daddy's House. Watch out, Park Avenue!moreless
    • Season 3, Episode 2
      Half of Da Band head to the V-103 FM Atlanta Radio Show. Dylan, Chopper and Fred are MIA and the remaining band members are freaking. With only seconds to spare, Chopper and Fred roll up. Dylan still isn't there but the show must go on with or without him. They continue touring and performing across the country--without Dylan. Babs observes, Dylan thinks he's Bob Marley; he's going to go do Bob Marley things. While his band is working, Dylan is doing his Bob Marley thing in Brooklyn because he can't violate his probation. Diddy thinks he's just lazy and is making excuses. Since money wouldn't be important to Bob Marley, they split up the cash that Dylan would have gotten if he had actually shown up and they go on a spending spree.
      Da Band head back to the Big Apple to shoot a video for their second single, Tonight. Diddy rolls up to make an appearance in the video and surprisingly so does Dylan. His band mates aren't thrilled and neither is Diddy. Diddy has a meeting with Da Band at Bad Boy because everyone is fed up. Dylan sits in silence while his band mates tell him exactly how they feel about what he's been doing--or in this case not doing. Meanwhile Diddy gets on the phone to his lawyer to see if there are any ways to kick someone off the show or suspend them from the band--just in case he should like to do so. For now, Diddy says, Dylan's fate is ultimately up to Dylan.moreless
    • Season 3, Episode 1
      At the end of the last season, Da Band were schmoozing the music press, impressing them with their personalities and music. Now, they are releasing their album to the public and hitting the road. P. Diddy warns Da Band that this is when it gets difficult to stay together as a group, because a demanding tour schedule and being away from family and friends can take its toll on young stars. Call P. Diddy a prophet, but the issues begin almost immediately. Sara finds out her mother is going into surgery and decides she needs to go home even though Da Band have a show that night. Chopper isn't very sympathetic and thinks they should leave only for life and death situations. Regardless of the lack of support, Sara catches the next plane home, leaving her band mates to perform without her. Chopper and Fred make up for Sara's absence from the show by bringing girls on stage to shake their tailfeather. To show their appreciation, they invite the girls to party with them that night. Apparently, they are so excited to hit the town that they leave Babs behind. She is furious and feels like she is unimportant. How could those to' up dirty groupies be more important than her? Chopper tries to justify their actions but she's still upset.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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